The Illustrious Career of Tekno Miles

As a Nigerian musician, Tekno Miles is one of the most prominent hip hop and R&B artists. With his amazing music and lavish fashion sense, it’s easy to say that he is an icon in the music industry.

His music inspired many because of his lyrics and interesting melodic choices that made a unique impact in the music industry. What’s more interesting is how he got into music in the first place.

With Tekno Miles and Bitcasino working together, it’s now time to learn more about this musical background and why you should start listening to his music. 

Early Years: What Introduced Him to Music

Mile’s passion for music started at a young age. He would constantly play and practise musical instruments like the guitar and piano. This passion led him to pursue a professional career in the music industry. Eventually, he signed a contract under K-Money entertainment which greatly helped boost his journey as an artist. 

He was a projected young talent and the studio hoped that he would become a star one day. Soon after, he released his first single Holiday in 2012. In the same year, he performed his single titled Onye Ne Kwu at a tour in Abuja. 

This performance caught the attention of a famous comedian, Julius Agwu, and a lot more celebrities who were at the concert. At that juncture, with the manager of Made Men Music Group, Ubi Franklin, had him sign a recording contract in 2013. 

As advised, Tekno Miles moved from Abuha to Lagos to push his music career even further. It wasn’t long until he released more singles like Anything and Dance which helped him win a nomination for the Nigeria Entertainment Awards in 2014 under ‘Best New Act of The Year’ category. 

Rise to Fame

In 2015, Miles released Duro which ignited his career to new heights. Not only did his new single top the Nigerian music chart, but was also ranked fifth on the Capital XTRA’s Afrobeats Chart: Top 10. 

The song received a huge following because of a massive airplay on radio stations and televisions which aided to his success. Furthermore, he was not only popular in Nigeria but also in the United States as well. 

With over 84 million views on his YouTube video, Duro topped a lot of charts in both Nigeria and internationally. A remix of Duro featuring Phyno and Flavour was released in 2015 as well which was the first cover of the song which spoke volumes to his increasing success. 

Later that year, he dropped another song called Wash which was produced by DJ Coublon who wrote multiple top singles. While Tekno Miles had a great catalogue of music under his arsenal, he missed out on receiving the prestigious international awards because he didn’t have a complete album which was one of the qualifiers to get nominated. 

Nevertheless, his music continued to inspire a lot of people which led him to creating his long-awaited album called Old Romance which was released in 2020. The album has 13 tracks that comprises stellar songs like Uptown Girl, Addicted, Sku Sku, and Designer. 

Today, Old Romance remains his only album and expect more to come down the line as he continues to dominate in the music scene. 

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Bitcasino’s Newest Ambassador

With his illustrious career in the music industry, Tekno Miles became one of Bitcasino’s global ambassadors. Bitcasino is one of the world’s most renowned crypto casinos and has provided players the opportunity to bet on different casino games and esports markets using crypto coins. 

The artist will help deliver a true experience to Bitcasino players which includes the chance to access experiences that money can’t simply buy. Bitcasino is lucky to have such a wonderful talent who is an ambassador for the brand, and who knows, a dedicated fun slot game may be designed after him. 

When asked about him becoming Bitcasino’s global ambassador, he stated, ‘Bitcasino is a fun, fast and fair place to play and I’m proud to join the team. Crypto is a game-changer, in West Africa and beyond, and I couldn’t be happier to work alongside the best crypto-led casino out there’.

About Bitcasino 

Bitcasino was founded in 2014 by Yolo Group and became the leading Bitcoin casino. The site features a large and high-quality portfolio with over 2,800 games from several top providers in the casino industry, comprising slots, table games, and live dealer games. Their cutting-edge platform, new features, and promotions are all created in-house that are tailored to the needs of bettors for a superb gaming experience.

With Tekno Miles as Bitcasino’s global ambassador, it’s safe to say that it will attract more famous artists to advocate about its unique features and amazing games. 

Interesting facts about Tekno Miles

Here are some notable facts about Tekno Miles that most people don’t know about: 

His nicknames 

Tekno Miles had a lot of nicknames throughout his tenure like The Golden Boy of Africa, Alhaji Tekno, and Slim Daddy to match his musical prowess. 

He delved into movies 

Like a lot of his fellow musicians, he tried to go to the movie industry and was featured in Tony Abulu’s film, Super Star. 

Chris Brown inspiration 

Tekno Miles’ whole image and dance moves are inspired by American artist, Chris Brown, with all the flairs and moves he makes when performing. 

His awards

From 2014-2016, he won multiple awards like the Best New Act of the Year, Best Pop Extra Video, and the African Video of The Year.With Tekno Miles and Bitcasino officially working together, you can expect his career to grow even more famous as he writes more songs and performs live concerts.

His musical gift can only go as far as his passion. By showing his love for the industry so much as to partner with one of the world’s best online crypto casinos, there’s no question that he is one of the best Nigerian artists in the industry who’s also open to more opportunities in the gaming platform.

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