Does Taking CBD Too Often Cause Tolerance?

Does Taking CBD Too Often Cause Tolerance

Does Taking CBD Too Often Cause Tolerance?

CBD is taking over the world of self-administered medicine and only now are we beginning to understand the full range of benefits provided by CBD and the other 420 compounds within cannabis.

Whilst we know that it is beneficial if it is taken every day in small doses, is it possible to build up a tolerance to CBD oil?

What Is The Recommended Dose For CBD Oil?

Dose For CBD Oil

As CBD is so new laws are slowly coming in to regulate the sales, but as it stands, much of the market across the world is relatively unregulated.

Unlike other medicines, CBD oil hasn’t been subject to the same clinical trials or long standing research programmes like other medicine. Because of this no authorising bodies such as the FDA are able to recommend a daily dose or allowance.

A large amount of dosing comes down to trail and error and from speaking to other people. Depending on the concentration of your oil impacts the dose along with a plethora of other factors, such as weight, genetics etc.

Am I Taking CBD Too Often?

Given that there isn’t a recommended dose or stated ideal amount, it is difficult to work out if you are taking too much CBD. The best way of working this out is through trial, start small and keep your dose regular.

Depending on the results you want or expect, slowly increase the dose if you feel no benefits. Once you have reached the result you want, maintain this dose. But where do you start?

Some people suggest that you dose base on your body weight. Start with a dose between 1-6mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight maintain this for a set period of time, if you don’t feel benefits, increase the dose for a sustained period of time.

Keep doing this until the feel benefits and reach the desired level of medication. The amount of CBD you need will shift depending on what you are trying to treat, be it anxiety or sever pain.

Our body is constantly changing and will react differently given environmental factors, therefore your dose will not be static, it will be in a state of flux.

If you find yourself dosing more than the once a day standard, then you are possibly dosing too often, it may be that you require a stronger oil with a higher concentrate so you can reduce the amount you are taking but still feel the effects of taking the same amount you were previously.

It is difficult trying to gauge exactly how much CBD oil your body needs, especially when you first start dosing and experimenting.

Can I Build Up A Tolerance To CBD Oil?

Whilst there may not have been a variety of long standing research into the effects of CBD oil in human tissue with a large population, we can analyse conclusions from very similar research that focuses around the same compounds of CBD and of the psychoactive component THC.

One clear comparison that must be drawn is the distinct difference between dependency and tolerance. Tolerance is defined as a diminished drug effect following repeated doses. In short, yes you can build up a tolerance to CBD oil, but research suggests that the tolerance is to that of the THC content.

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The results garnered from the studies suggest that the tolerance humans build up to CBD oil is in fact not a tolerance to CBD as a full spectrum, but the psychoactive compound THC. The longer you have been dosing with THC, the higher dose you will need to gain the same therapeutic effect you had in the beginning.

However, this is in direct contrast to the CBD compound. Although research into tolerances directly related to the CBD compound isn’t as prevalent as THC, the research that has been conducted suggests that sustained dosing of CBD provides not only therapeutic effects, but the therapeutic effects become stronger over time, especially when used to treat such conditions as epilepsy.

How Can I Stop Building A Tolerance?

Whilst the research shows that a tolerance is built up against the THC, there are methods you can use to help lessen this. One of these is called cycling, whilst there is limited evidence substantiating these claims, anecdotal claims suggest that you can cycle through different strains, spectrums and types of oil to garner the desired outcome.

Building up a tolerance to THC can be detrimental to some people as they need the psychoactive ingredient to alleviate anxiety or panic attacks. Through cycling, you can remain at a low level of tolerance whilst you continue to feel the benefits of CBD oil.

How Do I Cycle CBD Oil?

Cycle CBD Oil

You can cycle CBD oil by using different strains. If you select an oil that is high in CBD, or a CBD only isolate and an oil that is full spectrum with a good level of THC, you can switch between the two, but how do you know when you need to switch?

Medical advise given to cancer patients who take CBD oil and other medicinal cannabis is that they shouldn’t remain on the same strain for 90 days as they will build up a tolerance.

Using this research, it is suggested that maybe changing your oil every two to three months will reduce the tolerance built up from the THC.

Will Cycling CBD Oil Help?

Cycling CBD oil is a new area of research and choosing to cycle CBD oil is dependent on the symptoms you are looking to alleviate. If you are using it to help with conditions such as epilepsy, then it may not be beneficial for you to use a CBD cycle as sustained doses can provide a therapeutic effect and increase the effectiveness of the oil.

If you are looking to treat anxiety and panic disorders, then cycling CBD will be beneficial for you as THC is the psychoactive ingredient and the one that humans build up a tolerance to.

If you think that a cycle is your best option, look at purchasing an isolate of THC with a high content and then a full spectrum with a medium percentage of THC and a high percentage of CBD and then a full spectrum with high content of CBD and low THC.

If you cycle from low to high concentrations of THC and then back down, you will limit the effect of the tolerance you build as you are adjusting your dose.

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You will also still feel the therapeutic benefits of the CBD oil as you will continue the same level of dose throughout, the only variable being the THC content.

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Whilst the area of research around perfect doses and building up tolerances to CBD is still a new area. What we can surmise from the research available is that we build up a tolerance to the THC compound rather than the CBD compound.

If you need the active compound of THC, cycling may well be the best option for you. You can ensure that you still gain the psychoactive properties of the THC whilst not diminishing the effects of long standing use.

Cycling through from a low to medium to high dose and back down again may well help in reducing the tolerance built up to THC and therefore keep your full spectrum CBD oil active and beneficial.

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