45 Best Instagram Growth Services for More Engagement (2024)

Best Instagram Growth Services of 2019

Social media has virtually taken over business and brand marketing strategies. Whether you use Instagram advertising or promotion on the platform, you still require real and active followers to reap financial rewards.

Without your target audience, you will not thrive on Instagram. Active and relevant followers are what drive engagement, popularity, and qualified buyers to your website or offer.

While Instagram is saturated with big-time influencers, brands, and businesses, you can still grow your followers with some help.

It’s time-consuming and tedious to build what you need on Instagram to thrive.

Instagram growth services are indispensable.

The Best Instagram Growth Services

The most important thing to know is which Instagram growth tools have the best reputations and track records.

The following will address the top Instagram growth services.

1. Seek Socially


Seek Socially is a tailor-made Instagram growth service.

They use your demographics to target your audience using hashtags. They will customize your growth and engagement according to your specific needs to meet your goals.

These are some of the services you get from Seek Socially.

  • A dedicated social media manager who will help to develop your social media strategy. Your account manager will be your contact person if or when you need help with anything the system.
  • 24/7 support so you can contact them day or night.
  • A monthly content calendar once you have an agreed upon strategy. You are in charge and you get to approve your content/strategy every month.
  • Daily management and analytics reporting for your specific demographics that help you to know what works and what doesn’t. You can make adjustments as needed.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.
  • Steady, organic and natural growth.

Seek Socially offers Prime and Premium plans that provide accelerated, substantial growth with fast results.

Because this service is customized, the prices vary according to your needs.

2. Growthoid


Growthoid has built a reputation for being the safest and fastest way to Instagram organic growth and engagement.

This service also provides a custom-made strategy for your Instagram account to put you in front of thousands of targeted users every month.

Everything on the website is simple to understand and user-friendly.

You get to choose your targeted audience and your dedicated account manager helps develop your strategy to gain a steady flow of new, genuine followers.

It boils down to this process.

  • You define your target audience alongside your account manager
  • Your account manager engages with your target audience.
  • Your Instagram account organically grows with relevant followers.
  • You know you’re in control of your own natural Instagram growth because you’re involved in every way.

Growthoid offers tqo packaged plans with a monthly fee. The pricing structure varies according to your desired growth speed and/or customization.

3. Growthsilo


Growthsilo is a top Instagram growth service for many reasons, one of them being that they don’t mess around with fake engagement. You might already know that in the Instagram growth service industry, there are too many bots out there that are being suspended or banned by Instagram. If you want to avoid companies like this, then you need to go with Growthsilo.

Their moderate growth speed is going to give you the trajectory you need without looking suspicious, and they even offer their clients an account manager, so that you can sit down and talk to someone personally about your growth goals.

4. Morelikes

MoreLikes is easily a top Instagram growth service because they are committed to making their clients’ lives a lot easier. They do this through convenient features like automatic detection, which means that they can work out when you have uploaded a new video or photo to your Instagram feed.

As soon as you do, they will send you through the likes and views that you require to make your content look good. This might seem like a really simple feature, but it is definitely the most effective if you are trying to make it big on Instagram.

5. Nitreo


Nitreo is one of those companies that places a strong emphasis on making sure that everything is as easy as it can be.

It does this through effortlessly easy engagement and growth, and once they’ve helped you set up and get things going, they can help you.


They promise to give their clients real engagement that’s authentic, and they promise to give them their money back if things don’t look like this two weeks in.

Honestly, there’s a lot that Nitreo can help you with, which is why we’re such big fans of this brand.

nitreo pricing

6. Inflact


If you want to use one of the top Instagram growth services that are currently circulating the market, then you need to try Inflact.

These guys say from the beginning that they can help their clients with effective Instagram growth, and they claim to be able to offer faster growth as well – up to twice as fast as other companies.

As well as helping you with automatic likes, direct messages, scheduled posting, and of course, more Instagram followers, Inflact can also help their clients with the follow/unfollow method, a great way to get more people checking out your content in a way that is organic.

