SOS Pain Review

SOS Pain Review

America has finally loosened its legislation around hemp and marijuana.

This has opened the flood gates to a new natural remedy that’s being seen as an excellent alternative to conventional medicine: CBD oil.

While CBD oil in and of itself has been around for ages and used for centuries medicinally, for a long time its use has been restricted due to the laws around it.

There are many companies who are now making the most of this CBD oil boom by creating their own. While this means more choice for you, it doesn’t guarantee that you can trust everyone.

Let’s give one of them a review and see how they do.

SOS Pain Review

Purity 1.0
Strength 3.0
Service 4.0
Price 8.5
Consumer Reviews 6.0


  • Affordable pricing


  • Lack of evidence for claims
  • Not transparent
  • Cannot guarantee safety

SOS Pain: The Details

Everyone in the CBD oil industry chooses a niche – it’s the best way to do well with getting your product out there and making a profit. If you’re particularly interested in CBD oil as an alternative to prescription medication, SOS Pain is right up your alley.

In fact, their passion lies in getting people away from the dependency of pharmaceuticals and direct them instead towards natural alternatives like CBD oil.

Smoke Solutions Brand is the umbrella company that SOS Pain CBD falls underneath. Mike Bond is the owner of Smoke Solutions Brand, a company he created after he quit smoking and needed an alternative in its place.

SOS Pain offers affordable CBD products to help improve the health conditions that you may experience. Mike and his team have a strong belief that everyone should have access to affordable natural remedies that they can use in place of stronger drugs that often come with harmful side effects.

SOS Pain gets its hemp from Colorado, and it is organic and non-GMO. Now, here is where things get a little bit confusing. While many companies like this can claim that their hemp is certified organic or that they include certified organic ingredients in their products, so far only one company selling products similar to this has received the stamp of approval from the USDA.

This means that for the rest of them you’ve just got to take their word for it, which in a lot of circumstances can mean that their products aren’t actually organic.

Another thing we’re a little concerned about is that we can’t find any mention of what type of extraction method SOS Pain use to guarantee the purity and potency of their CBD oil. They do mean what they say when they claim to be affordable, however.

Their prices range from as little as $26 to as much as $105. They combine their CBD oil with cold-pressed hemp seed oil, which we consider to be a good combination. They even offer a CBD product that you can dissolve in water, which is excellent if you prefer to take your daily dose with juice.

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When it comes to their CBD topical creams, they claim that they are anti-inflammatory with entirely natural ingredients and no artificial emulsifiers. They’ve also got other products on the market like crystals, gels, and even CBD oil patches.

CBD oil patches aren’t the most common CBD product out there, so it’s good to have a lot of evidence to back it up. SOS Pain CBD claims that theirs can help relieve pain if you place them at the base of your spine, but as for their evidence, that remains to be seen.

SOS Pain Alternatives

Verma Farms
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Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts

To sum things up, we don’t appreciate the lack of transparency when it comes to SOS Pain sharing their extraction methods with us.

While their CBD oil products to appear to be above board, it’s impossible for us to determine whether they’re safe to be taken or not because we just don’t know what SOS pain have done to guarantee purity and potency.

When you buy from a company like this, you want to make sure that you know where they source their CBD from and how it was extracted. Otherwise, you have no way of knowing exactly what’s in your CBD oil product.

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2 Replies to “SOS Pain Review

  1. I’ve tried a couple of different cbd oil brands and SOS Pain didn’t make the top of my list. I found their products to be not very effective compared to other brands. Sure, their products aren’t expensive but what’s the point of saving a few bucks if they don’t work?

  2. I have tried SOS Pain CBD oil patches for my back pain and they did absolutely nothing for me. I had to go back to using my regular meds. It’s quite disappointing because I liked the idea of a pain relief patch with CBD oil. I’m now using a topical cream from a different brand.

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