Depression in High School Students

Have you at any point in your school life felt depressed? Considering that depression can be mild, moderate, or melancholy, you might never know at its onset stage. So yes, there is a high chance of having been depressed and probably never knowing.

For instance, have you ever felt demoralized to complete a task at home or school after arguing with someone? As you can see, we can never run away from the fact that depression is highly prevalent among school-going children. 

Ideally, depression affects how you behave, feel, and think. So, does depression in high school students have any effect on your behaviors? Besides stress and anxiety, depression causes a significant proportion of disabilities and ailments in adolescents.

Since depression causes behavioral, psychological, and physical changes, you are more likely to be a victim of mental health issues such as addictive behaviors and eating disorders. If you never perceive it as a weakness, you can overcome depression and save on treatment costs. 

Depression Rates in High School Students Within 5 Years

For many decades, mental health professionals have doubted if children undergo depression. Such an assumption has led to overlooking high school students’ psychological well-being.

Since most high school students are in adolescence, they are highly predisposed to depression, which negatively affects their academic performance, family relationships, and socialization. As they grow up, high school students with depression are highly vulnerable to alcohol abuse, psychosocial impairment, recurrent depression, hospitalizations, and antisocial behaviors.   

What do statistics say about the prevalence of depression in the United States? According to US-based researchers, over 33% of high school students experienced depression, anxiety, and stress in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to these mental issues, approximately 20% of them were more likely to commit suicide. 

According to national research conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 44% of students stated that they felt hopeless or depressed each day for 14 consecutive days or more before the coronavirus outbreak.

In this case, what could be the underlying rationale? You can argue that issues like sudden biological and physiological changes and academic expectations could be the leading contributory factors. 

Considering that high school students understand their psychological well-being, a study inquired about their mental health. In particular, between January and June 2021, researchers conducted a study on 7,705 students in 9th to 12th grade. In the United States, grade 9, 10, and 12 are equivalent to high schools.

For that reason, the target participants for the study were high school students. The research found that the incidence of suicidality and depression was high in all ethnic and racial groups and sexual identities.

However, females were more likely to be depressed than males. The CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report also revealed that the risk of suicide is higher among LGBT learned compared to heterosexual adolescents.  

What Are the Main Causes of Depression in High School Students? 

Have you ever wondered why teenagers from grades 9 to 12 might feel unhappy or irritable? In most cases, the reason for such behavior is depression. It is normal for high school students to feel unhappy for a certain period, specifically 1 to 14 days.

However, if such behavior persists for more than 14 days, it would be better for them to seek medical attention from a mental health professional. An in-depth understanding of the causes of depression would enable a mental health professional to either recommend behavioral or therapeutic intervention. 

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Negative Thought Patterns 

Have you ever talked with a teenager about the reasons for being unhappy? What was his or her response? You might agree that family issues were among the reasons he or she provided. For instance, parent divorce and separation at a child’s tender age are traumatizing.

For instance, during school visitation and events, a kid raised by a single parent tends to become depressed as he or she observes other children being accompanied by two parents. Other students might ask where the father or mother is.

Such questions trouble a teen raised by a single parent, and he or she tends to exhibit signs of avoidance, isolation evidence, and consequently depression. 

What do you think of family lifestyles? Does it have anything to do with depression? Yes, of course. High school students are always at an adolescent stage where they want to feel or look like their peers.

For instance, a teenager would want his or her parents to buy him or her the latest iPhone. Parents from low socioeconomic status might be unable to meet such demands. In such a situation, the teen would constantly have negative thoughts about their parents. In particular, the teenager might perceive the parent as less responsible, contributing to depression. 

Not Seeking Online Assistance

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Substance Abuse 

Journal articles and other scholarly publications have linked depression to drug and alcohol misuse. So, how do you think substance misuse causes depression? In most cases, if you overuse illegal and legal drugs such as marijuana, painkillers, alcohol, and nicotine, you will definitely become addicted.

It means that you might never function properly without them. Considering that you might never have extra cash to purchase the drug as a youth, you will become depressed. 

Overall, it is possible for you to avoid stress, anxiety, or depression related to drug abuse and negativity through counseling. However, how many students have never reported that school life is stressful or depressing?

Actually, almost none. So, it would be best if you or any student considers using online assistance for personal study and passing of assessment. After reading the statistics and causes of depression in high school, the ball is in your court now. Make an informed choice!

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