Medihemp Review

Medihemp Review

CBD is now being used to help with all kinds of different health conditions – even though the FDA has only officially approved it for epilepsy.

It won’t take you long to go online and find substantial evidence to suggest that CBD can help with a lot more than just this health condition.

There are also thousands of testimonies out there as well that support this theory. CBD is a great alternative to harmful prescription medication, but it does come with a price – a largely unregulated industry.

What this means is that there are companies out there who you shouldn’t buy from, because their product isn’t quality.

Let’s give one a review and decide whether you should buy their product or not.

Medihemp Review

Purity 0.0
Strength 2.0
Service 3.5
Price 5.5
Consumer Reviews 4.5

A Review of Medihemp

Medihemp is a CBD oil company to come out of Austria, and they love the idea of sustainability that they’ve created a whole brand around it.

Their extensive range of CBD products makes sure that they use every bit of the plant that they can, which means you can buy things like teas and oils to building materials and even textiles. They even back up their claim that their products are entirely organic, which is rare in this mainly unregulated industry.

One thing that we find particularly endearing about this CBD oil company is their commitment to sustainability. They talk about how important it is to use every bit of the plant – the more you use, the more sustainable your practices are.

They claim that their hemp material is hand-picked and that they turn the leaves in herbal blends and teas. They also talk about using the seeds as well to make products like oils, protein and even healthy snacks.

We are actually surprisingly impressed at the level these guys have gone to make sure that their products are high quality and what you want as the customer.

They even encourage their customers to think long and hard about every purchase they make – especially when it comes to where the product comes from and how it’s made. This is the type of company we want to be out there, sharing the good news.

One thing that’s disappointing is that Medihemp’s products are only available in Europe, so if you live in America, you’re out of luck. Another thing that we’re not too impressed with is that they don’t have any proof of third-party lab testing their products.

This is an essential part of running a company like this – without it, there’s no way of guaranteeing to the customer that your products are safe to use.

Medihemp Alternatives

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs
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Final Thoughts

We love the business ethos that Medihemp carries with them – they seem to put this into everything they do. They’re passionate about their products and about making them as sustainably as they can.

This is all great stuff, which makes it tempting to get behind them and support what they’re doing. However, it’s hard for us to do so because we couldn’t find any lab test reports on their website.

Without having any idea of the purity and potency of their products, there’s just no way that we can recommend them as a CBD oil company.

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