Zakah Life Review

Zakah Life Review

CBD is getting more and more popular, especially since America started to loosen its grip on CBD legislation.

On a federal level its now level for every state in the country to grow industrial hemp, which means that CBD use has been steadily on the rise – and for a good reason, too.

CBD is considered an effective natural health remedy for a long list of health conditions, which can be verified by the tonne of research and studies that you’ll find online.

As you can expect, there are now hundreds of companies both online and in stores attempting to make the best CBD product on the market. While you can trust most of them, there are some that you should stay away from.

Let’s give on a review.

Zakah Life Review

Purity 0.0
Strength 2.5
Service 6.5
Price 5.0
Consumer Reviews 5.0

A Review of Zakah Life

Zakah Life is actually pretty similar to a lot of CBD oil companies out there who are attempting to claim organic on all of their products.

However, unlike a lot of CBD companies out there, they actually seem to stay true to this word and make sure that their products contain mostly organic ingredients, which we’re impressed with. We love that their CBD balm actually contains completely organic ingredients, which is hard to achieve in the topical arena.

Cole Stegman is the person behind this company and claims to be a seasoned veteran when it comes to health and wellness. In fact, this CBD company claims to be an ‘exclusive wellness company’ that places the wellbeing of their customers as their highest priority.

We can see that they are serious about this business ethos by looking at their ingredients lists. We love that most of their product line is made from organic ingredients, except for a bit of artificial coloring in their CBD gummies.

If you visit the Zakah Life homepage, you’ll see that they emphasize the importance of knowing where the hemp is sourced, being able to look at lab results and knowing exactly how much CBD is in each product.

However, upon closer inspection, we have realized that Zakah life isn’t standing by their own statements because we can’t find anywhere that talks about the source of their hemp or the lab tests they’re supposed to do.

They also don’t really go into too much detail when talking about their extraction process either, but they do say that it’s a lipid extraction method and it’s something that they’re patenting as a company, as we cannot say for sure whether it’s a safe method of extraction or not.

What’s also interesting about this CBD company is that they don’t offer CBD oil for humans – only pets. We would like it if they did obviously – it would be nice if they had a CBD oil product for humans as well as this is usually the most popular product within companies like this.

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Zakah Life Alternatives

Verma Farms
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Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts

So far we are impressed with the product line on offer with Zakah Life, especially their topicals which are some of the purest you’ll find in the industry. However, we’re a bit concerned at their lack of information around where they source their hemp from, as well as lab test results.

In an industry like this that is mostly unregulated, it’s essential that companies who want to do well publish their lab test results so that the customer feels safe when consuming the product.

Without this, we have no way of telling you whether their products are safe to consume or not, so we cannot recommend them as a CBD company.

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