Follow Adder Review: How I got 5000 Instagram Followers in 6 Weeks

Follow Adder Review: How I got 5000 Instagram Followers in 6 Weeks

I thought it would take me longer to get this many.

When I first started using Instagram for this website, I didn’t think I would be able to do as well as I have. I literally had about 19 followers in the first month, most of which were my family and friends!

I was a small fish in a big pond and not even sure where to start when thinking about engaging with other people and getting them to check out my posts.

I felt that what I put up was worth having a look at, but I didn’t realize it would get this popular.

It’s been amazing being able to build my brand online through a social media site like Instagram and know that the people visiting my page are coming because they like what they say, not just because they want me to follow them back.

This is all because of Follow Adder. Before Follow Adder I struggled to attract potential clients and even people to just like my posts and flick me a comment letting me know that my stuff was good.

What is Follow Adder?

Follow Adder is an Instagram bot. What this means is that this software builds up your Instagram, and together you create the page and brand that you’ve always wanted. They say that it is organic because the people that follow and like your stuff are real – not spam or people that just want you to check out their page.

Follow Adder is a piece of software that goes on your computer.

Their developers know everything there is to know about what it takes to build a successful Instagram brand page – they have learned it all through their jobs which makes them experts on this.

When you first sign up with Follow Adder, you will get a license key. Then you set up the software and tell it what sort of people to interact with, and it does the rest for you!

Another thing that’s great about Follow Adder is that you can see a live report with stats anytime you want.

This report gives you a summary of the work they’ve done on your behalf that week – where they’ve searched for potential followers, who they’ve interacted with, which hashtags have done the best and which haven’t done so well.

This is so you can see what your money is going into and how it’s being spent. They’re entirely transparent about the work they do on your behalf.

How It Helps This Blog Grow

Because they only focus on people who they are sure will be interested in visiting your page and checking out your brand, they know you have a high chance of gaining more followers.

This is precisely how my follower count starting growing fast – because they did a better job of engaging with people I wanted to find than I ever could. Because of this, I now have more than 5000 Instagram followers.

The best part of this is that they’re all real people, most of whom end up clicking through to my website and reading my content.

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Why It’s a Good Alternative to Instagress and Other Instagram Bots

Instagress was a popular bot that closed down last year – since then people have been looking for replacements. Well, in my humble opinion, Follow Adder is an excellent alternative to Instagress and other Instagram bots, too.

Instagram tends to have pretty strict guidelines when it comes to what kind of companies you can use outside of yourself for activities like engagement, so it’s great to find a piece of software like this.

I’ve heard a lot about other bots like Instato, & Jarvee, which all seem popular – and to be honest, they seem okay, they do appear to work… but they don’t necessarily find genuine followers for you.

They might just check out your account in the hopes that they get a follow back. With Follow Adder, you’ll get followers who won’t unfollow you if you don’t return the engagement.

My Follow Adder Results

Everyone knows that Instagram growth isn’t easy.

Follow Adder was the best move I made for my Instagram account. Because I knew I was against some big competition, I knew it would take me all day to perform the kind of engagement required to get as many followers as I needed.

The only faster way I know of getting 5000 followers is to buy an account with 5000+ followers from Social Tradia.

Now I’ve got software that does this work on my behalf so that I can focus on other important aspects of my Instagram brand and business. It’s a great way to get followers without having to wait years for your page to build momentum.

If I can get 5000 followers in 6 weeks, you can too – but obviously, your results may vary depending on your niche and account.

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