Cannabis And The Immune System (The Latest Scientific Info)

Latest Research On Cannabis And The Immune System

Our understanding of the impacts of cannabis on the human body is growing on a daily basis.

Whilst we have a good grounding of the impacts of the psychoactive component THC we are only just beginning to understand how other compounds in cannabis can benefit the human body.

How Does Cannabis Interact With Our bodies?

Cannabis has been used to treat an array of conditions for thousands of years, until recently most of the evidence provided was purely anecdotal. Now research is gaining momentum and the full array of the benefits of cannabis and how it interacts with our bodies and immune systems are starting to be understood.

Humans have cannabinoid receptors present in different parts of the body. The CB1 receptors are located in the brain and the CB2 receptors are located in the peripheral organs. Both receptors respond differently to cannabis compounds.

The CB1 receptors enable cannabis to bind with the central nervous system and can produce results such as therapeutic effects that can benefit epilepsy and other CNS related conditions. The CB2 Receptors which are located in the peripheral organs and it is thought this is the receptor responsible for cannabis benefitting the immune system.

The results of cannabis interacting with the CB1 and the CB2 receptors is well known. The endocannabinoid system is thought to exert a broad spectrum of benefits across the human body, from cognitive functions to regulation of body temperature and pain management.

How Does Cannabis Interact With Our Immune System?

Humans also have cell receptors within their immune systems, whilst  these receptors are not as well understood as the CB1 and CB2 receptors,  research is slowly uncovering how cannabis interacts and reacts.

There is research that suggests that Cannabis is an immunomodulatory, this means that cannabis can modify the immune system as well as immune system responses.

Research has been conducted into how cannabis can potentially limit the impact of bacterial infections within the host if the host has a weak immune system. It is worth nothing that the response is reversed if the host has a normal functioning immune system.

When Can Cannabis Help The Immune System?

Ongoing research suggests that cannabis will help patients who have overactive immune systems. Patients suffering from autoimmune conditions such as Multiple sclerosis and Psoriasis demonstrated a decrease in symptoms in a clinical trial.

The inflammatory properties of compounds within cannabis worked together in an entourage effect with other compounds to decrease the autoimmune responses, thus lessening the symptoms suffered.

Similar results were also garnered from people who have compromised immune system conditions. The entourage effect not only helped to lessen pain, inflammation and increase cognitive function, evidence also suggested that it helped to rebalance a compromised immune system.

Currently, there is no certain answer as to how this occurs, research is still ongoing into this phenomenon, but it is believed that it is directly related to the cell receptor cells in the immune system.

What Is The Best Way To Take Cannabis?

Whilst the most effective delivery of cannabis to the human body is still contested researchers are in little doubt  of the wide ranging benefits of the plant.

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Currently, research is guarding against smoking it with tobacco, due to the impacts on lung and cardiac health, but CBD oil, especially a full spectrum oil (contains all 421 compounds) provides long lasting health benefits.

Reputable CBD Oil Companies

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Whilst research is still ongoing into how cannabis interacts with the human immune system, there is clear evidence to suggest that people with auto immune conditions or a weakened immune system can benefit from its medical uses.

Hopefully, soon we will fully be able to understand the full benefits of cannabis.

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