If you need any help, Inflact offers a chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner of their homepage, and they claim that it takes less than seven minutes to sign up for one of their services.

They have a dashboard where you get to customize their features, and they can help you with more than one Instagram account at the same time.

As you can see, there’s a lot to love about a service like Inflact, so check it out today and realize why so many people have found this to be one of the most effective Instagram growth services out there.

7. Upleap


Upleap offers account management with flexible bundled packages. You get to start with a 3-day trial as a test drive to decide if you want to continue with one of their packages.

The three bundled packages and features are as follows.

  • Lite – Account Manager – Hashtag Targeting – Similar User Targeting.
  • Standard – Everything Included with the Lite Package + – Faster Organic Growth – View Instagram Stories.
  • Premium – Everything Included with the Standard Package + – Location Targeting – Keyword Exclusion – Premium Support.

After your free 3-day trial you can choose from one of these packages suited to your needs and Instagram growth goals.

8. Ektor.io


We all know how virtually impossible it is to find companies and Instagram growth services that not only care about making a bit of money from their clients but making sure that everyone is safe while they do so.

Ektor.io is by far the safest Instagram growth service that we’ve come across, period.

This means that they encrypt everything, they are completely undetectable, and they even use proxies to hide your activity.

You really can’t get much better than this, making them a firm favorite in our eyes.

9. Stormlikes


When was the last time you found an Instagram growth service that was dedicated to growing your account with real, genuine activity? They’re difficult to come by, huh.

This is why when we do find them, we have to share the good news with everyone.

The next Instagram growth service on our list is Stormlikes, and they’re one of the best.

They have great customer support, and they promise that their results are genuine, so you don’t have to worry about that risk factor.

10. Media Mister

Media Mister Instagram Followers

Perhaps one thing that we’re most excited about with Media Mister is that they can help you grow your Instagram account with their Instagram growth service, but then they’ve got other features for additional platforms as well if you really want to go all out and give it your all.

From YouTube to Facebook and everything in between, if you’ve got communities on it all, and want to cover your bases, we suggest trying Media Mister. They have great customer support, too, so you’ll never be left in the lurch.

11. Followersup

Followersup - Instagram

The next Instagram growth service that we have to talk about is another of those rarities where they help you with many different social media platforms, but they’re high quality across the board.

They can help you with your Insta, but they can also help you with your Twitter and your Pinterest.

We really appreciate that they have put their pricing and features into different categories, too, and as far as we can tell, have pretty flexible rates, so that they can accommodate almost any budget out there.

If you need something quick, effective, and friendly, try them today.

12. SocialViral

Social Viral

Sometimes, Instagram growth services start to look like one another. They all seem to have the same features, and it’s hard to know the differences between them all. If you’re looking for an Instagram growth service that’s unique and original, try SocialViral.

These guys can help you get exclusive engagement that’s not going to be easy to get anywhere else – and they can help you get it on all of your socials. They also offer great prices, so it’s a win-win.

13. Trusy Social

Trusy Social

Consider Trusy Social your personal brand growth concierge. That is how they market themselves and how they have developed such a strong reputation. That, and they provide real people and real engagement.

This company promises to help your Instagram account ‘blow up’ with relevant followers. They have strategies that are effective across all kinds of industries and markets.

You get these benefits from Trusy Social.

  • Real people
  • Real, authentic followers
  • Relevant interest in your Instagram account
  • 10-day no questions asked guarantee

They offer three primary packaged plans for a monthly fee, which is dependent upon your specific needs.

14. Followadder


Your account manager is ready and willing to help you whenever you need them. Their methods are based on real, natural, and steady growth based off real people with real accounts.
Followadder goes a little further than just helping you get more followers. They help manage your account to boost followers and engagement. Their goal is to save you time and money while they help build your Instagram network.

The features that make them so popular include:

  • Post scheduling
  • Real Instagram followers
  • Automated video and image liker and commenter
  • Dynamic location, hashtags, and user searches
  • Locate and export lists of users
  • Free software updates
  • Free support

Followadder offers a 7-day, risk-free trial, and money-back guarantee. You can set it for one to 25 profiles. Don’t forget they also offer consultations to help you gain more exposure and get more likes.

