7 Best CBD oil for Lyme Disease & How It Works

best cbd oil for lyme disease

In this guide we are going to look at the best CBD oil for Lyme disease and also look at if and how it works.

Only in the last 20 or so years have we really begun to understand the medical benefits of cannabis in an evidence-based manner. We’ve always known that it was good for us, but we never really understood it on a molecular level. All the evidence was previously anecdotal with no scientific research supporting these claims.

The tide is now turning, and researchers, doctors, and health care professionals are beginning to understand how beneficial this little plant can be. From being used to treat debilitating pain, nausea, chronic illnesses, and inflammation to just name a few.

We are beginning to understand how our bodies react to it and how it can help sufferers from multiple conditions. The wider application of cannabis opens up further research avenues of conditions we would never usually attribute cannabis to, with that in mind, this article sets out to look at if and how cannabis or CBD oil can be used to help those suffering from Lyme disease.

But first, let’s look quickly at the best CBD oil for Lyme disease.

Best CBD Oil for Lyme Disease

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs

What Is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is a tick-borne disease that is transferred to humans through a tick bite, the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi can induce symptoms such as fevers, headaches, and a characteristic skin rash. If left untreated for a sustained period of time, it can in rare cases prove fatal, however, this is rare.

Whilst Lyme disease is usually treated with antibiotics, in some cases, it can cause severe underlying and long-lasting health problems. This is a fact that is widely contested in the USA and it appears that people are suffering long-term health implications from contracting the disease.

Previous Research

Previously, research suggested that the use of cannabis was ineffective in a disease-born context. Whilst researchers understood that it could be used to treat neurological conditions, such as epilepsy, there was a great deal of literature published arguing that cannabis actually weakened the body’s response to bacterial-born infections, such as Lyme disease.

However, this research has now developed, and medical professionals and researchers are beginning to understand that in fact, that isn’t the case at all. Our immune system is geared towards combining cannabis and its compounds to help heal.

How Can Cannabis Help Sufferers From Lyme Disease?

People who suffer extensively from post Lyme disease trauma, such as joint pain and extreme fatigue have already been subject to anti biotitic treatment. Extended antibiotic treatment can severely damage the body’s response mechanism to other bacteria and cause the body to become resistant to treatment.

Cannabis, with a high CBD content, is providing an alternative therapy to help alleviate these symptoms. CBD, one of the main compounds in cannabis is known for its anti-inflammatory properties when it binds with our endocannabinoid system, namely our CB2 receptors.

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Research that evaluated the treatment of long-term and chronic pain demonstrated that users who were given Cannabis that was high in the CBD compound showed a large decrease in their pain and associated symptoms.

Across the control group (the candidates that had to stay the course of the Cannabis treatment found that their symptoms began to improve by week 10 and by week 14 were manageable, a vast improvement than at the start of the clinical trial.

Is Cannabis Prescribed For Lyme Disease

In short no, there have been no studies conducted to attempt to treat the residual effects of Lyme disease with cannabis. However, what we can take away from the plethora of research conducted into the use of cannabis for long-lasting medical conditions is that cannabis can be used to manage chronic pain and fatigue.

There is a clear link between our bodies CB1 and CB2 receptors and the use of cannabis to manage joint pain, fatigue, and nausea. These are all symptoms and signs of a long-standing Borrelia burgdorferi bacterial infection, which is Lyme disease.

The most recent journals and peer reviewed publications are all following the same trend in that cannabis is an effective treatment or can provide relief for a plethora of conditions and symptoms.

What Can I Take For Lyme Disease?

Whilst it there are no studies to date that confirm that cannabis is an effective treatment for Lyme disease, we can take solace in the fact that cannabis, especially product with a high CBD content is exceptionally effective at helping with pain.

As extended suffering from Lyme disease is painful and tiring, evidence points toward cannabis that is high in CBD content to manage neurological pain, physical pain and fatigue.

What CBD Oil Should I take?

Cannabis has 421 different compounds that work together and become more than the sum of their parts. This entourage effect still isn’t fully understood, but it is understood that these components work better together than they do apart.

Look for full spectrum cannabis or oil with a high content of CBD, this type of oil will produce more benefits than a stand-alone isolate of CBD as the compounds work together and help with immune system responses, neurological responses and organ responses.


Research is slowly moving toward a comprehensive understanding of how we react to cannabis on a molecular level. Recent evidence from clinical trials is beginning to slowly pick apart the conclusion that cannabis slows or damages the bodies response to bacteria and can interact with our immune systems in ways we didn’t think possible.

Whilst there is no definitive study concluding that cannabis is effective at tackling Lyme disease, what we can conclude is that cannabis is an exceptional for treatment and management of symptoms of systematic Lyme disease.

As a long standing Lyme disease infection consists of sever joint pain, overall pain, nausea and extreme fatigue, studies have been conducted into these separate symptoms that aren’t under the umbrella of Lyme disease.

The best CBD oil for Lyme disease? Well, if you are looking to use cannabis as method of controlling and managing your signs and symptoms of long standing Lyme disease, look for a full spectrum product that has a high CBD content to help reduce inflammation, manage chronic pain and increase energy.

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