Flying With CBD Oil: Can You Take CBD On A Plane?

Must Know Tips for Bringing CBD Oil on a Plane

Millions of people rely on CBD oil to manage symptoms of medical conditions, reduce anxiety as well as promote healing. The benefits of CBD oil are well researched, and governments are coming to terms with the benefits that this product can have for their populations.

Whilst purchasing and consuming CBD oil is legal in many places, the laws surrounding transporting CBD for personal use can be a murky and grey area at best.

Traveling By Air With CBD Oil Within The USA

Firstly, CBD is not legal in all states in the USA. Whilst the DEA have released a statement saying that whilst they will not break down the door of anyone using CBD for medical reasons, its use is still illegal in some states in the USA.

If you have purchased CBD in the USA and need to travel across state lines, the Transport Security Administration (TSA) stipulate that ‘possession of marijuana and cannabis infused products, such as Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, is illegal under federal law’.

This statement accounts for all products, even ones with CBD content lower than 4%. If you’re looking to travel across the United States by plane, then it would be at your own risk to take it onboard.

There are a plethora of articles suggesting that you can very low content CBD onto airlines in the USA, however these points are absolutely unverified by the TSA and in so doing so, would be at your own risk.

Other Ways of Traveling with CBD Within the USA


As we have established, the laws governing CBD oil is a murky and grey area, whereas the TSA have been very clear about their stance toward CBD oil, but what about other ways of traveling within the USA?

Whilst it may not be the most straight forward or easiest option, you could always look to other forms of transport, such as driving or even trains. Whilst these forms of transport are nowhere near as quick, they do not come with the security stipulations set by the TSA that internal flights do.

Plan, Plan and Plan!

Not all states in the USA have legislation that makes production, purchasing and use of CBD oil legal. Before you start on your trip, check that where you are going has legalised the product for personal use. If the state hasn’t then you can make a decision based on your research.

If the state has legalised CBD oil product and use and you’re still not happy to travel with it, you can always look at purchasing when you arrive. Research outlets and shops that you can visit on arrival so that you can purchase your oil.

Alternatively, if you have a particular brand, composite or flavour that you know works for you, see if you can order it and have it delivered to your destination for when you arrive. This way, you can be sure that even if you aren’t traveling with your CBD oil, you can still have it when you arrive!

Traveling Out of the USA to Canada Via Air

Hurdle Number One

So you want to fly to Canada, you know that cannabis and derivative products have been legalised there, so you take your CBD oil with you, easy right? Unfortunately, no, you still find yourself in the same situation as you do in the USA.

Firstly, you will not get through international flight security in the USA with CBD oil or any cannabis derivatives. Security measures are much more stringent on the movement of these substances, especially when international boarders are involved.

Hurdle Number Two

Canada’s boarder rules remain exactly the same as they would for other illicit substances. Canada have released travel guidelines that stipulate how they will treat the importation of cannabis and derivative products.

If you take CBD oil into Canada via air (and this isn’t just from the USA, it embodies all international arrivals), you will need to declare it to boarder control when you land. This leads to a host of risks and liability that you could certainly live without.

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So, How Do You Get CBD Oil Whilst You’re Away In Canada? We’ve Got You Covered!

Whilst Canada legalised cannabis in October 2018, very little has changed in terms of production, purchasing and use of CBD oil and other cannabis products.

The issue is, that whilst cannabis in black and white form is legal, the nuances behind the law is that is it only legal for licenced producers to make it and only registered establishments may sell the product.

As a customer, there are laws that allow you to purchase CBD oil and other cannabis products, but it must come from a licenced establishment, within a territory that allows it.

So, cannabis use (to a certain extent) has been legalised in Canada, it is worth your time researching what CBD products are available to you from registered suppliers.

Look to purchase CBD oil on arrival instead of attempting to take your CBD oil across country lines. So, don’t panic! Simply take your oil before you leave for the airport, leave the bottle at home and hopefully you will have researched and found a registered distributor in Canada, where you can get a similar composite oil!

What About the Rest of the World?


We have established that cannabis laws across the USA and Canada are rife with grey and murky areas, whilst use is allowed under controlled circumstances it can be difficult to know where the law stands on purchasing.

