Kannaway Review

Kannaway Review

The rise of CBD oil has led to the rise of companies selling CBD oil. Because it’s such a new product to hit the market, there’s also the obvious opportunity to invest in such a new industry.

This is why there are many companies out there who are also offering their consumers the chance to become an affiliate and make money from selling more of their product.

While this sounds like a fantastic chance to be successful online, you’ve got to watch out for the ones that aren’t as they seem. They’re going to tell you what you want to hear to ultimately make money for themselves.

Let’s review an affiliate company, their product and whether you should trust them or not.

Kannaway Review

Purity 5.5
Strength 6.5
Service 4.0
Price 0.0
Consumer Reviews 2.5


  • Lots of products to choose from


  • Extremely expensive
  • Average reviews from consumers

Kannaway: Overview

Kannaway is what you would call a multi-level marketing company or MLM. This company first made an appearance in 2014 with Christopher Hussey as the current CTO and Jeff Rogers as the CEO.

Kannaway is a CBD oil company, which means they want to make their millions from selling hemp-related products and jump on the bandwagon of the latest trend in the health industry – CBD oil.

Kannaway Product Line

You may actually be initially impressed by the range that Kannaway has put out there. In fact, it’s so extensive that we’re not going to be able to cover it all in-depth in this review.

What’s most important is their main product, which is of course hemp and their CBD oil. Of course, we know that you can make many different products out of hemp, from CBD oil caps and capsules to topical creams and even chocolate energy bars. Needless to say that Kannaway has thought of it all, which of course helps them reach into every corner of the market.

Kannaway Starter Pack

When you sign up for an affiliate program with a company like Kannaway, one of the first things you’re required to do is pay for a starter pack. You can’t get too far with a company and their products without trying them for yourself, so it makes sense to plug the products to the affiliates first – this way, you can genuinely recommend them to others from first-hand experience.

However, what we’re surprised to see is the price tag that comes with their starter pack – an incredible $262.50. This is a lot of money to initially invest in a product and a company that you know little to nothing about.

Looking at reviews online, it seems that customers have rated their CBD oil a 2.9 out of 5, which isn’t the worst – but it also isn’t the best, either. While some people said that they experienced benefits from it, others also said that it didn’t make a difference at all.

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Getting Started With Kannaway

So, what does Kannaway expect you to do to become one of their affiliates? Well, along with the starter pack, they’re also looking for you to pay a monthly brand ambassador fee of $29.99, along with a monthly minimum spent on their products.

Typically, like other affiliate companies, you’ll also get company support for being an affiliate that includes things like promotional material, training, a quick start guide, and customer support.

The way you earn money is through their compensation plan. How much you make with Kannaway depends on how much you sell yourself, how many people you recruit to sell underneath you and how much they sell as a result.

Ultimately, your earnings come from commission, so unless you and who is underneath you are doing well, you’re not going to get too much out of being an affiliate.

Why You Don’t Want to Affiliate with Kannaway

With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at why you don’t want to affiliate with Kannaway:

You’re Only Earning Through Those Commissions

Because the only way you can earn from Kannaway is through your commissions, this forces you to put even more work in for them if you want to make more.

While this doesn’t sound too bad, wait until you hear this – most other MLM companies will pay you each time you recruit someone else underneath you, as well as the sales that you make. However, Kannaway doesn’t.

Kannaway Products Are Expensive

As well as their starter pack being an eye-watering $262.50, they’ve also got some other pretty expensive products in their range. These include their Humulus Oil at $187.99 and their oil oral applicator for a whopping $440.99.

It’s hard for us to wrap our head around prices like these. Even the average price of a Kannaway product is sitting at $180.00. Compare this to a number of CBD oil products you can find on this website with great ratings, and you’ll find that the average cost of CBD oil from most other companies is going to fall well below $100.

As a brand ambassador, how on earth are you supposed to be able to compete with that kind of pricing and convince people to buy from Kannaway instead?

Incredibly Low Income Potential

While 30% commission sounds pretty good, the reality is that you’ll need to sell a whole lot of product just to make a decent income. From one $200 kit you’re going to get $60, which doesn’t sound too bad – but how long do you think it would take you to sell that kit? When time is money, it’s not going to be worth it.

Even if you managed to sell one kit per day – which would be a hustle – you would only be earning the American minimum wage, which is sitting at $7.25. For most people, this type of compensation plan just isn’t going to be worth their time.

Kannaway Alternatives

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs
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Final Thoughts

Kannaway looks like a legitimate company with a reasonable affiliate program. However, as soon as you get a little closer and start to do your research, you realize that they’re anything but.

The first red flag is their unreasonably priced starter kit, not to mention the average cost of their products. The second red flag is their compensation plan. Even if you’re the best salesperson in the world, you’re not going to hit six figures with them anytime soon.

What’s more, it doesn’t take too much to go online and find the abysmal reviews people have left about their CBD oil. At the end of the day, Kannaway is the type of company who only have themselves in mind, and are hoping that they can recruit vulnerable customers who can sell more of their product for them.

For these reasons, we can’t recommend their CBD oil or their affiliate program and suggest you opt for something that’s going to guarantee a little more financial security.

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4 Replies to “Kannaway Review

  1. I was a Kannaway affiliate some time ago and it felt like I was paying the company more than I was earning. I didn’t really expect it to get this way because I like their products. But getting other people interested in their cbd products turned out to be quite a problem.

  2. I had a friend who was involved with this company and since I wanted to support him I ordered a couple of products. They were a lot more expensive than the cbd oil that I usually get online. I can’t say much about the quality. It wasn’t completely terrible but definitely not worth the money that I paid for it.

  3. Pricing is outrageous. I’m not a fan of MLM schemes but I would honestly say there are better MLM companies out there, compensation is really poor as you’ve pointed out. Unfortunately my friend bit the bait and found himself at a loss especially when he’s more at the bottom at the top. Coupled with a pricey starter kit, he hasn’t benefited from such investment of money yet.

  4. A friend of mine suggested I join Kannaway and become an affiliate. At the time I didn’t have a steady job and had a lot of free time. I also like trying out different cbd products so I decided to give it a try. The moment I saw the price of the starter kit and their over the top fees I noped out of it and never looked back. It’s not worth it, man.

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