CBD Oil in Indiana (Updated)

CBD Oil in Indiana (Updated)

If you’ve lived in Indian your whole life and are a resident, then there’s a good chance you know that this is one of the only American states that doesn’t currently have a medical marijuana program.

However, since early 2018 the possession and use of CBD in Indiana has been legal for all residents in Indiana – and you don’t need a medical recommendation to obtain it.

Since then, the official legal status of CBD has been a confusing topic, as the Attorney General said that it couldn’t be consumed or sold within Indiana. However, the new law says it can, as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC.

What is CBD?


Before we try to iron out the legislative issues that Indiana has around CBD, let’s give you a brief overview of what CBD is, so that we’re on the same page. CBD is known scientifically as cannabidiol, and it is one of over a hundred cannabinoids that you can extract from the cannabis plant.

THC has previously been the most well-known cannabinoid as it has been responsible for helping people get high from smoking cannabis for a long time when used recreationally.

There is a wide variety of forms that CBD can take, and there are certainly the companies out there to prove this. They range from oils and capsules to liquids, topicals, and even edibles. Currently, the FDA has only approved epilepsy for CBD oil treatment. However, the research tells a different story.

In fact, CBD is considered beneficial for helping a long list of health issues, including:

This extensive research joins other studies that look into the benefits of CBD from a physiological point of view. All of this points to CBD as a natural answer to replace often harmful prescription medication.

Most drugs currently sold by Big Pharma come with their fair share of adverse side effects, as well as some containing addictive qualities as well. CBD, on the other hand, has been defined by the World Health Organization as a non-addictive and safe compound.

CBD also has a long list of beneficial characteristics, too, including the following:

  • Antipsychotic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-Depressant
  • Anti-Anxiety

How Does CBD Oil Work?

With such a long list of positive characteristics and qualities, it’s no surprise that many states are now vying for the legalization of CBD as a viable treatment.

What we haven’t talked about yet, however, is how CBD works with our bodies to get such positive results?

What this all comes down to is the existence of our endocannabinoid system. This is a system that we all have in our bodies, and it is responsible for many important functions in the body, including appetite, mood, and even body temperature.

When we take CBD, it links up with our endocannabinoid system by encouraging it to keep producing the cannabinoids it is supposed to. A low production of these cannabinoids can be linked to many different health conditions, which is why CBD is considered to be so versatile.

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So, while some states haven’t yet officially legalized CBD, Indiana has now made it legal for adult residents to consume and purchase – as long as it falls within the stipulated regulations.

What You Need to Know About CBD in Indiana

Before the bill that was passed, CBD oil was only available and legal in Indiana for those who had rare forms of epilepsy that couldn’t be managed with anything else.

However, since early 2018, things are looking much more positive. The current legislation not only allows retailers who are authorized to sell low-THC CBD products, but it also allows these products to come from any part of the industrial hemp plant.

The state also says that any CBD products can’t contain more than 0.3% THC. It’s important to disclose at this point that there currently is a discrepancy between products that are sold by retailers.

Finding the Best CBD Oil in Indiana


So, while the legislation makes it pretty clear that you can purchase CBD oil with low levels of THC, you’re actually going to find it harder to come across than you make think.

Why? Because most retailers are going to really struggle to come across industrial hemp that’s top quality – let alone the machinery required to manufacture such a high-quality product.

What this means is that most of the products you see out there actually come from the hemp seeds, not the material of the plant itself. Therefore you’re not going to get any of the CBD benefits.

So, in order to get high-quality CBD that you’ve been hearing all about, you need to make sure that the product you’re buying is made from the stalk, leaves, stem, and flowers of the hemp plant – not the seeds.

Ironically, the seeds are the only part of the plant that doesn’t contain the health benefits you’re looking for.

So, what’s the best way to make sure that your CBD is top quality? You’ve got to do a bit of research first and locate the high-quality companies who have a well-established reputation for making really good products.

While there are many great companies out there, it can be hard to differentiate them from those that are decidedly average.

Companies that Deliver CBD Oil to Indiana

Luckily, there are a bunch of reputable companies that can deliver CBD oil to you in Indiana.

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s not a bad time to be a resident of Indiana as CBD is becoming more and more accessible as the days go by. With all the research that’s been done around CBD over the past few years, it’s no wonder that Indiana has decided to allow for its sale and distribution.

Our hope, of course, is that in the future, more states in the U.S. will do the same and loosen their legislation even more around CBD for medicinal purposes.

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For now, though, if you’re on the lookout for high-quality CBD oil in Indiana, you’ve got quite a few companies with great reputations to choose from.

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