15. Hashtags For Likes


Hashtags For Likes uses trending hashtags to enhance your audience reach. This is a proven method for growing your followers.

On the very front homepage, they have a generator that will produce instant hashtag suggestions.

If you prefer to go premium, they offer trending hashtags. You will find they cover every industry and niche you can imagine.

Before you register, you can look at the plethora of hashtags you can seek for trending topics in a niche.

For instance:

  • Bracelet or earrings hashtags
  • Fashion hashtags
  • Hair or Nails hashtags
  • Makeup hashtags
  • Tattoo hashtags
  • Photography hashtags
  • Art Hashtags
  • Minimalism hashtags
  • Abstract hashtags
  • Popular hashtags
  • 2nd or 3rd popular hashtags
  • Sports and fitness hashtags
  • And more…

The benefits of Hashtags for Likes

  • Trending Hashtags
  • Smart Algorithm
  • Save Time
  • Bank-Level security
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Analytics Dashboard

Hashtags play a huge role in getting found by interested parties on Instagram as well as on other social media channels.

16. Jarvee


Jarvee is a Windows-based program that you can download on your computer and use to schedule and automate posts. This program allows you to automate Instagram engagement, but also Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumbler, and LinkedIn.

Jarvee gives you the following features.

  • Schedule Posts
  • Automation Tools
  • Import RSS Content
  • Spin Syntax
  • Advanced Scrapping Tools
  • Unique Image Posts
  • Auto-Hashtag
  • Growth Statistics and Metrics
  • 5-day Free Trial
  • Auto Re-Post
  • Auto-Follow
  • Follow Back
  • Unfollow
  • Auto-Like
  • Auto-Comment
  • Delete Posts
  • Contact Prospects
  • Hashtag Research
  • Block Followers
  • Manage Direct Messages
  • Locate Targeted Users
  • Manage Comments
  • Delete Comments
  • Like Comments
  • Save Posts
  • Proxy Support
  • Data Import Spin Syntax

The features, safety, and convenience of Jarvee is part of its appeal. Jarvee allows you to grow your account(s) fast and safe so you can drive more quality and relevant traffic to your website as you also gain more followers.

17. Combin


Combin considers its services a “smart tool for skyrocketing your Instagram marketing”, which seems to be the consensus among its users. Their confidence is well-deserved, and their reputation is such that they are appealing to all kinds of Instagram users.

Combin stands out with a free starter plan that requires no credit card to sign up. You will find that your daily actions are limited, but it will provide you with an ample trial time to decide if you want to pay for their more advanced features.

Their three essential bundled plans include these features.

  • Starter – 1 Instagram Account – 50 Search Results for Posts – 25 Search Results for Users – 250 Daily Action Limits.
  • Personal – 1 Instagram Account Management – 1,000 Instant Search Results for Posts – 1,000 Instant Search Results for Users – Search Results Refresh Ability – Statistics – Unlimited In-App Actions – Auto-Tasks (coming soon) – DM and Comments Feed (coming soon).
  • Business – Everything Included with the Personal Plan + – 5 Instagram Accounts.
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The paid bundled plans provide you with unlimited actions, a statistics option, and more search results than the free Starter plan. Besides having a free plan, Combin also offers very affordable solutions without sacrificing quality services.

18. Kicksta


Kicksta shows their worth by sharing their own case studies right on their website. That gives them a reputation of being straightforward and forthcoming about their service. They also feature real reviews, which confirms their authenticity.

Kicksta keeps it real by offering a 14-day money-back guarantee that leaves you with the impression they are reliable and trustworthy.

There are two bundled plans (The Creative or The Professional) from which to choose that offer these features:

  • Moderate or Maximum Growth
  • Smart Filters
  • Exclusive Video Onboarding
  • Safe & Secure
  • 10 or 40 Targets

The professional plan has additional features such as premium email support, live chat support, gender targeting, hashtag targeting, location targeting, and a blacklist option.

