Folium Biosciences Review

Folium Biosciences Review

There are now hundreds of CBD companies out there, both in stores and online, who are trying to make the most of this new wave in the health industry.

There is certainly enough evidence online to prove that CBD is an effective natural remedy for many different health conditions, which is enough of a reason for these companies to sell it as a product.

While this is great news if you like a variety of products to choose from, it’s not so good news when an industry like this is largely unregulated. This means that there are some companies you should avoid altogether.

Let’s give one a review and determine their legitimacy.

Folium Biosciences Review

Purity 0.0
Strength 0.0
Service 4.0
Price 6.0
Consumer Reviews 4.5

A Review of Folium Biosciences

Folium Biosciences has a reasonably big reputation in the states for being one of the biggest manufacturers and producers of CBD. This means that they control and own every step in the production process, from the farming to the extraction method and manufacturing procedure.

While we usually review companies that are on a much smaller scale, we must say that we do admire Folium Bioscience’s ability to have scaled their massive operation while staying on top of quality control. They are also are one of America’s most significant wholesale suppliers.

As you can imagine, there are some influential people behind this CBD company who have deep pockets. From engineers to chemists and clinical researchers, the list is seemingly endless and expansive, which is a testament to their presence in the CBD industry.

Interestingly, Folium Biosciences was one of the first CBD companies to be given the all clear for their growing and manufacturing process of hemp, beginning in 2014. As you can see, they’ve grown in leaps and bounds since then, and now have an almost monopoly on the CBD industry in the states.

Unfortunately, while Folium Biosciences has an extensive range of products that we will detail below, we cannot verify their safety because there are no lab test reports posted online.

While they claim to carry out both internal and external lab testing on all of their products, there’s just no way of us knowing whether this is true or not without verification.

Folium has a broad range of products, which include CBD for pets, balms, tinctures, vapes, softgels, CBD liquid and powder that is water soluble, and of course CBD oil that contains no THC.

Folium Biosciences Alternatives

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to be impressed with a company like Folium Biosciences – they certainly seem to have their operation down to a science – excuse the pun.

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While they appear to be on top of their game and dominating the CBD industry, there are some important things they’ve skipped that we can’t allow to pass us by.

Without substantial evidence that they are lab testing their products, there’s simply no way that we can condone the use of them. You would be at risk of contaminants, and you also have no way of knowing whether they include the correct concentration of CBD or not.

At the end of the day, we have to say that Folium Biosciences is not the company for us, and we recommend you look elsewhere for your product.

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