How To Effectively Fight Back Against A Bloating Body

Bloating Body

If you’re in the throes of a taxing fitness regime, then the last thing you might want is to experience any bouts of bloating. 

Not only can it compromise an otherwise ‘shredded’ look, but bloating can also be a sign of other health problems that require your attention. Obviously, this all may then undermine the health-focused life goals you’re trying to fulfil so it’s important the issue is addressed at the earliest opportunity. 

Fortunately, there’re strategies to help combat the presence of bloating. We’ve listed what they are for you after the jump. 

Identify Food Intolerances


Food intolerances can undo much of your good work in making your body a temple of zen. 

This is because the symptoms of food intolerance can be frustratingly humiliating, including excessive flatulence, skin rashes, diarrhoea, and yes, bloating, according to the NHS. They also specify these effects can occur mere hours after eating the offending foods, so it’s important to identify which elements of your diet are causing you problems. That way, there’ll be fewer awkward moments when you’re out in public… 

Obviously, the problem here is that all the symptoms highlighted above aren’t exclusive to food intolerance, even in conjunction with one another. To be certain that the bloating is caused by your diet, food intolerance tests curtesy of Check My Body Health could give you some valuable insight into where you stand. All it takes is a quick fingerprint blood test, and your consumption of wheat, gluten, meat, and anything else will be thoroughly analysed to see what the culprit is. Order your kit online and it’ll be delivered to your door. Answers should hopefully follow soon after. 

Increase Your Intake of Fibre 

Intake of Fibre

As you phase some foods out, it’s essential that you phase others in – namely those that’re full of fibre. 

Consult a comprehensive list of fibre rich foods to hit the ground running here. Beginning your day with high fibre breakfast cereals, snacking with fruits and vegetable sticks, and consuming wholegrain pastas and breads are just some of the measures you can take to reduce your bloated look or feeling. 

If you live in a household where other people’s preferred foods are constantly tempting you, then it might be worth sharing your objectives with those around you. Perhaps they’d be willing to prepare especially tasty meals for to compliment your fibre diet? At the very least they may offer occasional comments and encouragement, so communicate your new dietary plans with the family or friends that you live for optimum support too. 

Hydrate Yourself Properly


It’s not all just about food either, as drinks play their part in fighting off bloat also.  

When you increase your fibre intake, you should also offset that initiative by drinking plenty of water. This is the important advice a dietitian gave in 2014, who stated that “to help any initial bloating that may be associated with an increased consumption of dietary fibre, ensure you keep hydrated with plenty of water”. Otherwise, your efforts in eliminating the bloat may ironically put more bloat on you. 

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Drinking water shouldn’t just be done when doubling down on your fibre consumption either. Other sources recommend drinking at least 1.5 litres of water every day and to cut down on less healthy drinks like fizzy, caffeinate, and alcoholic drinks. This should keep your keep your system lucid and moving, warding off any hints of bloating for a long-term period. 

Reduce Food Consumption

Reduce Food Consumption

Simple, but effective, consuming less food should help decrease the likelihood of your bloating. 

Of course, there’s always that temptation to eat beyond your true means. It might be that your favourite meal tastes particularly delicious, and that it may feel like sacrilege to leave any type of leftovers. However, leave leftovers you must, because not only will you put on weight overtime as you overeat, but you’ll also bloat as you push your stomach capacity to its limits too. 

Some foods are more prone to causing bloating too such as beans, onions, cabbage, sprouts, and cauliflower. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should eliminate vegetables from your diet, but only that you switch around what you consume every so often. 

If you do to tend to eat overlarge portions or have difficult knowing when to stop snacking, burning off the blubber with a long and rigorous walk may help. Additionally, a few choice yoga poses might help you stay nice and limber too, instead of feeling overstuffed. Ultimately, so long as you practice at least some measure of self-control, bloating can quite quickly be mitigated. 


Because there isn’t just one true fix to reversing a bloated body, instead approach this as a process that may require some degree of self-monitoring overtime. Be patient as you fine tune your diet and educate yourself on what foods your body is intolerant to, and you should eventually be in a much better position to avoid feeling bloated ever again. 

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