I Cured MRSA Staph Infection with Vitamin B3

I Cured MRSA Staph Infection with Vitamin B3 - Natural Remedies

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This article was contributed by a professional mixed martial artist.

How to get rid of staph infection without antibiotics

Vitamin B3 for MRSA

Yep. A mere vitamin seems like an unlikely candidate to stop a chronic infection such as staph or even MRSA, especially when antibiotics failed. Yet this natural remedy worked for me.

I had recurring chronic staph infection for over a year. It sounds like something dirty, but it is a common problem in gyms in Thailand because of the heat. If you train in Thailand for long enough you will probably come up against this beast of an infection at some point.

Kevin Randleman had one hell of a Staph Infection

I can barely remember when it started. But I took nearly 20 courses of antibiotics in that time and visited hospitals numerous times on 3 different continents. I had blood tests which all came back normal. I tried numerous types of antibiotics. I tried many herbs & supplements. I tried a change in diet. I tried positive thinking.

Nothing worked. It came back time and time again.

It got to the point that I was very depressed because my gut flora was a mess from the frequency of the antibiotics, yet I had to take them because of the consequences of not doing so (e.g. possible amputations or death!).

Natural Remedies for MRSA & Staph Treatment

I came across this study in my quest for a cure. I can’t tell you how many hours of research I put into this (it was many) over the year until I found this study. I ordered some Niacinamide and the next time I got Staph I took it at a high dose (1g 3x a day – so 3g total) alongside my antibiotics until it cleared and then tapered it down over 3 months or so.

I continue to take 500mg a day for prevention.

For me, Vitamin B3 (and in particular Niacinamide) was a magic bullet. I haven’t had Staph infection ever since (it’s been about 18 months now!).

Vitamin B3 staph cure

If this story sounds familiar, I recommend you to try Vitamin B3. I recommend Niacinamide over Niacin, as although both are Vitamin B3, the study and the type of Vitamin B3 I used was Niacinamide.

In case you were wondering which brand I used, it was this one.

Maybe plain Niacin will work too, but I’m not sure, and I also know that Niacin provides red flushing side effects in many people.

tea tree oil for mrsa

I also found Tea tree oil fairly effective when applied topically to smaller wounds, but I figured this was more of a treatment for the symptoms rather than working on the root cause.

If you use tea tree oil topically, be sure to dilute it and/or wash it off afterwards as it can be quite harsh on your skin.


Not Sure What I’m Talking About?

The phrase staph infection is usually used somewhat vaguely to describe staphylococcus bacteria. When it is a skin infection, it’s called cellulitis, but if it enters deeper layers under the skin, it’s referred to as fasciitis and involves bone, muscle, and other tissue beneath the skin.

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It’s important to note that staph is present all over the human body and is actually part of your normal skin flora, and there is plenty of it on your skin. In combat sports, an open wound combined with sweat and an active infection opens the risk of transferring staph from one fighter to another. The moist, warm environment that during our sport and around our training is a breeding ground for staph. Not only does it transfer skin-to-skin, but from the other equipment, mats, and pads used in training and in competition.

In its simplest form, staph often like a skin rash. As long as immediate treatment with a topical antibiotic is used, this simple staph infection will go away within a week give or take a few days. When the infection goes beneath the skin, it becomes a challenge to treat and heal. The deeper it goes, the more difficult it becomes to treat and heal, which often results in lancing the wound after it forms a pocket. Sometimes, even after this is done, it can resolve in a week more or less.

The issue isn’t in the treatment, but in how resistant the various strains of staphylococcus are in some cases. At this point, it’s called a super bug, or methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which is a much bigger concern. Why? MRSA infections get out of hand fast, as does the ability for doctors to treat it.

Once it comes to using IV antibiotics to provide a regular, high concentration of antibodies, it can be hit or miss as far as healing is concerned. Fighters (especially MMA) are susceptible to this and often wind up in the hospital when they ignore what seems like a minor rash, or cut. Due to the nature of staph at this level, the body’s immune system is overworked causing the infection to spread more quickly.

Staph, left untreated at its simple form, will form an abscess, or a “pocket”. The acidity (pH) of the pocket varies substantially from the normal levels of the surrounding tissues. Most antibiotics won’t work in such an acidic environment. That’s why the “pocket” has to be lanced (opened up) and drained to get rid of the acid. Then the antibiotics can do their job, as can the body’s natural antibodies present in the immune system.

If this kind of infection spreads to the bloodstream, it’s renamed bacteremia. At this level, staph is starting to destroy flesh and tissue. If treatment cannot resolve it, the tissue or limb affected often has to be removed to save the person. That’s why Perez lost his big left toe. You don’t always lose a limb, but it happens when there is no other recourse.

