Blue Sky Biologicals Review

Blue Sky Biologicals Review

You may have noticed a surge in interest when it comes to cannabis. Even more specifically, there’s a new by-product of cannabis that’s been taking the health industry by storm – CBD oil.

CBD oil is considered an excellent natural remedy that can be used in place of often harmful prescription medication. Because it’s a natural product, the list of side effects is also pretty small, although more research is needed to verify this.

Speaking of research, there’s a lot out there now that indicates CBD oil is the type of natural remedy that’s here to stay, for all of its health benefits.

There are many companies who have seen the writing on the wall here and believe they can make a tidy profit from selling it. However, this doesn’t mean that you should buy from everyone.

Let’s take a look at one company specifically and give them a review.

Blue Sky Biologicals Review

Purity 3.0
Strength 6.5
Service 5.0
Price 6.0
Consumer Reviews 4.5


  • CO2 extraction method


  • No lab tests
  • Cannot guarantee safety

Blue Sky Biologicals: The Details

In every industry, you’re going to come across a small number of companies that attempt to monopolize. They don’t just want to sell their product – they want to wipe out the competition while they’re at it. This means that they are after world domination, and won’t stop until they get there. Blue Sky Biologicals is this type of company.

What we like about them is that they are committed to providing top quality products that are sourced from organic ingredients. In fact, while this company might be a superstar now, it has humble beginnings.

It began in the kitchen of a now world-famous nutritionist and wellness expert. Preet Marwaha ended up changing his lifestyle completely by adjusting what he ate and what he used to help with health conditions.

These days, Blue Sky Biologicals is what many would consider a CBD powerhouse, with offices in a number of different countries including Australia. They source all of their plant material from an organic farm located in China that’s 20,000 acres.

Because they are operating on such a grand scale, there’s not a lot else out there that even comes close to being a worthy opponent. They also have a large team of scientists and hemp experts who are constantly making sure that their products are the best.

Their CBD products are separated into three different categories and are all full spectrum. Their categories are pet, topical and personal care. Of course, all of these products offer various benefits, as well as the promise that none of them include parabens of sulfates.

We’re also impressed to see that Blue Sky Biologicals also make sure that all of their CBD is extracted using the CO2 extraction method, the purest form of extraction that’s currently available.

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Blue Sky Biologicals Alternatives

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts

It’s clear to see that Blue Sky Biologicals are the type of company that’s hard to compete with.

While we do love the fact that they’re putting so much time and effort into making sure that their products are the absolute best, we are disappointed to find a complete lack of lab test results anywhere on their website.

It doesn’t matter how good a product is – without the right background information, there’s no way that anybody can verify its quality.

This is the biggest reason why we can’t recommend this company, as big as they are, and suggest that they do their homework a bit more thoroughly if they want to keep dominating the CBD oil market.

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