Starting a Blog as a Yoga Teacher

Most yoga teachers are familiar with the struggle of making a decent living. It’s an uphill battle, yet we all find ways to persevere. Maybe you know the feeling too? Financial worries are one of the main contributors to a worried mind, a barrier to a blissful life, but by embracing the digital world, yoga teachers can find new ways to connect and earn money – and blogging is one of the best.

Teaching is about many things. Finding students, spreading joy and then, of course, making an income doing it. But with many hopefuls out there, an online presence is more important than ever. So how do you do the whole ‘blogging-thing’ as a yoga teacher? Let’s dive into it and figure out how to do it best!

Find a Name That Resonates With Your Mission

The first step for a prospective blogger is to find a name for your site. While you may already have one for your yoga teaching business, it’s important to consider if it works online. There are many blogs out there, especially about yoga, so perhaps it’s time to consider your brand?

A name generator like this one, gives you numerous ideas for your new business name, which is a great place to start. Find one that communicates your purpose and mission as a teacher, and you are well on your way. Remember, a name is what sticks to the mind of the people you want to reach. It has to be precise, easy to read and easy to say out loud. 

Know Your Audience and Plan Meaningful Content

Before even creating your blog, you need a plan. Ask yourself the hard questions. Who are your current students? And who are you hoping to reach online? It’s vital to know if you are trying to reach a broad audience or a narrower audience so you can tailor your content, message and style accordingly.

This may influence the sort of topics you write about. If you are aiming at attracting busy career people, you might need content that is tailored for that purpose, such as how best to introduce wellness into their lives or how to join online yoga classes. 

Set Up Your Site, Customize It and Get a Proper Domain

Once you have a good understanding of your brand as a yoga teacher, a solid content plan and an idea of what sort of style and tone you want, it’s time to create your blog and get a domain. There are many easy ways to do this, one of the most popular ones being WordPress.

Most of these website builders will even enable you to buy your own trustworthy domain. And if you have limited experience creating blogs, you can choose a pre-designed template, which can then be customized. 

Plan Ahead for the Future

Growing an online presence is tough and demanding work. But one thing you can do to help yourself along the long road is to carefully plan for the future. Set some goals, figure out which milestones you want to reach and then ponder on how you might achieve it all. 

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For example, you could start to plan certain deals on your classes and courses that correspond with important dates throughout the year such as Christmas, Thanksgiving etc. That way you can continuously roll out great offers that will attract more clients. It also helps you to start the process of creating advertisements throughout the year to spread the word of your deals. 

Build a Blissful Community That You Can Grow

According to the Guardian, a study from 2019 showed a vital link between physical activity and improved mental health. It simply edifies the mind.

So, yoga has a lot going for it and as a teacher, you have valuable knowledge that you can pass on to others, not just about yoga but also about the health benefits that your readers may be unaware of. With mental health deteriorating in many countries, there is nothing more meaningful than getting more people to get up and exercise. 

With the tips included in this short guide, we hope that we’ve set you on the right track to starting a successful blog as a yoga teacher. Consider your brand, establish a target audience for whom you can plan content for, get yourself a unique domain and design a beautiful site. With these ingredients you will be well on your way to success. 

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