When And How Often Should You Take CBD?

When And How Often Should You Take CBD

CBD is growing in popularity and more countries and states everyday are looking to make this medical marvel legal and easy to access for their citizens, but for new users’ information about dosing seems to be thin on the ground.

Even for people who have been taking CBD for some time, when and how to take it for the optimum results can be difficult to answer. Here we discuss when and how often you should take CBD.

How Should You Take CBD?

As legislation is opening about the use of CBD, there really is now an array of products to help you get your dose. Fancy adding it to your coffee? You can now buy CBD infused coffee You can infuse it yourself, or purchase it pre made.

Likewise cooking with CBD, you really can add it to almost anything, much of it is dependant on personal preference and taste. Or you can take it on its own by leaving it under your tongue and then swallowing it. You really are spoilt for choice in how get your dose.

How Much CBD Should I take?

This is more difficult to answer, it is dependent on the results you require, what type of CBD you are taking as well as how long you have been taking for. Let us assume that you are a new user who is looking to use CBD to help mild muscle pain.

The advised starting dose works out at between 12mg for a person weighing between 40-70kg. Dosing is largely trial and error. The best thing to do will be to start small and be consistent, if you aren’t getting the results you desire after a week, gradually increase your dose amount.

Once you have attained the desired result, remain at that dose. Your body may well build up a tolerance to your tried and tested dose, if this happens, you can increase or change oils.

Can You Take CBD Before I Exercise?

There have been multiple studies over the years evaluating ‘the runners high’ or second wind. Recently, research is showing that this could be down to our CB1 and CB2 receptors. It would appear, although the research is still developing at this early stage, that the use of cannabis and primarily CBD can help people who exercise achieve the same effects.

There is also a large amount of literature surrounding cannabis and muscle recovery. This subject seems to have slightly more validity surrounding it, with multiple peer reviewed documents on the effects of cannabis on conditions such as multiple sclerosis, the results demonstrate that it can reduce muscle stiffness, spasms and promote effective healing.

When Should you Take CBD?

No one authorising or scientific body has the answer for when you should take CBD, the evidence suggests that it works best on a cumulative and constant basis, therefore it is recommended that you take a daily dose that matches your needs.

To make it easier, try and take it at the same time every day, this means that your body becomes used to the regular cycle of the CBD oil and you also remember to take it. Why not start your day with a CBD infused coffee?

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That way you can be sure you get your dose with breakfast, or if you don’t want to put it in your coffee, you can always add the CBD to an olive spread or butter and put it on toast with your breakfast.

You could always look to take CBD post exercise, the analgesic effect can help calm you down after a strenuous work out as well as promote muscle recovery, limit stiffness the next day and reduce the chances of muscle inflammation.

There is no agreed time that is best to take CBD, so develop your own routine around a time that suits you, but it will be better in the long run that you are consistent!

Reputable CBD Oil Companies

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Concluding Comments

In terms of scientific evidence, we have only started chipping away at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to CBD and its uses. Currently there is no pre agreed or pre-defined amount or dose of how much CBD to take. Furthermore, there is little evidence suggesting when is the optimal time to take CBD.

When you begin taking CBD try and get yourself into a routine. If you want to take it with your morning coffee or even after exercise no one time is better than the other. But be sure to keep the dose regular and consistent to make sure that you get the full range of benefits.

Making sure you dose correctly may take time, don’t expect to the feel the benefits of taking CBD immediately, especially if it is for long standing musculoskeletal issues.

Be regular with your dose and start small and slowly build up from there until you find the goldilocks dose. Just stay patient and consistent!

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