Joy Organics Review

Joy Organics Review

There are a lot of reasons to try CBD these days. The natural alternative to prescription medication has been getting more and more popular, especially among patients who are sick of being on conventional drugs.

Having a natural treatment that’s not only effective but comes with minimal side effects is something the health industry is always looking for, but rarely finds.

This is why CBD is such a game changer. There is a lot of evidence online these days that points to CBD being a legitimate alternative to what’s currently on the market, and it can help with many different health issues.

There are also a lot of companies now selling it, which is both a good and bad thing. Let’s review one and see if their products are worth you trying or not.

Joy Organics Review

Purity 6.0
Strength 6.0
Service 5.0
Price 4.5
Consumer Reviews 7.0

A Review of Joy Organics

Joy Organics believe that both purity and bioavailability are important in the world of CBD, which is why they hold themselves to these standards within their business and their products.

This is one of those companies that actually started because the owner couldn’t find any decent CBD products on the market, so decided to make their own. All of their plant materials are sourced from U.S. farms, and they even donate a percentage of their profits to charities and organizations, which we love.

As you may have picked up in the title, the name of the person behind this CBD company is Joy. She makes sure that all of their hemp is sourced from farms in Colorado and grown according to strict organic regulation. They also employ hemp experts as well as formulators and scientists to help with the process from seed to shelf.

Joy Organics use an ethanol method of extraction, which isn’t our favorite. We prefer it when companies use a CO2 method of extraction – it’s the purest and most efficient way to extract CBD from the cannabis plant, so we can’t say that we’re not disappointed with their extraction method choice.

This CBD company is also vying for a place on the innovative scale with their water-soluble technology that they use with their salve and softgels. Through this technology, they make each drop of CBD two hundred times smaller than normal, which enables it to be absorbed through water-based products. Ultimately, as the customer, you don’t have to take as much CBD to experience the full effects.

Joy Organics also test their products at multiple different stages in the production process internally. They only send them out to third-party labs once a month, which we don’t like too much. We don’t really see the point of in-house testing – it’s biased, and it’s not going to determine too much for the customer.

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It’s much better to get lab tests done by an unbiased third party that you know is going to be honest about the results. Needless to say, we’re less impressed with this part of things.

With the Joy Organics product line, you get things like tinctures, softgels, salve, and a vape pen that is forthcoming. They even have CBD pet treats in the form of dog treats and pet-friendly tinctures.

Joy Organics Alternatives

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Hemp Bombs

Scam or Legit; Final Thoughts

It’s clear to see that Joy Organics have a strong business ethic and are passionate about sharing the CBD love with as many as they can.

While they do have their ducks in a row when it comes to many aspects of their business, there are some areas that they have fallen short.

We don’t like that they use an ethanol extraction method to get their CBD – we would prefer it if they used CO2 instead. We also don’t like that they test all of their products in-house regularly while only sending them out once a month to a third party.

Both of these areas a big when it comes to ticking the right boxes, which means we don’t think that they’re the kind of CBD company we can get on board with.

Instead, we suggest that you take a look elsewhere for your regular CBD dose.

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  1. Skeptical. Your ad is “Over the Hill.” Beautiful girl with BOTH parents in crucial pain.
    Perhaps they should check in with a good Doctor.

  2. Sure, I’ll give it a try. However, I have no pain to treat. Because of my age I’m very
    Forgetful with names. I’d like to experience what Shawn Hannity experimented. If I get
    The same results, then I’ll order more. How do I order…..a phone call? O.K. Give me a
    Jingle. 9:00 a.m.
    thank you. Have a sparkling day. Tom

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