Happy Buddha Review

Happy Buddha Review

You may have noticed a surge in popularity in the natural health industry – and it’s here to stay.

While there are many fads that come and go, CBD seems to be so revolutionary that it could very well change the way that we look at natural medicine.

As you can imagine the CBD wave has brought with it a long list of companies, who are also looking to cash in on what’s already becoming an incredibly profitable industry.

While this means that you’ve got your pick to choose from, it also means that there are some companies you should avoid.

Let’s give one a review and decide which camp they belong to.

Happy Buddha Review

Purity 0.0
Strength 0.0
Service 5.5
Price 4.0
Consumer Reviews 6.0

A Review of Happy Buddha

Happy Buddha is one of those companies which is making the most of the relaxed laws in Colorado. For many years now Colorado has been known for as a haven for cannabis users, both medicinally and recreationally.

In fact, Colorado has a high concentration of organic hemp farms, which is appealing to many different American based CBD companies. Happy Buddha hemp put a lot of passion and love into their products, and it definitely shows.

The people behind Happy Buddha are true hippies, having met on a hippie commune. Their dedication to sustainability has led them to start their own CBD oil company with the goal of sharing as much of their product as they can with the people who need it.

North Fork Valley in Colorado is where you’ll find Happy Buddha hemp growing, and this also happens to be the part of Colorado with the highest concentration of organic hemp farms, so there’s a good chance that you’re buying from one of the best.

When it comes to Happy Buddha’s products, they range in price from $7 to $110 and include things like topicals, herb blends, massage oils, and even tinctures. They even use one of the best extraction methods currently out there, which means that they can extract much more than just CBD from the cannabis plant.

This gives them a full spectrum product which includes the ‘entourage’ effect. The ‘entourage’ effect is when multiple cannabinoids are combined to have a much more significant impact on your health.

One thing that we’re pretty disappointed about is that they haven’t included any lab test reports to verify that their products are safe to use.

While this is an unregulated industry, an important industry standard is that all product batches go through a third-party lab company to ensure that they are free from solvents and other dangerous foreign matter. It also makes sure that they are high in CBD and purity.

Happy Buddha Alternatives

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs
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Final Thoughts

Happy Buddha appears to be the kind of company that has a great business model and wants to implement it as best they can. This is why they’ve set up camp in Colorado, a cannabis haven.

They also make sure that all of their hemp is sourced from organic farms so that you don’t have to take CBD with herbicides or pesticides. The biggest thing for us, however, is that they don’t publish any Certificates of Analysis on their website that indicate they’ve lab tested all of their products.

Without this type of information, there’s just no way of us knowing whether they’re safe to use or not, so, for this reason, we have to say that we can’t recommend them as a company.

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