5 Types of Lower Back Support You Can Use to Ease Your Back Pain

Back pain can get annoying to deal with, even more so with those who need to deal with it for a long time. However, having a back pain problem doesn’t mean that you need to deal with the suffering every day.

There are ways for you to deal with your back pain, such as by consuming some medicines as recommended by your doctor, doing some back pain-relieving exercises, or putting a lower back support to ease your back pain problem.

Here Are 5 Types of Lower Back Support You Can Use to Ease Your Back Pain:

Sacroiliac Belts

Sacroiliac belts are the type of semi-sturdy belt for back pain relief that you will put around the lower back area.

It doesn’t cover a large area around your back, so it won’t feel as if you are putting too much pressure on your body while wearing the sacroiliac belt.

This is the type of lower back pain support that can also help fix your posture, albeit you need to deal with having stricter movements when wearing the belt.

Benefits of Sacroiliac Belts:

  • It allows you to bend your body with ease, as it doesn’t cover a large area of your body.
  • The belt also provides warmth around the back area of your body, giving you more relaxation when you wear it.
  • It has a simple design, which gives you the ability to move more without putting too much pressure on the body, such as around the stomach area.
  • You can have better comfort in your movements, as this belt type also gives you additional support for injured back muscles.

Please note that although the sacroiliac belts provide a simpler design with less coverage around your back area, this belt uses a sturdy material which still gives firm grips around your lower back.

Lumbar Belts

Lumbar belts are the type of flexible back pain support that you can wear around the abdomen area.

It covers more areas around your back when compared to the sacroiliac belts, but it gives you more flexibility in movements.

The lumbar belts help you give more comfort while walking or doing some movements, such as bending your body. It would still give you a relaxed feeling when you wear it for quite a long period.

Benefits of Lumbar Belts:

  • The flexible material gives you more freedom in movements without hurting your back areas.
  • Unlike the sacroiliac belts that focus on giving support around your lower back areas, you can use the lumbar belts to give support to more areas of your back.
  • It has relaxing material that allows you to get comfortable, even when you need to wear it for long hours.
  • It gives fewer pressures to the back area of your body during your everyday activities, giving you less and less pain in the back.

Please note that lumbar belts might give you the support you need for various activities, but you still need to limit the use of it.

It’s best for you to consult with your doctor for the size and type of lumbar belt you need to use.

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Corsets are perhaps the easiest-to-wear back pain support that can give you both comfort and flexibility at the same time.

Compared to the lumbar belts and sacroiliac belts, corsets give you more flexibility, and it can cover a large area of your back.

It’s like the corsets often worn by women, but the corsets for back pain have specific designs geared for back pain relief.

It’s best to relieve mild back pain, and you can wear it for quite a long time during the day.

Benefits of Corsets:

  • It’s the most flexible back pain support you can wear, as it uses flexible materials which allow you to bend your body with ease.
  • It’s also easy on the body, meaning that it won’t restrict your breathing even though it might grip the areas around your abdomen.
  • There are various sizes and designs you can choose based on your needs, and you can consult it with your doctor for the best result.
  • It doesn’t pressure the joints during bending and other activities, and it can also provide warmth around your back area.

Please note that while corsets might be a good way to relieve your back pain, it might not give you enough relief for severe back pain problems. It is more fitting for mild back pain relief.

Back Braces

Back braces are the type of sturdy and rigid back pain support that allows you to deal with severe back pain problems.

It provides support for your severe back pain much better than the flexible belt types, such as corsets and lumbar belts.

However, you might experience the restrictions in movement when wearing this back pain support.

Benefits of Back Braces:

  • It provides much better support for your back areas compared to the corsets, lumbar belts, and sacroiliac belts.
  • This type of back pain support is best to wear when you experience severe back pain problems, as it will help restrict your movements to minimize any pain you might feel.
  • It can also help you restore the back posture of your body, creating a healthier posture overall.
  • You can reduce any tensions in your muscles by wearing this, and you can also warm your back when you wear this back pain support.

Please note that it is the back support suitable for severe back pain problems. It’s not good to wear if you only have a mild back pain, as it will feel uncomfortable for you.

Posture Correctors

Posture correctors are the type of back support that has a simple design aimed to help correct your posture. It’s not just for those who have back pain problems.

You can also use it if your back is fine and healthy. It can help correct your posture when you perform activities that might give you a bad posture, such as when you work for long hours in front of the computer.


These are the lower back supports you can use to ease your back pain. Each back support has their own benefits, and they can help you treat mild and severe back pain problems. 

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Choose which back support is most suitable for your condition. You can also consult your doctor first before deciding on which type of back support you should use. Stay healthy!

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