Best Handheld Back & Neck Massagers (2023)

Best Handheld Back & Neck Massagers (2020)

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1PUREWAVE CM-07 Dual-Motor Percussion plus Vibration Massager1.75 pounds Check price
2Renpho Rechargeable Handheld Deep Tissue Massager1.8 pounds Check price
3Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Handheld Electric Massager3.0 pounds Check price
4HoMedics Percussion Action Massager2.5 pounds Check price
5TheraRub Massager Percussion Double Head Electric Massager2.3 pounds Check price

Neck and back pain often affect our daily lives.

It can affect our focus, relationships, work productivity, and overall quality of life. Handheld neck and back massagers are ideal for reducing neck and back pain, which results in improving our lives.

However, there are things you need to know about handheld back and neck massagers before you choose one.

The Best Handheld Back and Neck Massagers

If you suffer from neck and back pain, you know how challenging it is to find relief.

Another challenge you face is reading product reviews, and in this case, finding the best handheld massagers for relieving pain.

These reviews of the top handheld massagers will help you choose wisely.

1. PUREWAVE CM-07 Dual-Motor Percussion plus Vibration Massager – Cordless

PUREWAVE CM-07 Dual-Motor Percussion plus Vibration Massager – Cordless

PUREWAVE makes this CM-07 cordless handheld massager that features attachments designed for specific areas of the body like the face, scalp, neck, back, legs, and feet. It is suitable for deep tissue massage, pain management, skin rejuvenation, tense muscle relief, faster recovery, and soothing micro-vibration.


  • Six-head attachment, the ideal option  for the back, thigh, waist, deep tissue, and for sports massage
  • Body massage oil stick will allow you to apply oils and pain-relief gels
  • Air-cushion stick that is made from silicone for a soft, cushioned massage for a wide range of applications
  • Facial massage stick conveniently built into the handle and allows you to apply facial creams, gels, and serums for skin rejuvenation
  • Point stick is perfect for targeted massage useful for tense muscles, reflexology, and acupressure.
  • Scalp massage stick, which creates a soothing head massage.
  • PUREWAVE percussion
  • Professional-grade yet safe for self-care (home use)
  • Dual-motor design for percussion and micro-vibration massage
  • Heat function
  • Multiple attachments
  • Lightweight – 1.75 lbs
  • Cordless and portable
  • Suitable for whole-body massage
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee – free return policy
  • Some attachments are rough or difficult to use.
  • It’s pricier than other brands.

2. Renpho Rechargeable Handheld Deep Tissue Massager – Cordless

Renpho Rechargeable Handheld Deep Tissue Massager - Cordless

Are you looking for a powerful cordless percussion massager? The Renpho cordless percussion massager features a powerful motor (3600 pulses per minute), providing you with an efficient deep tissue massage. Its built-in, rechargeable battery makes it portable so you can take it anywhere for back and neck pain relief. This design is suitable for use on the neck, shoulder, back, lumbar, leg, and feet.


  • Hard plastic round and one point heads break up muscle knots, speed up muscle recovery, and are ideal for deep tissue massage on the shoulders, back, low back, and the soles of feet
  • Hard plastic curved heads are good for pain relief on the arms, calves, and thighs
  • Rubber-coated 3-point heads provide a soft massage for minor aches and pains and are ideal for the joints, shoulder blades, ankles, knees, and the cervical vertebra
  • Rubber-coated 3-intensive heads are suitable for larger areas that require a soft massage that loosens tight muscles and eliminate fatigue
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Portable and flexible
  • 2600 Mah battery that allows for up to 140 minutes of massage with a safety auto shut-off function
  • Easy-to-use control panel with on/off button, mode button, and plus/minus buttons to increase or decrease massage power
  • A longer ergonomic handle to make reaching those hard spots easier
  • Lightweight at 1.8 lbs
  • Three strength modes and four-speed modes
  • Five massager head attachments
  • 12-month no hassle guarantee
  • FDA registered and FCC certified
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  • This is not designed for head massage.
  • There is no heated massage function.

3. Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Handheld Electric Massager – Corded

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Handheld Electric Massager

For people who want to have control of their massage intensity, the Wahl deep tissue percussion therapeutic handheld electric massager is designed to relieve tension and pain from your neck, upper back, lower back, and legs.

