Veritas Farms Review

Veritas Farms Review

It’s a great time to live in America, especially if you live in one of the states where CBD is legal to purchase and use.

While all of America can legally grow industrial hemp thanks to a change in federal legislation, there are still many states who are slow to change, which means that CBD is taking its time becoming accessible to all. Needless to say, it’s an effective natural remedy that has a lot of evidence to back this up online.

Naturally, there are now hundreds of companies attempting to make the best CBD product. However, you can’t rely on them all for a great product.

Let’s give one a review and decide whether they’re worth checking out or not.

Veritas Farms Review

Purity 3.0
Strength 2.5
Service 5.5
Price 5.0
Consumer Reviews 4.5

A Review of Veritas Farms

Veritas Farms has an interesting business model, which revolves around having a healthy planet, healthy people and healthy plants.

This family-owned business is based on Colorado and has a very hands-on approach to all aspects of their business. This is the type of family run company that has a high level of transparency as well as a passion for all things sustainable.

Pueblo, Colorado is where you’ll find Veritas Farms, and you’ll feel right at home because of their family-friendly approach.

As we mentioned, they have a very hands-on approach to all aspects of the process, from the beginning where they grow their own source to the end where they package up their product.

They use an ethanol extraction method, which is good but not the best. If they really cared about how much they extracted from their hemp, then they would opt for the CO2 extraction method – even though it is much more expensive.

Veritas Farms has an extensive product range that you can find on their online store. From gummies, pet oils and capsules to tinctures and even essential oils, they make sure that they’re using the whole hemp plant to make all of their products, so that nothing is wasted.

We’re disappointed to see that they don’t provide comprehensive ingredient lists for products like their CBD gummies, so we have no idea what’s actually in them.

We do like that Veritas Farms takes a no-nonsense approach to sustainable farming. This included conserving water where possible, using a no-till farming method, and even making their own natural fertilizer to combat the artificial monopoly.

While they have got some Certificates of Analysis for certain batches of product, they certainly haven’t got them for every product line that they’ve made. This is definitely a letdown – they need to include a CoA for every batch if they want to be considered safe to use.

While we appreciate the efforts they are making with their sustainable farming practices, we do have to point out that they aren’t contributing anything innovative to the industry.

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Veritas Farms Alternatives

Verma Farms
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Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Veritas Farms is a relatable, family owned business that prides itself on having sustainable farming practices. They don’t want to leave too much of a carbon footprint which is why they’re committed to eco-friendly farming methods, which we can appreciate.

However, there are some areas that they are lacking, and if they want to become a company that can be trusted by consumers, they’re going to have to improve their game.

We cannot condone their products because they don’t offer nearly enough information as we’d like when it comes to the ingredients used in some.

Additionally, they’ve got a few gaps in their lab test reports, which ultimately means that we can’t know the purity and potency of the product.

It’s for these reasons that we have to, unfortunately, say stay away from these guys and try to find your CBD product elsewhere.

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