Green Roads Review

Green Roads Review

CBD oil – you’ve either tried it or heard of it. Either way, it’s incredibly popular right now in the health industry and is considered a great alternative to prescription medication that can often come with harmful side effects.

This is excellent news for anyone who experiences anxiety, depression, insomnia or chronic pain – because now there is a natural alternative that may just actually work. More research is being done every day into the positive effects of CBD oil, and more companies are opening their doors with the hope of making a fortune from selling it.

While this means you’re spoiled for choice, it doesn’t mean you can trust them all. Let’s give one of them a review and determine if they’re worth your time.

Green Roads Review

Purity 4.5
Strength 6.0
Service 7.0
Price 5.0
Consumer Reviews 6.5


  • Established brand
  • Lots of products to choose from


  • Out of date lab tests
  • Lack of evidence for claims

Green Roads: The Details

If you’re looking for a company who has an excellent reputation and a solid list of products, Green Roads seems to be this – on paper, at least. In fact, they proudly state on their website that they’ve had 1,000,000 customers since they first started the company, which is a very bold statement to make.

Their concrete philosophy is ‘there’s always a natural alternative.’ We like what we see here and believe that Green Roads have their morals in line in order to make their successful company even more so. They even boast their incredibly in-depth and detailed lab testing, which impresses us immediately.

However, when you look at this testing a little more closely, you’ll quickly realize that all the CoA’s are out of date or expired. A big part of this industry is keeping on top of lab testing and making sure the customer always has current information, so if that’s where Green Roads is lacking, we’re obliged to be slightly concerned.

We love companies like Green Roads who are determined to provide the public with a legitimate alternative to pharmaceuticals. It’s not easy taking on a giant like this, so we commend them for placing their stake in the market and attempting to do so.

They even claim that their products are infused professionally by a pharmacist who is licensed – another tall order and one that needs concrete evidence to be proved correct.

Because the extent of their range is almost limitless, it’s hard to know how to price their products. They vary greatly, and we could easily get lost on their website finding new products and comparing prices.

With Green Roads you can get terpenes, cannabinoids, concentrates, edibles, capsules, creams, syrups – and the list just goes on. Green Roads believe that they are one of the most profitable CBD oil companies currently on the market, and their boast of 1,000,000 customers is undoubtedly a strong one – if it’s true.

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Green Roads Alternatives

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts

When we first saw the Certificates of Analysis on the Green Roads website, we were very impressed with all the things they’ve thought to test for. In fact, the type of detailed testing that Green Roads implement is actually pretty rare to come across in the industry, so in this regard, they’ve certainly gained our attention.

However, we were saddened to discover that every CoA they feature online is dated 2016, which means they haven’t bothered to do any further testing since. Another reason why we feel a bit wary about Green Roads is their sourcing.

We’re sure they source from someone who has a good reputation, but we just have no way of knowing this because Green Roads haven’t said anything about it on their website.

If you’re a conscious consumer, this type of information is going to be a dealbreaker, and will immediately turn you away from purchasing Green Roads products.

It would appear that this business has a bit of a way to go before they can confidently claim they’re one of the best CBD oil companies currently on the market.

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4 Replies to “Green Roads Review

  1. I’ve been using Green Roads CBD products for years but what I’ve noticed lately is that their quality is definitely going down. I guess it’s something that often happens to established companies that get so big they think they no longer have to worry about losing customers.

  2. I’ve only recently started using cbd for my anxiety so I went with the more popular brands first and was disappointed. The CBD oil that I purchased from Green Roads had a rancid smell to it. I didn’t have the courage to taste it and just tossed the whole bottle into the garbage bin.

  3. It’s quite concerning that they don’t update their lab tests. I had no idea. I don’t think I want to purchase any more of their products. I wasn’t very happy with their customer service as of late anyway so it’s not a big loss. There are plenty of cbd oil brands to choose from.

  4. I am those consumers who really want to get to the bottom of things for peace of mind. I’m not comfortable with the fact they’ve not done further testing since 2016. A lot has happened or may have changed through time, competition in this category is getting harder. I haven’t had any adverse affects with their products yet but I might consider another brand with the way they’re handling things now.

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