Top 4 Most Common Misconceptions About Laser Tattoo Removal

If you’re now regretting that decision you made years ago to get a tattoo, then don’t worry as laser tattoo removal is now available as one of the safest and most reliable options for tattoo removal. 

Lots of us will find ourselves in this position as we grow older, and our interests and our bodies change. Laser tattoo removal is a common choice for many individuals who no longer want tattoos on their body. This article covers some of the most common misconceptions about this treatment. 

Tattoos Removed By Laser Disappear Instantly

Perhaps owing to the nature of getting a tattoo, many individuals considering tattoo removal expect a one-and-done service which is simply not the case.

Those of you wondering how long after laser tattoo removal will your tattoo fade need to consider a series of factors first, including;

  • The age of the tattoo
  • The complexity of the tattoo
  • The colors your tattoo contains

Whether your tattoo was performed professionally or by an amateur, These are the main considerations, which can be generally summed up in the sense that; Older tattoos tend to be far easier to remove than new pieces.

More intricacy and more colors require more sessions than simple monochrome tattoos Professionally drawn pieces using modern tattoo guns and ink will take longer than amateur-grade work.

There are other factors at play, too, and in greater depth, we could explore these topics (such as your skin tone, how your skin reacted to being tattooed, and why older ink is easier to remove – but there is time for that later).

For the best answer to how long it takes for your tattoo to fade after treatment, book yourself a free consultation and we can pin down the most likely timeframe for you.

Laser Tattoo Removal Isn’t Permanent 

This is one of the most common misleading beliefs about laser tattoo removal. Tattoos are considered permanent due to the ink injected deep into the dermis (second layer of our skin).

The ink remains here until our body’s natural immunity tries to disperse the pigment particles. Tattoos often fade over time as a result.

Through laser treatment, we facilitate this process by using lasers to penetrate the skin and break up the ink into tiny particles (all while minimizing any surrounding tissue damage).

With repeat treatments, we are simply helping the body along, making it easier for those natural immunities to flush out the foreign pigment and restore your skin’s natural state, permanently. 

All Tattoos Are Easy To Remove

This simply isn’t true. There are many different factors that impact the ease of tattoo removal. Black pigments and older tattoos are easier to remove. Colorful and modern-day tattoos are a lot more challenging. 

Anyone Can Be Suitable For Laser Tattoo Removal 

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to receive laser tattoo removal. If your skin reacted badly to getting the tattoo in the first place, this is a red flag for laser tattoo removal since it’s a sign that it might not be good for you.

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For example, in extreme cases for the broken-down pigment to enter the lymph nodes, causing a systemic reaction throughout the body which puts patients at risk of life-threatening anaphylaxis shock.

Those with allergies might not be suitable, along with those of darker natural skin tones (since tattoo removal lasers target the melanin in the skin, which is found in reduced levels for darker-skinned individuals).

Other Removal Methods Are Better 

There are other ways that tattoos can be removed from the skin – but most of them are unsafe and can be quite dangerous. When it comes to getting rid of your tattoo through the process of laser removal, you can be sure that this is the gold-standard way to go about it.

One of the most common alternatives that people consider is tattoo removal cream – if tattoos could be removed with the power of cream, there’d be no need for a laser option! It’s safe to say, these removal creams will not give you the results that you’re hoping for and could actually end up doing more harm than good. 

If you’ve heard about any other ways of removing your unwanted tattoos, like dermabrasion, or surgery, you should steer clear.

Although laser treatments take time and a little bit of money, they are well worth it, and most of all, choosing laser removal means you won’t be putting your health at risk with a method that is not tried and tested and could end up with damaging consequences. 

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