CBD Fusion Water Review

CBD Fusion Water Review

There’s a lot to be said for CBD oil these days. It’s touted as one of the best alternative remedies when it comes to issues around pain and anxiety.

More and more research is being done into the positive effects it has on the body. While this is being done, more companies are coming out with innovative and surprising ways for you to take CBD oil on a daily basis.

However, just because they’ve got a product you may want, doesn’t mean that it’s quality. You shouldn’t trust every CBD oil company out there.

Let’s review one of them.

CBD Fusion Water Review

Purity 1.0
Strength 1.0
Service 5.0
Price 5.0
Consumer Reviews 3.0


  • Innovative product


  • No lab tests
  • Relatively expensive
  • There's better products on the market
  • No evidence for claims

What is CBD Fusion Water?

CBD Fusion Water is a company that saw the market for what it is. Everything has been done, especially when it comes to CBD oil, tinctures, and vaping.

For this reason, they decided to think outside the box and come up with another way you can get your daily CBD fix. They’ve done this by putting CBD derivative into the water.

This means that you don’t have to deal with unappealing tastes or to try to remember your vape pen. All you have to do is drink your eight glasses a day, and you’ve got your cannabinoid fix.

Fusion Water also offers other products as well, like gummies and vape additives. But they believe they’ve got something unique and original in their cannabinoid water, which is why this is the focus.

As with most CBD oil companies who jump the gun and get too excited about their products too quick, there’s not a lot of information available on their website.

They don’t have any batch information anywhere on each product, test results from labs they’ve done to maintain quality control or positive customer reviews.

Without these vital features, they’re just another CBD oil company with a pretty good idea. However, they’re going to struggle to sell their products if they can’t back them up with verified information.

CBD Fusion Water has kept their product line simple, which is good, especially when it comes to the lack of information. If they were a larger company, there really would be no excuse as to why they don’t have any further details on their products and their products sources.

You can either buy CBD infused water, gummies or tincture from CBD Fusion Water. Their products cost as little as $32 and as much as $600, depending on the volume of product you’re after.

CBD Fusion Water makes some bold claims about their company. The first one is that they’re a team of doctors, which, you guessed it, hasn’t been backed up by actual evidence. On their website, we found a very brief mention of sourcing their hemp from Europe, but this is all we get regarding the origin of their main ingredient.

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At the end of the day, it’s hard for us to trust a company that simply does not have enough information about their products or services.

CBD Fusion Water Alternatives

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts

While CBD Fusion Water is an interesting company with a concept that’s intriguing, to say the least, they need to take a few steps and do their homework before they try selling any more of their product. They don’t even have information about the ingredients, or a mission statement anywhere.

For this reason, we have to rate CBD Fusion Water pretty low – without accurate verification and information, there’s no knowing what is in the products you are buying.

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  1. Warning: If you like paying a crazy price for water, then this is the perfect water for you.

    This water has no effect on me for its CBD infusion. I think its a scam. Couldn’t tell the difference between regular water and this.

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