It has a powerful motor that provides 3350 pulses per minute for muscle pain and fatigue relief.


  • Round deep muscle massage head, which creates an overall massage ideal for the whole body
  • Four-finger flex massage head that softly massages your neck with its finger-like nodes to mimic the feeling of real human fingers
  • Accupoint massage head used for targeted deep tissue massage for pinpointing where you have the most tension
  • Flat disc massage head is ideal for large surface deep muscle massage for the back
  • 3350 pulses per minute
  • 8-foot power cord
  • Variable power range from gentle to intense
  • Pain and fatigue relief
  • Weight is 3 lbs
  • The weight is around 3 lbs, which is heavier than its counterparts.
  • There is no heat function.
  • The massager is not cordless
  • This is not designed to use on the joints or feet.

4. HoMedics Percussion Action Massager with Heat – Corded

HoMedics Percussion Action Massager with Heat

HoMedics, a well-known brand name, offer this Percussion Action Massager with 2 sets of dual-pivoting nodes designed for relaxation. The heat function is great after a long, stressful day. It offers a professional-feeling massage from the comfort of your home.


  • 2 soft nodes, which are dark gray nodes that promote gentle massage
  • 2 hard nodes are the light gray nodes, resulting in deep massage
  • No nodes attached means the exposed, red heat nodes, ideal for heated massage
  • Dual-pivoting massage heads that deliver 3100 pulses per minute
  • Ergonomic rubber grip handle
  • Heated function for deep relaxation
  • Portable (2.5 lbs)
  • On-handle control panel for adjusting power and heat
  • Affordable
  • 30-day limited warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Though this handheld massager is portable, it is corded and must be plugged in to use.

5. TheraRub Massager Percussion Double Head Electric Massager – Corded

TheraRub Massager Percussion Double Head Electric Massager

If you’re looking for a corded percussion massage, the TheraRub Percussion Massager is an affordable option if you want a deep massage. 

While it does have a slide speed control switch on the handle, the lowest setting is still too strong for post-surgery recovery.

It comes with three sets of massage heads for various purposes and it features a long cord.


  • Smooth round head, which is suitable for sore muscles and around joints and feet
  • Acupuncture head that stimulates the meridians and acupuncture points
  • Deep Shiatsu head results in deep tissue, sports massage, and firm massage on the waist, thighs, back, leg, and neck

What should you look for in a handheld massager?

  1. Quality – Is it made from solid and reliable materials and parts and will it last?
  2. Value/Price – Value is a balance of quality, usability, functionality, and price. Will this massager provide me with the functions I need to relieve my back or neck pain and will it be reliable?
  3. Features – Does it have heat? Does it pulse, vibrate, and other massage functions I need? Does it provide me with control over the power of the vibration or pulsation?
  4. Corded or Cordless – Do you prefer your massager to be plugged in for use, or be cordless for better mobility and portability?
  5. User Reviews – How many people liked it? How many stars does it have? How many people had problems with it?

What are the benefits of handheld massagers?

The goal of a handheld back and neck massager is to focus the proper amount of vibration or pulsation to the sore and tight muscles that need relief. While pain reduction is the main purpose for using a handheld neck and back massager, there are also other benefits like these.

  • Enhanced Circulation
  • Detoxification
  • Pain Relief
  • Improved Immune Function
  • Stress Reduction
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Portability

Final Thoughts

These handheld massagers for neck and back pain represent are the best ones I tried. When choosing your ideal handheld massager, it’s important to consider all the factors in this review before choosing the one that’s right for you.

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  1. Thank you for the review. It’s really cool that you can get a massager with different attachments and that way you can use it not only on your neck but other areas of your body as well. It’s really handy if the whole family is using one massager. My husband and I have our own respective massagers though because he doesn’t like to share. Haha!

  2. I have a massager with basically just one setting and it’s been working fine for years but seeing these cool massagers with extra features make me want to get a new one. Specifically, I was thinking about going with a cordless massager this time. One that I could use when I’m traveling as well. So I think Renpho massager would be a good choice for me.

  3. Are these massagers safe for use by anyone or are there certain conditions that these are contraindicated for? I wanted to give this as a wedding gift for my friend who just loves massages! I’m just concerned if there are any contraindicated conditions for such, perhaps it may cause ill effects.

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