Therapy Pure Essentials Review

Therapy Pure Essentials Review

It’s not hard to be a big fan of CBD oil. Now that America has legalized the use of cannabis both recreationally and medicinally in many of its states, you can find it everywhere.

You can buy it either in store, or online, and there’s no end to the number of vendors you can buy it from. While this means you’re spoiled for choice, it also says that you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Figuring out which vendors to trust could take a bit of research and maybe even some bad experiences. Let’s give one particular vendor a review and determine whether their product is worth trying or not.

Therapy Pure Essentials Review

Purity 4.0
Strength 5.0
Service 6.5
Price 6.0
Consumer Reviews 7.0


  • CBD isolate focused
  • Lab tests provided


  • No testing for foreign matter
  • Cannot guarantee safety
  • Full spectrum products not available

Therapy Pure Essentials: The Details

If you’re looking for a CBD oil company that’s only interested in selling CBD oil as an isolate, you could look into Therapy Pure Essentials. This is when CBD oil is extracted in a way that leaves other cannabinoids out, including the psychoactive THC.

With CBD full spectrum there is either a trace amount of low levels of THC, among other cannabinoids, which could still give you a little buzz. If you’re someone who is wanting a product that can guarantee absolutely no THC, then Therapy Pure Essentials could be the one.

This company love sourcing only the best ingredients to use with their CBD oil, as well as being great with their customer service and making sure that they provide the right information to their customers. However, they come up short when it comes to their safety testing methods, which makes us question them as a reputable CBD oil company.

Therapy Pure Essentials use two sources to get their CBD – organic hemp grown in the U.S., and hemp grown in Europe. While either or is a good source, European hemp is typically especially good as they have quite strict regulations around how it’s grown.

Another advantage to Therapy Pure Essentials is because they’ve isolated CBD in their products, you’re going to get a superior taste as well. When CBD oil is full spectrum, it often tastes much earthier because of the additional elements it includes.

However, if you’re someone who doesn’t mind your CBD oil having a bit of flavor, they do also offer this as well in different forms, which range from as little as $30 to as much as $170.

When it comes to testing your CBD oil, there are two things you need to be looking for.

The first is any foreign material that could have contaminated the CBD at the cultivation stage, like heavy metals and solvents for example. The other is the purity of the CBD – how much CBD is the customer actually going to get from this product?

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While Therapy Pure Essentials have a number of Certificates of Analysis that show they’ve tested for purity, we couldn’t find anything that proves their products have passed the other test that’s just as important.

Therapy Pure Essentials Alternatives

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts

While we love the fact that Therapy Pure Essentials has decided to focus just on CBD isolate and put their all into making a great product, we don’t love that they’ve come up short on a few critical features.

When you’re selling a natural product that is derived from a plant, it’s inherent for your reputation and the customer’s experience that you put each batch through the correct testing methods.

Otherwise, the customer could end up finding something unpleasant in the product, which could compromise their safety. Purity is an essential element to test – but so is quality, too.

Without testing for foreign matter, there’s no way of knowing whether Therapy Pure Essentials are selling products that are safe to consume or not.

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  1. When it comes to CBD oil I prefer isolates to full-spectrum, however, this brand wasn’t helpful for my condition. I have fibro so I’m dealing with pain daily. Painkillers have a ton of side effects and I don’t even want to think about opioids so CBD is my best option. Unfortunately, not this brand in particular.

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