Prime Sunshine Review

Prime Sunshine Review

There’s a lot to be said for CBD these days. It wasn’t that long ago that nobody knew what CBD was – now, it appears to be more popular than THC.

THC is the original cannabinoid in the cannabis plant that is responsible for getting you high, and for a long time has been the most we’ve known about cannabis.

However, there are actually numerous different cannabinoids in this plant, including CBD – which comes with all the health properties of THC, just without the psychoactive effects.

This is why it’s beginning to gain traction in the natural health industry and with medical professionals as a viable alternative to prescription medication.

As you can imagine, then, there are quite a few companies out there now trying to make the most of this newfound natural product.

While we can recommend quite a few companies, there are some that we have to tell you to avoid. Let’s review one.

Prime Sunshine Review

Purity 7.0
Strength 6.0
Service 4.0
Price 5.0
Consumer Reviews 4.0

A Review of Prime Sunshine

Prime Sunshine is the kind of CBD company that believes in nature as a powerful healer. The owner of Prime Sunshine has had personal experience with illness and taking both conventional and alternative medicine for it, which is why this company comes across as knowledgeable on the subject.

The person behind this CBD company suffered from a long list of health issues that were both physical and psychological. She tried CBD out as a possible treatment but found that the European isolate products she bought just weren’t effective or helpful.

As a result, she built Prime Sunshine from the ground up, with the purpose of creating a high-quality CBD product that can help not only her health conditions but health conditions suffered by other people as well.

Prime Sunshine is all about producing powerful, quality products so that the results are long-lasting, effective, and robust. Prime Sunshine get all of their hemp from sustainable farms in Kentucky, which are regulated by the Hemp Research Institute Campus.

In fact, the plants that she uses for her products are also used for research by scientists and professors. Prime Sunshine only put the flowers and buds through their CO2 extraction method so that more flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes come out the other side. Prime Sunshine oversees all aspects of the production process, so you know that everything is being done carefully and thoroughly.

Their product line is thoughtful, well rounded, and pretty extensive, spanning most categories that you would find in the CBD industry. You can get oils, pain relief cream, capsules, tinctures, pet products gummies, and vape pens. We are pleased to note that their gummies come with no artificial ingredients, which is surprisingly hard to come by in this industry.

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We found updated lab test reports on Prime Sunshine’s website, that test for both potency and purity. They also have a discount system for the disabled and veterans.

Prime Sunshine Alternatives

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs

Scam or Legit; Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Prime Sunshine is the kind of company that’s conscientious about their products and dedicated to making sure they’re high quality every time.

What we don’t like too much about them, however, is how extensive the range is. While it is nice to come across CBD companies that want to cover all the bases, we prefer to support companies that keep the product line a bit smaller – this way they can focus on quality over quantity.

We think that if Prime Sunshine reduced their product range a little bit, it would be easier for them to maintain quality control. While they do seem to be doing good things in the industry, we’d prefer it if they downgraded their extensive range a little bit.

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3 Replies to “Prime Sunshine Review

  1. Hello, my name is Ellen and I am the owner of Prime Sunshine CBD. We own the genetics to our seed for over 210 years, grow on a medical school campus overseen by clinical researchers and just completed our 17th clinical trial. We know what seed what hole, what plant and what row the plant was grown in every bottle. We test at seedling, We test throughout the growth cycle, we test at harvest, we in-house test we batch test before our plants are sent out for third-party testing. Our hemp farm is 210 years old our seed dates back being used as medicine by Pfizer pharmaceutical, Eli Lily, McKesson up until 1937. Our seed was brought over on a steamship from England in the early 1800s and was used over 6000 years ago by two different Chinese dynasties for medicine only. Our plant does not grow stick stalks leaves and branches. Our plants are not grown in a warehouse into a hefty bag like the large brands. Those brands plants never see the light of day the sun or the moon which is where so many of our micro and Phyto nutrients come from. Our roots dig deep in the soil providing an extensive terpene profile lots of antioxidants and minerals which cannot be gotten when a plant is grown from a genetically modified female into a hefty bag in a warehouse.
    So we do not have aerial plant parts in our products like the super large commercial brands. We are the only company in the United States that can say that because our plant simply doesn’t produce them—our formulas are 100% bud plant formula or shall we say bud. Our formulas are made from the same plant and batch for all our products so if that is the case can you try to explain to me what we need to pair down given they are all from the same batch and plant? Our products are made in our lab that’s ISO 9000 certified, FDA registered and the USDa and World Health organization visit our facilities regularly. I also grow for six other brands and they use their own label. Our products go from farm, pharmacy lab to patient. I’m sure there is no other brand on the market that can say the same. There is no middleman. We don’t put a label on someone else’s plant Medicene There is no inventory stored for a year like you would find at a retail store. I’m sure you would not be able to find another brand used for clinical trials

    . I appreciate your kind words and would love you to partner with us. We are the first woman owned vertically integrated hemp company in the United States, the first women certified with the WBE which provide you tax benefits for doing business with us in the United States. The first dispensary in Charlotte North Carolina and the first brand out of North Carolina. You can become a partner with us here:

    There is no fees or inventory and it’s not mml.

    On a side note, all of our products were developed for people who had specific health issues like joint pain, auto immune issues, sleep and anxiety. They were not made to complete some kind of large line of products just to have them. They were specifically made for certain people, tested for a few years before we made them available to the public. It’s hard to apologize for having so many to choose from but you have to remember there are some people that are allergic to MCT oil so we offer other products with hemp seed oil instead. There are folks who get tested for drugs so they cannot have full spectrum they want the terpenes but we have broad-spectrum to meet those needs. Then we have people that just want CBD isolate and that is why we offer CBD isolate products. Then there are people on feeding tubes and can’t take any of them so they use our flower and our Vape. We have people whose jaws have been eaten by parasites and can’t speak so they must use a topical. There is an absolute reason for each delivery method we offer we don’t just offer a line for the sake of a line. In fact our pet line is from chickens here in North Carolina and salmon from northern Alaska they are not flavored they actually have real food in them for our pets. They are my Formula, from my plants and that’s the most transparent pet treats are going to find in the continental United States—-sold by veterinarians around the world. It’s also interesting that 1937 when the federal marshals took our farm at gunpoint our farm hands gathered all of the heirloom seed they can find and it was smuggled into Canada on horseback then hidden away in a secret bolted location for 81 years before the first Farmville which our farm president wrote and sued the DEA and one. We began the legalization of hemp around the entire planet. Not sure why you gave us such a low score CBD Oil Review has given us the highest reviews, were the only brand used for clinical trials, we sued the DA and one invented the industry of hemp 25 years ago. I certainly hope you will reconsider our rating and partner with us much love to all and God bless. Sorry about any grammatical issues I am voice texting early in the morning.

  2. Additionally we have a full-time quality control manager and it never leaves our office versus all the other brands are sent through thousands of distributors around the world Stored away for sometimes two years. Our product is less than 72 hours old when it gets to our patients. There are no sticks stalks leaves or branches in our formulas. Our Hemp is Organic how can it have such a low purity score just curious?

  3. For over a year, I’ve been taking a prescribed medication for anxiety disorder, but it doesn’t usually work well. I tried Prime Sunshine’s 2400 mg CBD Oil and within 5 minutes saw a positive result! Additionally, I sit at a computer way too much of the time, and began to suffer a shoulder/arm joint inflammation. The CBD Balm that I bought at the mall kiosk helped a little, but not much. I’m now using Hemp CBD Mentholated 500 mg hemp oil from Prime Sunshine’s and I notice a reduction of pain almost 100% within 5 minutes!

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