Bio Hemp CBD Review

Bio Hemp CBD Review

THC has been overtaken by a new cannabinoid, and it’s called CBD. For decades THC reigned supreme as the number one phrase to be associated with cannabis – most notably for getting you high.

However, times are changing, and people are starting to take notice of the health benefits that are contained within the cannabis plant. CBD is similar to THC in terms of health benefits, except that it doesn’t contain any psychoactive components, which means it can’t get you high.

There’s a lot of research out there that suggests CBD is effective for many different health issues, from arthritis to chronic pain and even depression.

Of course, there are now many different companies, both in the virtual world and in the real world that are attempting to make great CBD products. Unfortunately, however, not all of these companies are actually focusing on the quality side of things.

Let’s review one and see whether they’re worth trying or not.

Bio Hemp CBD Review

Purity 6.0
Strength 6.5
Service 5.5
Price 5.0
Consumer Reviews 5.5

A Review of Bio Hemp CBD

Bio Hemp CBD is also known as Bio CBD Plus, and they believe in taking the healing powers of nature found in CBD and mixing them with a bit of nanotechnology in order to create products that have high levels of bioavailability. We’re quite surprised at the price points here, but then again expect them somewhat from a company whose focus is bioavailability.

Their products range from as little as $99 all the way up to $399, which means that they don’t have any products available in the average price range, so if you have a budget to stick to, this may not be the company for you.

While Bio Hemp CBD appears to be a relatively new company, they claim that they have as much as thirty years of experience to back up their expertise. From herbs to water, this company is trying to make its products as absorbable as possible using whatever methods they can.

We like that this company makes their products without any flavoring, coloring, nuts or GMO. They also believe in making sure their hemp is sourced from sustainable farms, another feature to tick off the list.

It’s great to see a company like this that believes in combining science and nature to create an awesome product that’s going to serve your needs well. Nanotechnology is undoubtedly on the rise in the CBD industry, and with more and more companies trying it, we can see that Bio Hemp CBD is trying to stay on top of their game.

There is one thing that we have to point out that we don’t feel too comfortable with, and that’s their lack of testing results online. It’s difficult for us to trust a product that hasn’t been tested by a third party – especially products that are making bold claims about their levels of bioavailability.

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If we don’t know anything about what’s actually in their products, we’re going to have a hard time determining whether they’re safe to use or not.

Bio Hemp CBD Alternatives

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs

Scam or Legit; Final Thoughts

Bio Hemp CBD seems to have their focus in the right place, especially as the CBD industry continues to evolve and connect more and more with science. Figuring out the optimal level of bioavailability is what many companies are trying to do right now – the better their products get absorbed, the more effective they’re going to be.

While we commend this kind of dedication to creating quality products, it’s difficult for us to get past the fact that we can’t see any evidence of third-party lab testing, which means that all these claims about bioavailability are nothing more than that – just claims.

In order to win over the customer, it’s important to publish evidence of exactly what’s in your products – otherwise, there’s no way of knowing whether they’re safe to use or not.

This is the reason why we have to say we can’t recommend this CBD company and suggest you look somewhere else for your CBD products.

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