Flick Review 2024: A Must-Have Instagram Hashtags Tracker

Flick Review - A Must-Have Hashtag Tracker

Flick Review 2024

I’ve been searching far and wide for ways to increase my Instagram followers and find better strategies for my content, and one thing I’ve tried to do is find Instagram tools that can help me streamline my workflow. 

It’s true that Instagram has some restrictions on the way that third party apps work with their content, which is why I stayed away from different automation apps or apps that say they grow your Instagram followers. 

In the long term, developing a tried-and-true strategy that will actually deliver results through your own work and dedication is what delivers results, so that’s what I aimed to do.

While there were some tools that didn’t work out, there were some that I absolutely loved. 

For content creation, using a tool like Canva helped me to boost my content design to the next level and use Instagram stories more frequently.

I used their templates to create looks that were on-brand and kept a consistent aesthetic across all of my content, which I absolutely loved! 

Another thing that I wanted to do alongside my content strategy was to find better hashtag suggestions through an Instagram hashtag generator.

Getting a sizable amount of reach for my content was proving a challenge, and I had hit a plateau, so I really needed something to change it up. 

The best hashtag tool that I came across was Flick. I’d never heard of it before, so I was pleasantly surprised when a friend recommended it to me.

I’m so glad I tried it, and I’m going to tell you all a little bit about how it helped my Instagram hashtag strategy. 

Notable Features  


When I was considering a hashtag generator, I was looking for tools that could provide a large amount of suggestions, as I felt I was really lost in my hashtag strategy. 

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I had never really understood how many hashtags to use, or which hashtags would best reach my audience, but once I started searching for hashtags through Flick, it became so much clearer. 

These are some of the features that I found really helpful on Flick: 

Easy Signup 

Flick doesn’t require any sensitive account information, which was such a relief. They don’t really need a lot of my information, because all of their service is based around creating hashtags that will work for my account. 

They have a free option, but I decided to test out the solo option because that monthly plan offers priority support and will give me more search results.

I don’t run multiple accounts, but they have an option for that too. 

Hashtag Search Tool 

Flick hashtags

Their hashtag search tool completely changed my perspective on hashtags. Before I used Flick, I would use a variety of different, random hashtags that I thought matched my content or might look good. 

While you want to be clever and entertaining through your content, hashtags are more than that; they are literally the way that your content gets discovered on the platform.

I realized that none of my hashtags were actually connected enough to my niche. 

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When I searched for hashtags that were more relevant to my content, Flick suggested so many more that I had never even thought of before!

Combinations that were similar but not quite the same, which I found to be especially useful because people in my target audience may be using that hashtag, but I’d never thought of it. 

The hashtag search tool on Flick is really the best I’ve ever seen, and I’m so glad that my friend recommended it, because I’d be lost without it. 

After I started using it, I started getting hundreds more in reach, which I verified via Instagram insights.

I also saw that more impressions were made, and I even had more profile views. That was really exciting. 

Hashtag Sets 

So, before I decided to start using Flick, I was basically just creating a document with all of my hashtags in it, or just making them up as I went.

That is such a bad way to monitor your hashtags; you can’t even see how they are performing because everything gets all mixed up! 

Flick allows you to create easy-to-use Instagram hashtag sets, and you can easily copy and paste them when you want to use them with your content.

I am so glad to never have to see that hashtag document again! It’s so much easier to post content since I started using Flick’s hashtag organizer. 

Does it Work? 

Flick Pricing

I’m usually pretty skeptical about using tools that are paid subscriptions just because I’m worried about my security and don’t want to have any issues with Instagram and my account. 

Using a hashtag generator is completely in line with Instagram’s terms of service because they don’t actually do anything with your profile, they just help you to develop a hashtag strategy that will work best for optimal reach on Instagram. 

👉 Get started with Flick FREE

I really like the fact that Flick makes it so easy to organize your hashtags into sets, and that they give you so many options in terms of trending hashtags that are connected to your niche, so you can take the guesswork out of your hashtag strategy. 

Review Conclusion 

Overall, I was very satisfied with my experience on Flick. I still use the tool today and my Instagram hashtag strategy has been totally revolutionized through the use of their hashtag generator. 

It’s hard to imagine how I ever created my hashtags before, to be honest. I can’t believe how much more targeted users view my profile now, and I’ve even seen a good increase in followers from the expanded reach that my content has. 

With such flexible plans and effective, easy-to-use functions, Flick is definitely my preferred Instagram hashtag generator, and I won’t be looking for another one anytime soon! 

If you want to see how they work before you decide to sign up for a monthly plan with more suggested hashtags, you can check out the free option, which I thought was really convenient.

It’s nice to know that you don’t have anything to lose when you try Flick.

That was a big positive for me since I wanted to make sure that things worked out the way I’d hoped. 

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