Can CBD Oil Get You High?

Can CBD Oil get you high?

The short answer is: no.

CBD is naturally a non-psychoactive remedy. However, you can experience feelings of being more relaxed, which some people might interpret as being high.


A common concern about patients interested in taking CBD for their health is the possibility of being high as one of the side effects.

So, what is CBD? CBD is a compound that is found in the cannabis plant. It is one of many compounds that are found in this plant. CBD can have a positive impact on mood and stress as well as support with muscle soreness, improved skin health and help with sleeping. There has been a lot of research into these areas of CBD’s effectiveness over the last few years.

So, while there is a lot of research that covers the benefits of CBD, it can often be overshadowed by everything that is talked about in relation to THC, a different compound that is found in the cannabis plant. THC is known for having psychoactive properties and is often associated with feelings of happiness, relaxation, sedation, anxiety, delusions, and hallucinations. Because these two compounds are closely linked, this leads many people to ask the question “can CBD oil make you high?”. Another cause for worry is that THC is still illegal in a lot of places, while CBD isn’t.

Marijuana Vs. Hemp

Marijuana Vs. Hemp

To completely understand why CBD doesn’t make you high, you need to know that CBD oil can be made from both marijuana and hemp. When CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant, it is 100% legal. The hemp plant is the source for most CBD products, so there’s a good chance that the CBD oil you take falls into this category. When you choose to buy CBD oil that has been extracted from hemp, it will only contain trace amounts of THC because hemp only has very low levels of THC.

So, the conclusion from this is that you will not get high when you take CBD oil that has been made from the hemp plant. However, CBD oil can also be extracted from the marijuana plant. Depending on where you are located, this may or may not be legal. If you have decided to buy CBD oil and other products that are derived from marijuana, the levels of THC will vary. These levels are entirely up to the manufacturer and dispensary.

This means that if you’re worried about getting high, then you may want to stick to buying CBD products made exclusively from the hemp plant unless you can be confident that the levels of THC are small enough not to make you high. To be assured of this, you can get third-party lab testing done. Most reputable companies that manufacture CBD products test for mold, pesticides, and levels of THC already. So, while THC is found in low levels in hemp, but high levels in marijuana, the opposite is correct for CBD.

Because there are higher levels of CBD in hemp, this is the plant that is used most to extract it. So, the short answer to this question is no, it can’t. This is because the process of extracting the CBD from the plant results in very low levels of THC coming through. Now, let’s take a closer look at how CBD oil is made so that you can gain a better understanding of the process.

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How Is CBD Oil Made?

CBD Oil Made

When hemp plants are bred for the extraction of CBD, they’re done so in a way that makes sure they have a high level of CBD and low level of THC. Growers can take advantage of this because hemp plants are naturally high in CBD.

While the marijuana plant contains roughly 5-10% THC, the hemp plant contains as little as 0.5-1%. When you have levels of THC this low, they can be seen as negligible. THC is mostly found concentrated in buds in the marijuana plant, while hemp is bred to grow without producing these buds at all. The height of the plant also has a part to play as the stalks of the hemp plant are used in the CBD oil making process.

There are three ways that CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant: ethanol, a carrier oil, or CO2. All three of these methods rely on removing CBD at such a pure form that the likelihood of there being any THC in it is extremely low.

Scientific Research in Favor of CBD

Using CBD to help with many different medical issues has grown immensely in popularity over the years, as well as the research surrounding it.

A recent paper that was published claims that CBD is non-psychoactive. In fact, research has even gone as far as to say that CBD has anti-psychoactive properties.

This means that CBD could have the opposite effect of other compounds from the marijuana plant, like THC. Research published claims that CBD could have a calming effect and help to combat anxiety. CBD has been shown to be entirely different from THC even with how it interacts with our receptors in the brain.

While more research is needed, there is already good levels of evidence that point to CBD being completely different from THC.

Proven CBD Products

One of the keys to success is to only use top-rated CBD oil.

Here are the top brands we tested.


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6 Replies to “Can CBD Oil Get You High?

  1. I can understand why some people may want to get high but I’m anxious enough as it is. I’ve heard of people having anxiety attacks after smoking cannabis so I’m willingly opting out of ever having to experience the psychoactive effect of THC. CBD is much more appealing to me because it helps with anxiety instead of causing it.

  2. A friend of mine once tried cbd oil and said that it made him high.

    I was skeptical because I’ve heard that it can’t do that. But when I think about it, could it be because the cbd product he was using wasn’t purified enough?

    I can imagine how that could be the case. What brand would you recommend that doesn’t have this problem?

  3. Thank you for the article, Anne! I didn’t even know that cbd can be extracted either from marijuana or hemp.

    I just assumed that it all comes from the same plant. I’ll take that into account the next time I’m buying cbd oil. And I’ll check out some of the brands that you’re recommending.

  4. So there’s a difference between marijuana and hemp? I had no idea.

    I thought that it is the same thing. This article has really enlightened me.

    Is the cbd that’s extracted from hemp any different from the one that comes from marijuana?

    Or do they mainly differ in the levels of thc?

  5. That was a very informative and entertaining article. I now have a better understanding of how cbd works and how it’s produced. Do manufacturers state on the label whether their cbd oil is produced from hemp or marijuana plant? I don’t remember if I’ve ever seen that done.

  6. Great summary of the differences between CBD and medical marijuana. Customers should make sure to check THC levels before they purchase CBD products to ensure they’re getting a product that won’t show up on a drug screening.

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