21 Replies to “I Cured MRSA Staph Infection with Vitamin B3

        1. My toddler has staph on her bum hole… will this work for her she is 5 years old, if so how much would I use? Also is there a cream with this in it for topical use or do we do that?

  1. Thank you very much for this! From training Muay Thai in Thailand I know all about Staph infection. It can be very dangerous if untreated and can spread through a gym very quickly. I have had staph 3 times now and each time I was prescribed antibiotics which have serious negative effects. Will be sharing this information with my fellow training partners!

    1. Hi Sam,

      I’ve done a bit of research myself online and it seems the risk of serious side effects starts to appear at around 3g a day, so make sure your dose is lower than that (and consult your doctor first).

  2. For niacinamide, the max dose is 8 grams per day. Anything higher can be fatal.

    Some people report symptoms of nausea at around 4-5 grams per day and your own personal level should fall below your own personal nausea range. If you feel nauseous then cut back.

    so stay below your nausea level and stay below 8 grams per day for niacinamide.

    Niacin has no toxic level. Niacin causes a flush which is alarming and scary at first. The flush gradually abates over the course of 1 week to ten days of continual use. It is better to take niacin with food or take with an aspirin to ease the discomfort of the flush.

    Niacin lowers cholesterol. So do not take it on cholesterol lowering medications.

    Niacin is very safe for the liver, contrary to mainstream medical stupidity which says otherwise. Niacin will elevate your bilirubin levels so doctors are taught in school that this means that niacin is harmful to the liver. What they don’t tell you is that no one has ever shown signs of liver damage from having taken high doses of niacin for decades.

    If you have the ability to survive two days of niacin flush, niacin lowers your bad cholesterol and raises your good cholesterol. It is very safe and healthy to take.

    Oh yes, and it also does not cause jaundice. Another silly medical fallacy.

    Dr. Abram Hoffer was the world’s leading authority on niacin. Please read his work and overlook the common silly fallacies you commonly hear from most doctors who were all ignorantly trained on the subject.

    Orthomolecular doctors have used niacin in high doses regularly for over seventy years to treat a wide variety of illnesses without any issues. These are the medical doctors that you should be listening to. Dr. Andrew Saul is one you can read up on. Read Dr. Abram Hoffer for the real facts on niacin.

    1. Thanks for the great comment Marianne!

      However, I did edit it because of the attitude and hostility in your message.

      Please keep it respectful, we are all here to learn and improve our knowledge.

      1. …Just a real life experience, my son took 7 grams of niacinamide two days in a row and spent three days in the hospital flushing it all out of his system. Toxicity is real. More that 3 grams is the limit in my opinion.

  3. Hi, I came across this article in my search for mrsa help, my mum received bad medical treatment in hospital and as a result the kidney function she did have was destroyed and she was discharged then re admitted with her kidneys almost stoooed she was in cardiac are then icu and then 24hr dialysis for days then permanent dialysis twice a week now for two and a half hours and she still makes her own urine. While in on dial due to being a diabetic she had what we were told was gout on her right food this I didn’t think was gout and I asked dfor a review they reviewed it said it was an abscess not gout cut into it and mums right foot became infected with mrsa, at the time we didn’t no this until she was moved for treatment to another hospital who told us she didn’t have gout or an abcess she had, mrsa, it was an ulcer from being a diabetic, and she lso had supposedly a vadcular block in her leg. They then told us mum had to loos her foot their was nothing they could do, it was all sloughy necrotic in parts, the skin was dying in front of us, she was in icu again after the first below knee surgury then two weeks later was taken to have an above knee because it was gone necrotic again vessels inside were gone…
    This is all a result of Mrsa, I was told my mum would die and never go home and even though I do everything for her right now and she’s bascially bed bound, I’m healing her stump wound, iv her on antibiotics for her infection, which is still mrsa and I took her home the week before Christmas a year after she went in., all they want to do is keep bringing her in an out on taz, every two weeks and my mum is not going back in their she made it out with her life, and she’ll stay that way mums on dialysis, shes on medications for diabetes and she on aspirin as well as some others I got the brand in the article and I wanted to know it says 500mg once a day recommended dose is this safe for my mum or would one every second day long term be better their is no point asking her gp or dialysis doctor team they don’t believe in alternatives any help would be great thank you

    1. Hi rose. Your story really is a tragic one and i feel for you and the pain you must be going through you and your mother I was hoping somebody had responded to tell you the answer to your question but they haven’t yet I hope they do soon I came here because I have staph infections also last time I almost got sepsis and was in the hospital for two weeks on antibiotics and had surgery so now I’m getting them again and I’d like to try alternative before surgery wish me luck