This is a nice, well-rounded service with a good reputation among its users.

19. Socialhype


Socialhype promotes its marketing platform as a service that optimizes your Instagram profile and saves you time in the process. They feature an image editor, a visual planner, and a scheduling tool for posts. They offer a full suite of automation to turbocharge your Instagram profile and engagement.

The features of Socialhype play a role in their popularity.

  • Customized Engagement Campaigns using targeted hashtags, locations, and users at your preferred speed.
  • Multiple Instagram Accounts can be included with this service if you reach out to their team and consult with them.
  • Post Scheduling saves you time overspending your day posting content. You can schedule up to months in advance.
  • Account Safety is a priority, so you get to run safe campaigns within Instagram’s limits.
  • Targeting Filters to prevent you from engaging with users who aren’t going to be interested in your niche.
  • Photo Watermarking to prevent having your unique images stolen. The watermarks are subtle but effective.

If you’re on a budget, this service is a good choice. You can get one of these bundled plans and features after a 3-day free trial.

  • Standard – Post and Activity Scheduler – 1 Instagram Account – Advanced Targeting – Cancel Anytime.
  • Premium – All Features Included – Up to 3 Instagram Accounts – Fast Growth Speed – Everything Included with the Standard Plan.
  • Agency – Everything Included with the Standard and Premium Plans + – Up to 10 Instagram Accounts – Dedicated Account Manager – Fully Customizable Campaigns.

The benefits of these services and features help boost your growth and engagement on Instagram.

20. Get River


Get River keeps it simple by offering one plan that is suitable for business, influencers, and professionals. It seems like its users are happy with the pricing and their results, making it a winner with top billing in the industry of Instagram growth services.

You can start with a free trial and then enjoy the benefits of membership. If at any time you are not happy, you can cancel your membership. Much like most Instagram growth services today, they offer the targeted method of growth and engagement as a done-for-you service.

Get River also offers many freebies on its website such as a hashtag search generator and an engagement calculator. There is no abuse of Instagram’s terms of service with this service. Get River attracts your specific target market by using the hashtags you add to your dashboard. It’s just that simple.

21. Firing Table


Firing Table seems to excel at customer retention, which means they are doing something right. They claim to be 20 percent less expensive than their competitors, which appears to be true. Their business plan is about the same price as its competitors’ individual plans.

The good news is that you pay less, but you don’t sacrifice quality services with Firing Table. They offer a managed option and a “get likes” option. You can subscribe or buy likes to boost your relevant followers.

Firing Table provides three plans with these features:

  • Personal – Real Fans/Followers – 1 Account – 60% Interaction Rates – Cancel Anytime.
  • Professional – Priority Support – 1 Account – Fast Interaction – Cancel Anytime,
  • Business – Fast Interaction – 2 Accounts – They DM New Followers – They Comment for You – Cancel Anytime.

Essentially, they claim you can choose your plan and watch your Instagram account grow.

22. SocialFlight


SocialFlight is different because it features real-time purchases as people buy packages from the website. You may see some that appear to be real-time, but they are not. These are real-time pop-ups.

Customer satisfaction is obviously important to them since they seem to maintain their database of happy customers. Another area where they stand out is with their features that most competitors reserve for their top-tier bundled plans.

Dedicated Campaign Manager

  • Growth Reports
  • Custom Targeted Audience
  • Analytics
  • Online Dashboard
  • Increased Engagement

The top bundled plans come with more features such as faster growth, comment and direct message scheduling, online analytics platform, and likes.

23. Social Runner


Social Runner not only features Instagram growth and engagement, but also quality articles and workshops. These “extras” are designed to teach you ow to get verified, how to make money from your Instagram account and how to get brand endorsements. It would appear they are striving to help you with your complete Instagram journey.

Their popularity and growth are due to their attention to detail regarding concise targeting that promotes real Instagram engagement.

There are three bundled plans from which to choose, each with its own features.

