Harmony Review

Harmony Review

The CBD oil industry is a fast-growing one, which is exciting for the mass market. However, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t without its issues, and one of these is that it’s unregulated.

This means that while there are some excellent companies out there who you can trust to manufacture a high-quality product, there are also companies out there that you should bypass and avoid completely.

Without doing your research, it’s hard to know which companies are worth investing in, and which aren’t. Let’s take a look at one company in particular and decide whether they’re trustworthy or not.

Harmony Review

Purity 0.0
Strength 3.0
Service 7.0
Price 6.0
Consumer Reviews 5.5

A Review of Harmony

Harmony is aptly named for their pioneering passion in the CBD oil industry. They appear to be one of the first CBD oil companies to emerge that have a forward-thinking, hard-working team that’s always thinking of the future. They also want to be able to sell their products to as many customers as they can at affordable prices, making them available and accessible to all.

Harmony first started in Europe, a progressive continent where CBD has long been a natural alternative option. Harmony has now expanded its CBD reign and has offices in Prague, London, and even Barcelona. Harmony’s CEO, Antonin Cohen believed that the world was long overdue for quality CBD oil products, and he was going to be the person to bring this.

He has even fronted a non-profit that centers its focus on scientific CBD research. Harmony also prides itself on being a global, diverse company with members from all around the globe.

Harmony sources its hemp from farms in Europe that are organic and non-GMO, in keeping with Europe’s strict policies around hemp cultivation. Once it’s been harvested, it is then put through a CO2 extraction method, which is one of the purest and safest forms of extraction.

Harmony wants to cover all bases which is why it also puts its talents into product distribution and working with other European retailers. They even offer lab services to other businesses in the industry.

We can see from looking at their product line that they’re mostly interested in making CBD vaping products. We like that they don’t include any artificial flavoring in their vape products and that these are affordable as well.

The thing we’re most disappointed about with Harmony is that we couldn’t seem to find any published lab test results. In such an unregulated industry, it’s inherent that companies who want to uphold their reputation publish things like these. It is the best way for them to prove to their customers that their products are safe to consume.

Harmony Alternatives

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Hemp Bombs
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Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Harmony presents itself as an established CBD oil company that has a great business model. They’ve executed this well as far as we can see and achieved their goal of bringing affordable CBD oil products to the mass market.

What we don’t like about them, however, is that they haven’t managed to publish any of their lab reports. This means two things – there’s no way that we can verify the safety of their products, and there’s no way that we can know for sure if they lab test them at all.

For these reasons, unfortunately, we cannot condone this company and suggest you look elsewhere for your CBD oil.

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