Entourage Hemp Brand Review

Entourage Hemp Brand Review

There are many things that come and go in the natural health industry, and most of them have a tough time sticking it out.

While some natural remedies manage to have enough benefits to become staples on the health industry shelf, a lot of them are just fads that are going to fade out inevitably.

This is where CBD is a complete gamechanger – in fact, it’s considered to be so effective that scientists are doing research all the time that sheds light on just how beneficial it is.

Not only can it help with a couple of common health conditions, but it’s considered a natural treatment now for a long list of medical issues that previously relied on prescription medication.

Of course, lots of companies are now trying to take advantage of this. We don’t think you can trust them all, though. Let’s review one and see how they do.

Entourage Hemp Brand Review

Purity 7.0
Strength 7.0
Service 5.0
Price 4.0
Consumer Reviews 4.0

A Review of Entourage Hemp Brand

Entourage Hemp has been slowly establishing itself as a dominant company in the CBD industry since the very beginning and has even started the trend of making sure that the company you’re buying your CBD oil from is publishing their lab test reports online, so we have a lot to thank them for.

Their tinctures are unbelievably six times stronger than anything else that’s currently out there, which is a possible concern for us. This means that they serve up 50mg of cannabinoids every 0.25 ml serving. While it is good to have a higher concentration of CBD, you still have to be careful about just how much you’re taking.

Because research is still being done around the benefits of CBD, the World Health Organization doesn’t have an exact dose that they can recommend you take – not to mention it’s a case by case thing as well. This means that you’ve got to be careful of companies that are a bit too trigger happy with their concentration.

Entourage Hemp has focused on three main product lines – soft gels, e-liquids and of course, tinctures. As we mentioned, their tinctures include an incredibly high level of CBD, which they claim is to help people with chronic conditions. Again, it pays to consult your healthcare professional before taking a dose that is this concentrated.

If you’re looking for a full spectrum CBD product, you may want to check out their soft gels. Interestingly, they’re also one of the first companies to offer a flavored e-liquid that’s been infused with CBD.

Entourage Hemp also likes to stay ahead with their research, which is why they’ve got active development and research platforms through their parent company, Cannoid LLC. They also believe that the entire plant should be used so that you get all the benefits possible, which is why they’re always researching how to use the tissues, seeds, and flowers.

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Entourage Hemp also makes sure to extract their CBD through a CO2 method, which is our personal favorite. This is by far the purest and most effective way to get your CBD from the hemp plant.

Entourage Hemp Alternatives

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Scam or Legit; Final Thoughts

As you can see, Entourage Hemp appears to be at the top of their game in the CBD industry and have been for a while. We can applaud many aspects of their company, including the way that they extract their CBD and how they’re always willing to learn and develop themselves.

However, there is one place that we come a bit unstuck, and that’s to do with the concentration of their tinctures. We appreciate a company that is serious about their CBD and willing to follow through on potency as well as purity – however, we feel that we have a duty to issue a word of warning here.

We don’t recommend diving into a product that has this level of CBD concentration without first consulting with your doctor. At the end of the day, CBD is still a medical product, which means that how it’s taken and how much is taken needs to be carefully considered.

It’s for this reason that we can’t get on board with Entourage Hemp and suggest you look for something that’s a little less concentrated.

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