  • Basic – Moderate Growth – Basic Targeting – 100% Real Followers – Email Support.
  • Pro – Maximum Growth – Custom Targeting – 100% Real Followers – Priority Email Support.
  • Business – Maximum Growth – Advanced Targeting – Customer Growth Strategy – Monthly PDF Reports.

These plans are designed to suit the needs of beginners, small brand, individuals, influencers, and serious users. You can start with a 5-day free trial and if you like your experience, you can choose one of these packages.

24. Popamatic


Popamatic only offers one membership plan, which is affordable and user-friendly. Everything is above board and straightforward with this Instagram growth company. Their team of virtual assistants will safely, securely, and effectively manage your account.

Popamatic virtual assistants know how to get real likes and relevant followers to your Instagram account. They engage with users who will most likely interact and like your brand. Their claim is that you get the services of a social media agency for a low price. You aren’t going to sacrifice quality for a lower price.

There are no specific features mentioned on the website, but you are getting a managed experience for your Instagram account. They may be a small team of virtual assistants, but they have a big goal; to replace bots in the industry while getting more relevant and active followers for you.

25. Social Sensational


Social Sensational doesn’t just make you dive into their services. They provide you with an account manager consultation before you start using their features. This is where you detail your target audience and talk about your goals for Instagram.

Once you consult with your account manager, they take the reins and start working for you.

  • Visible Results within mere hours of starting your campaign.
  • Personalized results created by you and your account manager.
  • Genuine engagement with real followers for real organic growth.
  • A simple solution with no software to download.

You are given a 5-day trial for $1 before choosing one of these bundled plans with thee features.

  • Influencer Growth – Fast Growth – 100% Secure – Customized Campaign – Cancel Anytime.
  • Kickstart Growth – Faster Growth – Dedicated Account Manager – Round the Clock Custom Campaign – Everything Included with the Influencer Plan.
  • Accelerated Growth – Turbo Speed Growth – Everything Included with the Kickstart Plan – On Demand Analysis.

Social Sensational is mostly designed for influencers, small to large business, and brands, but anyone who wants more followers and engagement can benefit from their service.

26. SocialMortal


SocialMortal wants you to grow your Instagram the right way with real followers. This is a growth and management service driven by a superior team of experts in the Instagram growth and engagement industry.

They start by targeting your perfect audience by using what you tell them about your niche and Instagram account. Basing your engagement on the information you provide, they do the research to drive targeted, real, engaged Instagram users to your account. They become followers/fans and then potential customers.

As they work on your growth and engagement, you get to enjoy watching your Instagram following grow and sales improve. You get more exposure, which translates into more interested customers.

The plans and features of SocialMortal include the following.

  • Standard – 800-1,200 Followers – Targeted Growth – User Targeting – Premium Support.
  • Premium – 1,200 – 1,800 Followers – Faster Growth – Everything Included with the Standard Plan + – Location Targeting – Engagement Focused – Professional Consultation.
  • Master – 1,800 – 2,400 Followers – Fastest Growth – Everything Included with the Premium Plan.
  • Business – Tailored Instagram Marketing – Customer Targeting – Custom Content Creation – Creative Marketing – Increased Traffic and Leads – Advanced Hashtag Research – Content Curation.

These plans are designed for anyone who wants to enjoy the growth and engagement this service provides.

27. SocialCaptain


SocialCaptain features one of the most interactive and engaging websites in this industry. When you enter the website, you will find video tutorials, their live chat that features cute animations, and engaging content all over the site.

This automated service helps you get more real followers, fast. Not only that, but it also automates likes and comments based on targeted marketing using powerful AI technology. They say it works automagically.

It takes a mere two minutes to set up your account. Some of SocialCaptain’s clients have around million or more followers, which is a good sign they are doing Instagram growth and engagement right.

The most powerful automation features used in their dashboard include:

  • Real-Time Results – You can track and customize your account progress in real time using their sleek web-based dashboard.
  • Auto Direct Messaging – Automatically send messages to your new Instagram followers or someone on a username list.
  • SmartGrowth™ – The trademarked AI is designed to improve with every execution you use.

