Hemp Health Technologies Review

Hemp Health Technologies Review

If you don’t already know, the CBD oil industry is making waves as an effective natural alternative to conventional medicine. From anxiety to pain relief, there’s a lot of ways that CBD oil can help you.

However, the industry boom has inevitably led to many people trying to cash in and take a slice of the pie for themselves. This means that there are now hundreds, if not thousands, of companies out there who claim to sell high-quality, pure CBD oil. For many of them, this is not the case.

Let’s review one of these companies in particular and decide whether they’re doing the right thing or not.

Hemp Health Technologies Review

Purity 2.0
Strength 3.0
Service 1.5
Price 2.0
Consumer Reviews 2.5


  • Manufactured in an FDA lab


  • No lab tests
  • Lots of unsubstantiated claims
  • Poor reviews

Hemp Health Technologies: What is It?


Hemp Health Technologies is a company based in San Diego, California. One of the products they’re better known for is their organic tincture CBD oil product. This will set you back $55. While they are now based in San Diego, they claim to originally be from South Georgia where they ran a brick and mortar for their business.

Like many other companies similar to this one, Hemp Health Technologies claim that their products are organic. This issue within this particular industry is that because this aspect isn’t regulated, there’s no concrete proof that their products are organic.

In saying this, though, there is a feature of this company that makes them stand out, and that is their FDA regulated lab. It is also GMP certified, which indicates to a certain extent that they take their business and the product they produce seriously.

As with many of these companies, however, Hemp Health Technologies can’t help themselves when making somewhat outlandish claims about their products. They go as far as to say that the content of their CBD oils are between 15-20%, but when placed under the tongue to warm up, can increase to as much as 35%.

This is, simply put, wrong. There’s no way that the actual concentration of CBD can be altered by having contact with the body. What is correct which they could talk about is absorption may increase by placing this product under the tongue. Not the concentration, though.

If You Purchase Hemp Health Technologies, You Take a Risk

If you’re still determined to give Hemp Health Technologies a chance, you could end up being disappointed. Because they don’t offer any lab results for their customers to see, there is no way of knowing whether they’re organic or not, let alone whether they’re safe for consumption.

As well as being confused by the concentration increase in their product, Hemp Health Technologies also attempt to cross your wires between the total amount of CBD oil and its concentration.

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They do this by stating on their website that their CBD oil has 39 grams of tincture. However, this is the total concentration of the product, so you’re left in the dark about the tincture concentration.

Hemp Health Technologies Alternatives

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you have to decide whether it’s wise to team up with a company who can’t get their facts straight.

Hemp Health Technologies aren’t even able to share facts and evidence with potential customers, which should raise a red flag regarding their conduct as a company.

We would advise that you seek out more substantiated evidence behind your CBD oil products, especially when it comes to the health of your body.

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  1. My mom had a bottle of tincture from Hemp Health Technologies. No idea where she purchased it from as I’ve never even heard of this brand. One whiff of that tincture put me off from trying it. I have no idea what they put in there but it smelled nasty. And my mom only tried it once and never used it again.

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