Procana Review

Procana Review

CBD oil is on the rise in the health industry. As a natural remedy that’s considered beneficial for a number of health conditions, it’s looking like a viable alternative to pharmaceuticals that can often come with adverse side effects.

America has even loosened their laws around the growing and selling of cannabis, which means this industry has really been allowed to take off. There are many companies out there that have seen the writing on the wall and think they can end up making a lot of money from creating their own CBD oil products.

This is great for you, except for when they’re not good quality. Let’s give one of these companies a review and determine whether their products are worth trying or not.

Procana Review

Purity 1.0
Strength 2.0
Service 5.0
Price 6.5
Consumer Reviews 5.0


  • Reasonable pricing


  • No lab tests
  • No safety information
  • No sourcing information

Procana: The Details

If you’re someone who likes to see the scientific research behind a relatively new remedy, then you’ll like the business model of Procana. They seem to be almost entirely focused on the scientific benefits of CBD oil, which is great.

For this reason, then, we were disappointed to see that they didn’t provide any Certificates of Analysis on their website. Additionally, they haven’t included anything extensive about where they source their hemp from and what type of lab testing they put their products through. A lack of information like this doesn’t bode well for us.

Procana has made some bold claims. They consider themselves to be leaders in the industry when it comes to providing controlled dosages of CBD oil to patients who take medical marijuana.

They even claim to have a long list of medical doctors who are a part of their team, which does make you feel like they’ve got an extra bit of verification. As we mentioned above, we were especially surprised that we didn’t find any CoA’s based on this knowledge.

California Medical Marijuana patients are Procana’s main target audience – in fact, they offer them their very own line of product. They do have a couple of CoA’s on their site regarding these particular products, but they’re only testing for cannabinoid concentrations and not foreign materials like heavy metals or solvents.

You can get soft gels and tinctures from Procana, and they even offer a pet-friendly tincture that comes in peanut butter flavor. One of the biggest reasons for their price differences is that some of their CBD oil is offered with a dilution of olive oil, while the rest come with hemp seed oil as the dilution.

Procana Alternatives

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs
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Final Thoughts

Given the general feeling we get of Procana’s eye for research and information, we’re particularly surprised to see the lack of lab testing and source details.

This type of information is inherent in this industry where there are a lot of companies trying to scam you – the more information they can provide, the easier it will be for us to put our trust in them.

Ultimately, Procana needs to back up what they claim to be with substantial evidence like lab testing reports and CoA’s. Always remember that the more a company is prepared to share with you, the more confident you can be in their business model and product.

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  1. I’ve never really cared to check if the company is testing the products properly. You have really opened up my eyes. This might explain why I’ve had such a strange experience with this company. Same product, different batches – one is ok, the other one tastes completely different and gives me a rash. No consistency whatsoever.

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