This Instagram growth service offers a free trial and various price points to accommodate many budgets. Combine all these features and benefits and add to it the stellar reputation SocialCaptain has built and you see an impressive automation tool for your Instagram and other social media accounts.

28. The Millennial Marketers


The Millennial Marketers believe in providing organic Instagram growth.

The steps to achieve organic growth with this company include:

  • Sign up and fill out an information form.
  • Based on the information form, they do the research and narrow your target audience to your niche.
  • They start driving traffic to your profile by engaging with active followers with an interest in your niche.
  • Natural growth occurs while you save time and effort over manually engaging.

There are several unique features of this company that sets them apart from the rest.

Some of their features that go above and beyond include the following.

  • The Blockchain Safe – Information safety and privacy
  • The Quick Starter – Results within the first 24 hours after signing up
  • The Data Analytics – Advanced analytics so you can track your growth
  • The Email Guides – Get the timeliest tips and tricks for success on Instagram

Besides these unique features, this company provides these plans and features.

  • Start-up Campaign – Average of 20-40 Followers Per Day – Same Day Results – Target Audience Research – Increased Leads and Sales – International Service – High-Priority Support – Quality Growth Guarantee – Cancel Anytime.
  • Enhanced Campaign – Average 40-80 Followers Per Day – Everything Included in the Start-up Campaign Plan.
  • Master Campaign – Average of 100+ Followers Per Day – Everything Included in the Enhanced Campaign.

The Millennial Marketer has a quality guarantee that includes if you don’t get the active and real followers in your niche, you get your money back. They provide reliable growth, more leads and sales, and more engagement.

29. Falcon Social


Falcon Social helps you obtain more real, targeted followers. They claim to provide “white glove service” to their high-end clients, which is no joke. All their packages are superior and effective, which is whey they made this list of top Instagram growth services.

While they promote their automated activities and targeting, they also provide one-on-one consulting with marketing experts and business specialists. With these kinds of services, you can expect to pay premium prices.

These four packages and features are what you get with Falcon Social.

  • Basic – Quality Targeted Followers – Safe and Secure – Weekly Performance Reports – Genuine Organic Followers – Targeted Audience – 24/7 Support – Liking – Follow/Unfollow – Cancel Anytime.
  • Advanced – Everything Included with the Basic Plan + – Commenting – Gender Targeting.
  • Premium – Everything Included with the Advanced Plan + _ Location Targeting – Content Strategy Consulting (via email) – Posting Recommendations – Post Performance Review.
  • Pro – Everything Included with the Premium Plan + – Business Strategy Consulting (via email or phone) – E-commerce/Brick and Mortar – Marketing Strategy Analysis.
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Though their prices may seem higher than some, they do provide more services with more features at affordable prices.

30. Vibrance


Vibrance is another Instagram growth company that likes to keep it simple and straightforward. They claim that their service is “completely hands-on” and they don’t buy followers. They are dedicated to keeping your Instagram account safe, which translates into genuine growth.

You are in control of your niche, so you tell them what you do, and they will target your audience by interest, gender, age, and location to attract your ideal market. They offer one plan at one monthly price, so there are no questions about pricing.

All you do is fill out their signup form and they will reach out to you with the appropriate information you need to get started.

31. XPLOD Social


XPLOD Social is recognized by high-profile brands such as Atlantic Records, Toyota, and Audi. This is an earmark of a company that meets or exceeds the standards of this industry.

XPLOD Social is an auto-pilot style service that not only handles the big brands, but also small to large businesses, influencers, musicians, artists, models, athletes, and other users of all shapes and sizes.

The features of this company include the following.

  • Safe and Secure
  • Quality Targeted Followers
  • Weekly Performance Reports
  • 24/7 Support
  • Liking
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Commenting
  • Location Targeting
  • Gender Targeting
  • Content Strategy Consulting
  • Posting Recommendations
  • Post-Performance Review
  • Business Strategy Consulting
  • E-commerce/Brick and Mortar
  • Marketing Strategy Analysis

These features varying depending on the bundled package you choose to use. Their four packages include Basic, Advanced, Premium, and Pro. All are relatively affordable and user-friendly.

