Hemp Meds Review

Hemp Meds Review

The CBD oil industry has taken off, which means you’ve got a seemingly endless amount of choice out there. Not only is CBD oil being sold as an oil, but it also comes in a capsule, a vape oil, a balm, and even an edible.

The list goes on, which means that you can pick and choose based on your personal preferences. With all these different CBD oil niches, it’s no surprise that there are hundreds of companies making hay while the sun shines.

This is great news for you because you can shop around, but it’s also bad news, too. This is because some of these companies are selling sub-par products that you want nothing to do with.

Let’s give one of them a review and decide whether they’re worth trying or not.

Hemp Meds Review

Purity 2.0
Strength 2.5
Service 6.0
Price 6.5
Consumer Reviews 5.5


  • Huge product range


  • No lab tests
  • Cannot guarantee safety

Hemp Meds: The Details

Hemp Meds seem to be making it a bit ahead of the pack. If you’re one of the first companies to get through the doors of an entirely new industry, you’re going to have some advantages.

The first is that you get to build your loyal customer base before anyone else and because you’re one of the only ones selling your product, the demand is high and availability low.

However, in some cases, a large customer base isn’t enough to prove that a company is trustworthy, and Hemp Meds is an excellent example of this.

We would describe Hemp Meds as more of an umbrella brand because they’ve teamed up with some other staple companies of the CBD oil industry to make an even bigger profit. Some of these include Dixie Botanicals, Cibaderm, Cibdex, and Real Scientific Hemp Oil.

While they seem to be putting a lot of effort into marketing their status as a CBD oil company with their affiliations, it appears that they’ve left out a crucial part of doing business – their lab test results.

In fact, we couldn’t find anywhere on their website evidence of lab testing, which is usually in the form of a Certificate of Analysis. Brands with good reputations make sure to have one of these for each product their produce, and they continue to update them as they make more batches of this product. Without it, it’s difficult for us to recommend them and their products.

As we’ve mentioned, Hemp Meds was one of the first CBD oil companies to start making a product like this, which does make them pioneers in this still incredibly new niche.

There are a couple of reasons why we’re so concerned about the lack of lab test reports – one we’ve already mentioned, and the above being that a company like Hemp Meds are role models of the industry. They pave the way for those that will come after them, so to see negligence of this level is particularly disappointing.

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They cover a whole host of CBD products produced, as we mentioned, by many different CBD oil companies. You’ll find a whole range on their website that caters to all different types of budgets. Their price range begins at $19 and goes all the way up to $1546.

Like we’ve mentioned, Hemp Meds sells anything and everything you can imagine that’s related to CBD oil, from tinctures and isolates to body care products and even salves. There’s not a lot you can’t get from Hemp Meds, quickly making them a cornerstone of the CBD oil world.

Hemp Meds Alternatives

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, we’re easily convinced by a company like Hemp Meds if everything has been ticked off the list. Unfortunately, though, it hasn’t which means we have no way of telling you whether their products are safe to consume or not.

Lab testing your products ensures the purity and potency of them and also guarantees that you won’t find any solvents or heavy metals in there, either. Because there’s no evidence of this, Hemp Meds can’t promise any of this, which means you can’t trust them.

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