Why You Should Always Wear Both Of Your Hearing Aids

When wearing one of your hearing aids, it has the same effect as if you were wearing glasses that only had one lens. Wearing a single hearing aid prevents the brain from working together with the ears to sort out the sounds in the environment. 

Many users don’t like to wear their hearing aids, since they aren’t fitted correctly, or they are embarrassed. However, only wearing one hearing aid doesn’t allow you to enjoy the benefits of proper hearing that your device gives you.

While you may not be thrilled about having to wear hearing aids, you can’t deny the difference in sound that both units give you compared to only wearing one hearing aid. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the crucial reasons you should always wear both of your hearing aids.

Better Listening

In difficult hearing situations, wearing two devices can make listening easier. If you only wear one hearing aid, you may have trouble hearing someone across from you in a social setting.

You can increase the range of your hearing by 360 degrees if you wear two hearing instruments instead of just one. Due to the broader range of frequencies, the sound quality is enhanced and more balanced. Being able to hear in a group setting is enhanced when you wear both devices.


Selective listening is achieved by wearing both of your hearing aids simultaneously. Rather than being distracted by background noise, you can concentrate on the conversation. You can learn how the brain processes sound by optimizing the way it processes sounds using binaural hearing. 

If you do not have hearing loss, you will hear similar sound signals in both ears. A louder signal will be easier for the brain to distinguish than quiet background noise, for example, a voice. If you are in a loud room and wearing only one hearing aid, it will be more challenging to distinguish between voices and background noise.

Auditory Deprivation 

When you wear both of your hearing aids, your ears will remain active, resulting in less hearing deterioration. A single hearing aid tends to rob the other ear of its power to understand various sounds, but wearing both of your devices can help keep your ears active and healthier.


A single hearing aid is far less effective at helping you hear properly than a pair that you wear together. If you are not aware of this discrepancy, then you may feel unbalanced unintentionally.

When you have plugged ears from congestion, you might feel unbalanced for a short while. Wearing only one hearing aid could leave you feeling unsteady in the same way. The volume of sound is appropriate for each ear when you wear both of your hearing aids at the same time, as it is recommended.

There is a possibility that one ear will need a higher decibel level than the other. In spite of this, once both of them are activated, both ears will now have the same level of hearing ability. You will be able to stay balanced as a result of this.

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While you may not be able to tell the difference between wearing only one hearing aid or both hearing aids auditorily, your brain will be interpreting these signals separately, causing your balance to be thrown off. 


For instance, it is possible to hear the direction from which someone is speaking in a social gathering. You can also use it to determine where children are playing, or traffic is coming from. Whenever you hear sounds, you’ll be able to identify where they’re coming from better with binaural hearing. 

When you wear only one hearing aid, your brain may have difficulty processing and identifying where sounds are coming from. In normal circumstances, our brain locates sounds by comparing their relative loudness, qualities, frequencies, and paths through our ears. With a hearing aid, the signals are always louder, so the brain cannot locate the source of the sound.

If you are struggling with your hearing, but aren’t sure about wearing your set of hearing aids, consider some of these factors that make wearing both your hearing aids a benefit to your quality of life. 

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