We now also now, that we should avoid carrying CBD oil on planes, internally and externally between the Canada and USA, but what about the laws and legislations in other countries?

Taking CBD On A Plane In Or To The United Kingdom and European Union

The UK can be seen as being behind the cannabis laws and trends of their American and Canadian counterparts. Cannabis is still a class B controlled substance and people found producing, purchasing and using can still face jail time, but what about cannabis derivatives? Namely CBD oil? Well, we are now faced with the same situation as we face in the USA and Canada, the law is consistently grey and murky here.

CBD oil is legal in the United Kingdom, however, it must be produced from one of the 63 industrial hemp strains that the European Union have approved. Simple right? Well, no unfortunately not.

As aforementioned, cannabis is still a controlled substance in the United Kingdom, this directly relates to what CBD oil is legal and under what circumstance. Analysis of the laws have come to conclusion that use for a medicinal purpose is legal, however it is still illegal to processes and purchase, any oil containing THC, even trace amounts, is illegal.

Flying Into the United Kingdom with CBD Oil

Due to the legislation surrounding the oil, the fact that a lot of legal oils abroad are full spectrum, you would need to declare possession of the oil on entry to the United Kingdom. Even if you suffer with a medical condition that has been certified by doctors and the like, it would be more beneficial to purchase oil in the UK, which is something you can do.

Other European Union States

The homogenisation of laws across the European Union and the legal framework in member states make it exceptionally difficult to get a clear-cut answer as to the legality surrounding CBD oil production, purchasing and use.

On evaluating the legal framework of cannabis control across the member states, it is clear that the main concern is the psychoactive properties of THC. Even though you can purchase isolate oils, the legal frame work provides blanket cover for any cannabis and cannabis products.

You can still purchase CBD oil in the EU, but the common trend of having to declare it whilst crossing boarders via air is still prevalent.

Asia and South East Asia

Some of the countries in Asia and South East Asia have some of the toughest drug laws in the world. We do not recommend you fly in with CBD oil under any circumstance, purchase CBD or take any. Some countries have a zero-tolerance approach and if you are caught you will be treated in accordance with local standards.

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 So, How Do You Travel by Plane with CBD Oil?


Traveling with CBD oil by plane (especially on international flights) can be a risky game. In terms of entry, the legislation set by various countries means that you made need to declare possession of the CBD oil on arrival. This has the potential to cause legal problems that you didn’t envisage on your holiday.

So, How Can You Take Your CBD Whilst You’re on Holiday?

It seems as though we have systematically shut down the argument for taking CBD on any flights due to the risk faced by the person carrying it, unless in extreme circumstances like the case of Charlotte Caldwell. Where she openly smuggled full spectrum CBD oil from Canada into the United Kingdom to help treat her sons sever epileptic fits.

The Best Thing To Do is Plan, Plan and Plan

Plan your destination, look at the availability of CBD oil in your selected destination and see if you can purchase one similar to the one you are already using.

Dose right up until you get out of the car at the airport and throw the container in the bin, this way you will ensure that you get the amount you need for a fixed period of time.

Look for destinations where you can get a similar oil delivered to you and your hotel/apartment/friend’s house. This means that you won’t be stressed trying to find oil in a foreign country and you have done all the research first.

If you are using CBD for a serious medical condition, look at vacations and destinations that don’t have a long flights or lay overs, this way you can take your required dose before you go to the airport and can dose again once you arrive and either purchase or get CBD delivered.

Consider using other transport. Intercontinental trains such as the ones between European countries don’t have the same level of security as domestic flights. Thoroughly research your route and take the appropriate measures.

Reputable CBD Oil Brands

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
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Hemp Bombs


Whilst the rest of the world continues to research the health benefits of CBD oil, legislation is still lagging behind in terms of taking across international borders and territories.

Evaluate all options before you look to take CBD oil with in your luggage and plan your holiday first. There are always ways to ensure that you can get what need, particularly in the USA, Canada and European Union member states.

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  1. I sometimes travel for work and I’ve recently started using CBD oil for my anxiety and panic attacks. Purchasing CBD oil on arrival does seem like a wise decision but what if I need it during the flight? It shouldn’t be an issue if it’s for medical use. Why do they have to make things so complicated?

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