  4. I will pray for you and everyone that has MRSA and for all medical personal that are trying to find a cure for it
    My son has suffered with it since he had back surgery 6 years ago
    The back surgeon opened his stomach to repair disks in his lower back.
    The gastrologist assisting with the surgery accidentally cut an intestine while sewing my son !
    My son became septic and was taken back to surgery They pumped 1700 CC of liquid
    They told me he could have died
    He was sent home from the hospital with drainage tubes draining pus off his stomach he was not taught or instructed how to care for these drainage tube\’s .
    He was told he could not do the water therapy that he should have had after the back surgery because he had MRSA And other people would be at risk catching it
    One doctor prescribed Bactrim to treat the MRSA even though he told her he was allergic to the drug sulfur Dah?
    My son remained very ill and in terrible pain so I thought he still had The disease
    His doctor tested for it by swabbing his nose . The test kept showing a false negative so this is not an accurate test to tell if people have MRSA, only if they are a carrier
    About a week after this test my son saw his doctor and she gave him a blood test which showed he was septic . He was admitted to the hospital May 15th 2018 while there he started to form blisters on his right leg and ankle we were told it was cellulitis I asked if he had MRSA . I was told the culture was still growing so for three weeks he took a drug called
    Vancomycin . Dr Resch did a biopsy on his right foot. It must take a long time for a culture like this to come back because we were finally told after three weeks that he had Vancomycin resistant enterococcus , and his IV Changed to Daptomycin
    My son had to go to the burn unit in the hospital and stay for treatment until they could do surgery to cut out the dead tissue
    He then had to have skin graphs
    On Jan. 17th my son was admitted into Saint Teresa hospital he now has it in his left leg the infectious disease doctor and his orthopedic doctor believe the staff infection is in his bones
    Please pray for my son and I will pray for everyone who is dealing with MRSA

    1. Connie….

      I am deeply sorry to hear of your sons situation. You cannot rely on Medico’s to save your son, they are stuck in a bubble that they do not know how to see out of. * Also that the FDA and other regulating bodies like the Medical associations do not ALLOW them to see or look out of. There are cures for Staph, and especially MRSA. Do some research on MMS (which is sodium chorite) it is sold as ‘Master Mineral solution”. Go to this site and have a look at all the amazing testimonials from people who have been cured from Staph (lots of them MRSA – 18 in total!). It is not something that is approved by the Government, as it would wipe out many, many pharmaceuticals, therefore resulting in the Big Pharmaceutical giants losing billions of dollars. So this a cure for many things besides Staph. Please have a look at this link..

      There are 18 testimonials of people who have healed from Staph /MRSA.

      This website is under the umbrella of a ‘church’ as that is the VERY clever way that Jim Humble and Mark Grenon devised… in order to be able to not be controlled by the Government, TGA, FDA, Big Pharma etc.. They are protected by Church Law and legislation, and you can have the right to find health through these two pioneering mean.

      Also look up Michelle Moore, she is a microbiologist who specialises in Staph. She has written a very comprehensive book on it. There are a number of essential oils that are available in the United States that your son can take internally. Also he should be on high doses of Garlic and of course the Niacinaminde as discussed here. You need to keep him on high quality spore based probiotics, lots of fresh, alkaline food, no sugar (definitely no alchohol) and low complex carbs.

      There is hope.. I would order some MMS as soon as possible and start him off on the ‘starting protocol’ and then work up to ‘Protocol 1000’.

      Please do give it a try and spread the word.

      *also look up DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide) also an AMAZING natural product, that can work together to deliver the MMS around the body and also topically.

      Good Luck! Right now you need more than prayers! However prayers are with you and your son..

  5. Wow!! thanks for the info, I have been asking myself about this kind of swelling not until it has graduated to a serious issue.The staph infection is one of the neglected diseases that need to be addressed ASAP,due to the fact that it has tortured most people silently and they have not bothered to find out any thing about it.i have heard from some people that if it is not treated early it turns out to be cancerous because it goes deep and affects the bones, tissues and blood.in case one happens to get this kind of infection please use the vitamin B3 (Niacin-amide)

  6. I am a Nigerian. I live in Warri. Pls, send me more detail info and treatment of staph and how to get the nianci-namide and vitamine B3.
    I will be grateful if your info can help us in warri.
    Hoping to hear from you ASAP.

    Best regards
    Agboro Irikefe

  7. My daughter is suffering with a second (after only one week break) MRSA infection. Legs, angles, trunk region.

    We are very scared – seeing yet another doc tomorrow.

    What are the signs/symptoms of it affecting the bone?


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