Hemp Bombs Review & Coupon

Hemp Bombs Review

You may have noticed that CBD oil is starting to gain traction in the health industry.

More and more companies are popping up and advertising their products, claiming that they can help you with a myriad of health problems. From anxiety and depression to insomnia and back pain, there are many health issues that CBD oil can seemingly help with.

Unfortunately, lots of these companies take the quick road with their products, and fail to pass lab tests and sourcing certifications.

Let’s take review one of these companies and decide whether they pass the test or not.

Hemp Bombs Review

Purity 9.5
Strength 8.5
Service 8.5
Price 7.0
Consumer Reviews 8.0


  • No THC in their products
  • Large products range
  • Non-GMO and certified organic
  • Lots of lab tests available
  • Very high quality


  • It’s not full spectrum (no THC)

Hemp Bombs Coupon

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Hemp Bombs Discount Coupon
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    Hemp Bombs: The Details

    Hemp Bombs have made waves in the CBD oil industry, quickly building themselves an excellent reputation with their wide variety of products. Their website is extensive and incredibly informative – you really get the feeling that they’re prepared to go the extra mile for the customer.

    Hemp Bombs make sure to source their hemp from Europe where it’s non-GMO and certified organic. Their plants are hand-picked and then processed through their business model that aims at having an extremely high level of quality control.

    While Hemp Bombs stick to just putting CBD oil in their products and leaving out THC, they indicate a high level of quality throughout them all, as well as a high level of transparency, too.

    The European farmland where Hemp Bombs source their hemp from is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Each plant is chosen individually based on quality, before being shipped out where it must pass stringent quality control tests.

    The company even employees a number of nutritionists so that they can combine the best natural botanicals with their hemp, ensuring a product that has your health in mind above all else.

    For some people, the reality that Hemp Bombs doesn’t include any THC in their products may be off-putting. It certainly limits them a little when it comes to how much of the market they can have reign over.

    It is nice to find a company whose wide variety of products also extends into including THC – but sometimes you can’t have everything, and they certainly tick all the other boxes.

    Hemp Bombs is transparent to the point that they fully disclose that there is a risk of their products being not entirely vegan or non-GMO. This is because while they put each product through rigorous testing, some ingredients that aren’t sourced organically may contain non-organic elements. However, the fact that they are prepared to admit this upfront is enough for us to still have all of our trust in them.

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    The biggest reason why we love Hemp Bombs is that they are so upfront and honest with the customer. Not only are all of their lab tests results available on their website for the customer to take a look at, but they also freely admit when their tests don’t go so well, and they fall short of the mark. This shows integrity and a willingness to learn from their mistakes and move forward.

    Not only are they honest, but they also love giving back, too. If you’re a veteran or on active duty, Hemp Bombs will give you a 15% discount that lasts a lifetime.

    Not only this, but dependents and spouses also receive the benefits of the discount. They feel convicted about people who have PTSD having as much access to their products as they can, which is something we can certainly get behind and support.

    When it comes to the range of products, it’s vast. Hemp Bombs seem to have everything available, from tinctures, capsules and vaping liquid to a topical, pet care and relaxing syrup.

    In fact, they’ve even made a beard oil out of their CBD, which is why we consider them to be a particularly innovative company. They have even brought out a line of apparel. It’s clear that this company wants world domination, and we certainly aren’t going to stop them.

    Top Brands Compared

    Good news! Hemp Bombs is featured on our list of top CBD companies.

    Verma Farms
    Royal CBD
    Absolute Nature
    NuLeaf Naturals
    Hemp Bombs

    Final Thoughts

    Hemp Bombs is an excellent CBD oil company that cares about their customers and only wants to provide you with the best products. They make sure that all of their hemp is sourced organically, and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its quality.

    With every lab test featured on their website, it’s clear that this is an honest, upfront CBD oil brand that’s only trying to do right by the people that purchase their products. Keep in mind that as a company they’re not full spectrum.

    However, if you’re someone who is looking for a great range of CBD oil products that don’t contain any THC, you’ve come to the right place with Hemp Bombs.

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    5 Replies to “Hemp Bombs Review & Coupon

    1. This is probably my favorite CBD brand. Hemp Bombs have got an excellent assortment of products. I have been a faithful client for nearly a year now and I still haven’t tried out all of their products. Their customer service is great as well. Haven’t had a single issue with them yet.

    2. Their CBD pain rub is the absolute best. I apply the tiniest bit to my temples when I feel a migraine oncoming and it almost instantly eases the pain and tension. My father also uses it for his arthritis. Hemp Bombs is an amazing brand. Great products at fair prices.

    3. Hemp Bombs have got a ton of awesome CBD products. I’ve been using their CBD oil for about a year now. Great for pain and fatigue. It’s my first aid whenever I have insomnia. I sometimes order their edibles as well because they offer some really cool cbd products.

    4. My husband and I love Hemp Bombs cbd products. I’m personally a big fan of their cbd lollipops. I think that it’s a fun way to get your daily dose of cbd. I always have a few in my purse just in case I need them for an oncoming panic attack.

    5. While I don’t really care about my CBD oil being non-GMO it’s important for it to be pure and high-quality. I was able to find this with Hemp Bombs CBD oil. The great range of their products is definitely a plus as well. I’m their regular customer!

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