Ojai Energetics Reviews 2024

Ojai Energetics Review

If you’re someone that’s excited about the prospect of having access to CBD oil, then you’re going to want to know as much as possible about the companies who are selling it. The trouble is, there are quite a few of them – hundreds, if not thousands, in fact.

While on one side this means that you have a large choice of products, it also means that there are going to be companies who shouldn’t be selling anything, let alone a medicinal remedy.

This is why we’re here, though – to give these companies a review and decide whether they can be trusted with your money or not.

Let’s review Ojai Energetics and determine whether you should be buying CBD from them.

Ojai Energetics Review

Purity 9.0
Strength 4.0
Service 7.5
Price 5.0
Consumer Reviews 7.0

A Review of Ojai Energetics

If you’re someone who likes a company that’s not only organic with its ingredients but is also charitable and conscious of the environment, then you’re going to like Ojai. They are even innovative, so at this point, it’s difficult to knock anything they do.

In fact, this CBD company is the first to extract CBD for their water-soluble products without using synthetic ingredients, which we think is pretty impressive.

Will Kleidon is the founder of Ojai, and he started this company out of necessity. Back in 2014, he couldn’t find any CBD products that were natural and didn’t contain anything synthetic – not to mention were organic. As a result, Ojai was born, and they really care about what it takes to make their products.

Ojai sources their hemp from Colorado and the farms that they are associated with are non-GMO. They also have an assistance program which means that families who otherwise can’t afford CBD can afford it. They also use a CO2 extraction method and even package their products in eco-friendly packaging.

We like that Ojai makes the most of traditional practices while combining them with modern ones so that they’re producing the best product that they can. As we mentioned, they are the first company to extract CBD for their water-soluble products without the use of synthetics, so this is definitely something to be proud of because it’s not easy to achieve.

While there are a lot of CBD companies out there that try to cover it all when it comes to their products, Ojai doesn’t, and this is why we like them. They keep it simple and only have products like CBD oil and tinctures, as well as water-soluble CBD of course. They also have a sports gel and topicals too, covering all the basics.

Ojai Energetics Alternatives

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs
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Scam or Legit; Final Review Verdict

It’s clear from our review to see that Ojai Energetics is the type of company that is truly passionate about what it does.

It doesn’t cut corners to make more of a profit and is much more interested in the quality of the product so that the consumer can feel like they’re using something that’s going to be effective.

Ojai Energetics Reviews from Users

Please read the comments below for user reviews or leave your own review if you have used the product.

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3 Replies to “Ojai Energetics Reviews 2024

  1. So which CBD oil or water soluble products do you recommend? I assume they are products which have been tested and get into the system with full potency, before being destroyed by the bodies defenses or digestive process? Thanks, Michael in Boston, MA

  2. As a successful user of various CBD tinctures from reputable manufacturers, I really wanted to like OJAI’s water soluble idea. Therefore I placed my order, but my experience has not been positive. When OJAI’s product arrived, I found the taste unpalatable. After trying to use the CBD four times, I emailed the company (no response). I returned the unused product at my expense asking for a refund (no response) with return receipt so I know the package was received. As the company has made no attempt to contact me -> I must say OJAI is a scam and I advise potential CBD buyers to shop elsewhere.

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