Alaska Cannabis Exchange Review

Alaska Cannabis Exchange Review

CBD oil is one of the newest health alternatives to make waves in the health industry. Seen as an excellent replacement for conventional prescription medication, CBD oil research says that it can be effective at dealing with a number of different health issues.

From depression and anxiety to chronic pain, nausea and even insomnia, there are a lot of ways that CBD oil can allegedly help you – and the best part is, it’s natural. It’s no wonder then that so many companies out there are trying to penetrate the market and make a name for themselves.

This doesn’t mean they’re all trustworthy, however. Let’s give one of them a review.

Alaska Cannabis Exchange Review

Purity 3.5
Strength 4.0
Service 7.0
Price 5.5
Consumer Reviews 6.0


  • Good foundation
  • Certificate of Analysis available


  • Early stages of business
  • Lack of product variation
  • More testing needed
  • Cannot comment on safety of all products & batches
  • Lack of information

Alaska Cannabis Exchange: The Details

There’s nothing quite like buying from a family run business. It’s more personable and gives you the confidence that if they use the product, then it must be good. Often family-run businesses are started out of the need to find a solution to a problem. With the Alaska Cannabis Exchange, this issue was epilepsy.

This business claims to use a super strain of CBD because of the genetics that they’ve found within this particular breed. ACE also makes other confident claims about their products and what they’re capable of.

In fact, we were impressed to see that they actually have a Certificate of Analysis available to the public on their website. However, this is where the information seems to stop, which does concern us a little.

One of the founders of ACE has a niece that was diagnosed with a rare condition that resulted in her suffering from epileptic seizures on a daily basis.

When conventional prescription medication and drugs just caused her to feel dizzy, and out of it, her parents decided to look up an alternative solution for themselves and find another way out of her condition.

Within days of her receiving CBD therapy, she saw a drastic improvement in her condition. These impressive results are what spurred her parents to start the company Alaska Cannabis Exchange.

While they may have a great foundation, ACE is still in the early stages of their business. What this means is that they’ve only got three products available to the public on their website. These products are vaping oil, CBD oil, and a CBD tincture. Their CBD oil is also available for your pets, as well. Their prices range from as little as $35 to as much as $165.

Under each of their products, they say that they are derived from this super strain of CBD that has genetics in it that can help other people living with serious medical conditions.

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Through this, they are also saying that they use an entirely different strain from what is conventional in the CBD oil industry, which certainly gives them an advantage over their competition.

Unfortunately, though, they’re holding themselves back. This is because they lack when it comes to precise source information of this particular strain.

They also fall short when it comes to testing their products as well thoroughly. While they have fully tested one of their products, they’ve only sporadically tested their other two, which is enough for us to question the quality.

This reason alone is why the CBD oil industry holds CoA’s and lab tests in high regard. It’s inherent that the customer knows the quality, source, and purity of a product – without these, there’s no way of knowing whether the product you’re using is safe for you to be taking or not.

Alaska Cannabis Exchange Alternatives

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Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts

Apart from the lack of information, ACE has quite a lot of useful features on offer. This includes their advice that you should take a break from using CBD oil every 24 hours or so, in order to avoid building up a dependence on it.

This is a huge step in the right direction when it comes to their responsibilities as a company that sells CBD oil products, and also makes us feel like they’ve got their ethics in order as a business as well. We really love the intention behind a company like ACE and think that they certainly mean well with their products and story.

However, nobody is going to get too far in this industry without adequately testing their products for impurities, so until they can do this, they won’t be able to win the trust of too many potential clients.

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2 Replies to “Alaska Cannabis Exchange Review

  1. I’m all for supporting small and family businesses but come on guys! Whatever happened to keeping your customer happy? I’ve tried ordering some of their CBD oil and it took them forever to process it. And then they ended up sending it to the wrong address. That’s not very professional!

  2. Purity is something that I find very important and aftersales service. Something this company lacks! Once was enough for me and I’m not much of a happy customer! Wouldn’t recommend them and am sure there are better products out there with better service and better value.

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