32. Social Boosting Agency


Social Boosting Agency is a bit unique compared to others in this industry. For instance, they don’t offer a recurring monthly package. Their pricing is based on how many followers you want for your account. They dedicate their efforts to work until you achieve that for your Instagram.

Your role is to provide them with some information like a list of Instagram profiles with followers you want to target. They start engaging with these users and expand their reach to those who fit within your preferences.

They have four plans that include Starters, Intermediate, Professional, or Platinum. Each plan has a certain number of followers, likes, and images.

Other features they provide include:

  • Marketing Research
  • 24/7 High-Priority Support
  • Analytics Report
  • Dedicated Optimization
  • Hashtag Research
  • Optimize Daily Settings
  • Photo Editing Software
  • Instagram Review Growth Tips

The features vary according to the package you choose, so if you need those little extras, the top tier plans will be better for your needs.

33. Tree Frog Social

Tree Frog Social is more than just a fun, unique name. The face of this company presents a trustworthy service with people who work to build your Instagram, so you not only survive but thrive on this social media platform.

Their Instagram growth service offers these features:

  • 100% Organic Growth
  • Thousands of Monthly Engagements
  • Managed by Real People
  • No Bots

Their goal is to provide consistent engagement on your Instagram account to grow it and build a real, active following.

34. Your Charisma

Your Charisma is an Instagram growth service dedicated to helping you get real, targeted followers. They engage with high-profile accounts within your niche to get exposure for your profile. They provide likes, comments, direct messaging, and following activities 24/7.

This service offers so many different types of engagement and actions for Instagram, it’s hard to decide which ones to talk about. They have a growth service, account management, fanpage growth boost, direct messaging, powerlikes, powercomments, influencer marketplace, and custom IG likes.

Their packages cover a range of these services in their Shy Start Up, Entrepreneur, Smart Investor, and CEO bundled packages. It all depends on what features you want to use for your growth and engagement.

Their real testimonials on the website show that this service is respected, reputable, and dedicated to Instagram growth.

35. CRWDBoost

CRWDBoost markets themselves as a social media agency dedicated to Instagram growth. They claim to be the fastest way to monetize and scale your followers on Instagram. Their reviews seem to confirm this fact.

These three growth plans for Instagram includes these features.

  • Weekly – Increased Followers and Engagement – Moderate Growth – Audience Account Targeting – Personalized Organic Growth – 24/7 Management.
  • Basic – Everything Included with the Weekly Plan at a Monthly Discounted Price.
  • Premium – Everything Included in the Basic Plan + – Hashtag/Location/Gender Targeting – Auto-Commenting – Enhanced Filters.

The goal of these packages is to boost your exposure on Instagram and grow your following as well as your revenue.

36. Kenji


Kenji says that they are the number one Instagram growth service, and honestly, if you read through their customer reviews, you’ll understand why they are this confident. They’ve definitely earned something, including being on this list today.

They used advanced software to get it right for the customer, and they even offer a trial for three days, without pressuring you to share your credit card number. We can’t think of a better scenario, and we haven’t been able to find an easier Instagram growth service to set up and make the most of.

37. Social Follow

Social Follow

Are you someone who has been struggling to put more into their social media marketing budget for a while, but you know that outsourcing is an important part of it? Then you need to try Social Follow. This simple yet effective Instagram growth service also offers free followers as a part of its package.

Don’t worry, though – you don’t have to bore yourself by going through any surveys to get them. They promise that their free engagement is safe and going to end up helping your page, not harming it. We think that this is a great way to help your content while your budget is limited.

38. Foost


The next Instagram growth service that we’re going to recommend is so sure of themselves and what they’re offering that they get visitors to their site to say that they understand a couple of things. You’re meant to understand that they do not use fake activity, and they do not sell fake engagement to their clients.

Now that they’ve got that out of the way let’s see what they have to offer. They’ve got a good customer support system, precise tagging, revenue building, top tier security, and pretty sweet pricing. What more could you want?

