Dose of Nature Review

Dose of Nature Review

CBD oil may just change the way you think about pain, anxiety, and depression. It’s being seen as the revolutionary new natural remedy, that’s taking the world by storm, especially the United States.

There are many counties and states who have now legalized cannabis, which has opened up the rest of the world to its benefits. There are many different companies now who are trying to hold a stake in the CBD oil claim.

However, just because their website and products look good, doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy from them. Let’s give on such company a review and see how they do.

Dose of Nature Review

Purity 2.0
Strength 3.5
Service 5.0
Price 5.5
Consumer Reviews 5.5


  • Innovative
  • Natural products


  • Lack of information
  • Not transparent
  • Very confusing company structure

Dose of Nature: The Details

If you’re someone who goes out of their way to find the latest and greatest natural products, then you may want to check out Dose of Nature. They believe that there’s little more we need than sunshine and fresh air.

They’re also firm believers in getting rid of pharmaceuticals altogether and opting for natural options instead, something that a lot of CBD oil companies believe in.

Dose of Nature is interesting in that they’ve claimed and patented a couple of procedures – BioPulse and BioXTrax. While these sound great on paper, when you get down to the nitty-gritty of what they actually are on their website, you’ll leave it feeling even more confused than when you first visited.

While a company like Dose of Nature may have some stellar products on offer, if they aren’t verified by facts and real product information, it’s going to be hard for us to get behind them.

Like we mentioned, Dose of Nature is aptly named after the philosophy that all you really need is a good dose of fresh air and sunshine to keep your health in check.

We love the idea that Dose of Nature feels passionate about getting people away from dangerous pharmaceuticals and onto the train of natural and organic, but when it comes to the science side of stuff, we need to say more.

As we said, Dose of Nature does appear to have quite a bit of information on their website about BioXTrax and BioPulse. In layman’s terms, they claim that these processes mean that you can absorb the nutrients found in CBD oil much more easily.

In fact, they argue that both of these concepts are revolutionary in that they can make any type of nutrient derived from a herb easily digestible.

What is the most interesting part of this company is that they don’t actually include any CBD in their own products. You’d think after all of this talk about these scientific process, they’d use it on the newest natural remedy, CBD.

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However, instead, they opt to sell other company’s CBD products in place of their own, which is somewhat confusing. Through this, they bring four other companies to your attention, which means you’ve got even more people to decide whether you trust them or not.

Dose of Nature Alternatives

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts

What’s even more confusing about Dose of Nature’s relationship with these other companies is how it’s described, depending on who you are.

Dose of Nature themselves says that one of the companies uses their revolutionary processes which is why they have collaborated in this way, while elsewhere online you’ll find that this company is actually seen as Dose of Nature’s supplier.

Either way, the entire thing is pretty confusing which makes it hard to trust. To add to this, some of these companies say that they use organic hemp, while others do not.

It’s pretty clear at this point that unless Dose of Nature can separate their goals and information from these other companies, there’s going to be no way of knowing what information describes them and what doesn’t.

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  1. I think this company is very misleading with the way they are re-selling other brands of cbd oil products alongside their own products. When I purchased a cbd oil from their website I had a question about it. But when I contacted customer support they couldn’t tell me anything because they are not the manufacturers. It’s just too confusing.

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