8 Instagress Alternatives You Should Check Out in 2024

Top Instagress Alternatives You Should Check Out (2019)

It has been three years since the popular Instagram bot, Instagress was shut down by request of Instagram, according to various sources. The likely causes were the use of automation/bot technology and the copyright law infringement of using insta in their name.

Ever since the Instagress platform was shut down, marketers and agencies have sought out alternatives that do not violate Instagram’s terms of service (ToS).

The botting software industry for automated engagement across social media channels learned a lot from the shutdown of majors like Instagress.

Therefore, you will now find several alternatives to the old favorite. Not all the available alternatives are viable or safe, but there are a chosen few that stand out by conforming to Instagram’s terms of service.

Top Alternatives to Instagress

The chosen few include these best alternatives to Instagress that provide you with viable options for social media marketing.

Instagress Alternative #1: Growthoid


Growthoid‘s services have been proven to deliver real followers, boost Instagram engagement, and connect you with relevant followers.

User reviews find them to be affordable, effective, and easy to work with across services.

As with Growthsilo, Growthoid also meets the guidelines for a safe, secure, low-risk alternative to Instagress.

They are genuine, honest, and transparent about their services, plans, pricing, and customer service.

Every service plan includes a tailored strategy, audience targeting, and real Instagram growth.

Their Instagram promotion services embody the good reputation they have built with their users from the beginning.

  • Secure https website
  • Natural, organic features
  • Targeted features
  • FAQ section
  • Great customer support
  • Reasonable pricing
  • No free trial

Instagress Alternative #2: Inflact


We all know that Instagress is no more, and to be honest, good riddance – there are many other companies out there that are worth your time. One of these, in our opinion, is Inflact.

They claim that they are twice as effective as companies like Instagress, and with all of their success with current clients, we’re confident that this is the truth.

They come equipped with many different features that can help you find your target audience and keep them coming back to your page time and again.

This type of skill can only be found with a select few, so when you find it, we suggest holding onto it.

We love that they provide realtime reports about how your account is doing, and make sure that they tweak their features to fit in with your needs.

If you’re finding it hard to figure out exactly who your target audience is, then you need to bring someone on like Inflact.

They know Instagram inside and out and can help transform your profile and its growth for the better.

Instagress Alternative #3: Growthsilo


The top pick is Growthsilo, a service provider that helps you build your Instagram with real followers and real engagement on Instagram.

Their user reviews verify that this growth service is powerful and effective while staying within the guidelines of Instagram’s ToS.

Their services are operated by real people like your own account manager who communicates with you to ensure your preferred activities are performed to your specifications.

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Growthsilo meets all the safety and security elements of a reputable Instagram growth service, making them a low-risk alternative to Instagress.

This is a fully managed service with efficient targeting and no fake followers.

Proven results, Instagram growth, presence-building, and good business practices make them a top partner for your Instagram growth and engagement.

Instagress Alternative #4: Task Ant

Task Ant

If you need one of the best Instagress alternatives out on the market right now, then you need to check out Task Ant.

This pioneering company was the first of its kind to bring out a unique hashtag generator, where you can look up any hashtag that you like and come up with the best hashtag strategy for your Instagram growth.

There’s a lot to be said for this type of approach, which is why they’ve proved to be pretty popular since they came out.

One thing that stands out to us a lot about Task Ant is that they seem to really care about their customers – they seem to be a company for the people, by the people.

This means that they are going to protect your profile from getting in trouble, and they always comply with Instagram’s rules.

They also have great customer support and reasonable price points as well.

If you want the type of Instagress alternative that’s going to be with you every step of the way, you need to check out Task Ant.

Instagress Alternative #5: Media Mister

Media Mister - Instagram

If you need a viable alternative to Instagress, and you want to find something that’s going to last the distance, then you need to take a look into Media Mister.

This company knows everything there is to know about growing Instagram accounts, and considering they were one of the pioneering brands in the industry, we’re confident that this is true.

We love that they have customer support directly in the form of a message box on their homepage, and their prices are reasonable as well.

What’s more, you can grow the rest of your social media platforms at the same time, because they categorize their different features based on which channel you’re going to need the most help with.

If you want a reliable, upfront, honest, and competitive company that is going to take care of every one of its customers as an individual, not just a number, then we suggest that you check out Media Mister today.

Instagress Alternative #6: Follow Adder

Follow Adder

Saving time and money with viable solutions for Instagram growth and engagement is what Followadder strives to do.

They allow you to configure your preferences, so you can build your Instagram presence on autopilot.

Scheduling is one of the services they provide, which is a favorite aspect of this company to its clients.

Automated engagement that adheres to Instagram’s ToS plays a major role with Followadder.

Their service allows for the management of 1 to 25 Instagram profiles, free support, all their features, and free software updates.

Running contests is one of the unique methods of engagement provided by this safe, secure, and low-risk Instagram bot.

Instagress Alternative #7: Jarvee


Last, but not least, Jarvee makes the top list of Instagress alternatives.

They claim to help grow your social accounts 10 times faster than before, and their user reviews reflect that fact.

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Even though this is an automation service that allows you to automate your Instagram and other social media accounts, they are compliant with Instagram’s ToS so you can feel confident about using their service.

Getting certified in Instagram marketing is one of Jarvee’s unique services that allows you to obtain an IG Authority Certificate once you complete the program.

This is a free service offered by Jarvee to the delight of its clients.

Not only does Jarvee comply with Instagram’s ToS, they also comply with safe, secure, and verified website elements and payment gateways.

Instagress Alternative #8: Social Savage

Social Savage

If you are looking for a fast and safe way to get real followers, likes, video views, and other growth services, Social Savage does so while it remains in compliance to Instagram’s ToS.

Not only can you use this service on Instagram, but also Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Buying followers from Social Savage is not about increasing your Instagram numbers, but how it affects your account after you obtain followers.

They engage with you and they are interested in what you offer, which is more powerful than numbers.

Social Savage is known to promote your content and your account across social media, including Instagram and to provide superior customer support to ensure you have relevant followers.

Their goal is to help you build your Instagram presence without creeping outside the confines of Instagram’s ToS.

It is hard to find a place to buy real, quality followers at an affordable price, while avoiding compliance issues, but Social Savage makes it happen.

Social Savage have done well consistently in user reviews.

Final Thoughts

After the shutdown debacle of Instagress, Archie, and MassPlanner, software engineers got smart and learned how to effectively manage their compliance with Instagram.

For now, it seems that with proper automation and scheduling, you can stay within compliance and protect your Instagram account from suspension or banning.

The aforementioned reputable Instagram growth services include buying engagement, safe automation, and/or scheduling. Each platform has its own unique strengths you can rely on to boost your growth.

Which one you choose is up to you and is determined by what you need now and in the future for your Instagram growth and marketing.

The primary purpose of such engagement is to save time and money while your Instagram presence grows with real followers, real engagement, and real results across the board.

Choosing one of these services will boost your Instagram following and engagement while allowing you to work on your day-to-day business operations.

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