39. Insta Promoter

Insta Promoter

Insta Promoter is an Instagram growth service that not only promises its clients high-quality features but promises that they will get them fast. They say that their delivery is quick, and it’s only going to take a few minutes to get set up with them.

They get every client to choose the best plan for their needs, and then they ask them to enter a few details. They will never ask for your password, either, so they’re totally safe to use. If you need a company like this, get on their level right now.

40. Social Buddy

Social Buddy

Social Buddy is like your little Instagram personal assistant. He lets you get on with the other stuff, like creating more content, while doing the hard engagement work for you. We love that Social Buddy is organic, and only prepared to offer its clients authentic follows and likes.

They use advanced targeting to get the message across to the right audience, and they promise that they have different packages based on your needs. Whether you’re a brand or an influencer, we highly suggest getting in touch with Social Buddy.

41. Buzzoid


The first thing that you will notice about Buzzoid when you visit their website is that they have some of the best prices you’ve seen in this industry. They are pretty proud of them too, and also claim that you can get started with them in just a few minutes. The first thing you need to do is decide whether you want views, followers, or likes, and once you’ve done this, you enter your information.

Like all good Instagram growth services, they will never ask for anything like your password. This is pretty much all you have to do – then you can sit back, relax, and watch as your content continues to attract more and more people.

42. ViralRace

Viral Race

Are you someone who loves the idea of being able to control the rate of your engagement? The trouble that a lot of people find with Instagram is that it sets daily limits on how much engagement you can receive, and if it thinks that you’re getting too much, it can just red flag your account.

Obviously, this is the last thing anyone wants, so it’s worth looking at companies like ViralRace, who leave you in charge of this. You tell them how quick or how slow you want their engagement to be, and they set it to your preferences. This is a great way to grow your engagement organically without having to worry about getting in trouble.

43. IG Clerk

IG Clerk

Looking for one of the best ways to grow your Instagram account safely? Then you need to try IG Clerk, one of the best Instagram growth services out there. This completely manual Instagram growth service can help anyone and everyone find the best engagement for their needs.

It also adjusts its rates based on what it thinks its clients need. This means that if you don’t have a lot to spend on online marketing right now, IG Clerk can make things work for you. They also have a seven-day trial – and you don’t have to share credit card info. It doesn’t get better than this.

44. Mapiac


Whether you’re someone who is already pretty well known, or you’re an aspiring influencer or even a brand, there is a lot that Mapiac can help you with. We love that they have different features for different needs, so if you’re someone who is trying to get their brand in front of the right people, they have tailored features for this.

They also offer you a free trial if you get in touch with them and claim that their team is really good at staying in touch with their clients. If you want high-quality customer support, and a great team to work with, try Mapiac.

45. Ampfluence


Want to take your Instagram growth to the next level with one of the best Instagram growth services in the industry? Then take a look at Ampfluence. This growth agency is completely powered by humans and can help you through their helpful video tutorials, so you know exactly how they work.

They offer a free consultation at the beginning for anyone who needs it so that they can really get to know how your niche works, and what kind of content you want to push. Ampfluence is attuned to their client’s needs so that they can get it right the first time.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing to remember when selecting any Instagram growth company is to ensure you are not getting fake followers or engagement. Any one of the above-mentioned Instagram growth companies are reputable and reliable. You can feel safe and secure in their hands.

Steer clear of agencies and companies that use “Insta”, “gram”, or “IG” as part of their name since they essentially have a target on them because they are infringing on Instagram’s copyright, a legal issue. You don’t want to get caught up in any lawsuits or get banned from Instagram because of something another company did.

Your ultimate goal should be to grow a genuine, real, targeted, and active follower fanbase that become your potential customers. This is important to remember if you want to enjoy long-term success on the Instagram channel.

Instagram is so big that people are quitting their day jobs to become full-time influencers using some of the growth companies mentioned in this article. You simply cannot afford to miss out on the growth you can experience on Instagram when you choose your outsourcing company wisely.

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