Zamnesia Review – Is Zamnesia Safe for Consumption?

Zamnesia Review - Is Zamnesia Safe for Consumption?

Looking for a Zamnesia review?

There are many natural products out there in the health industry that claim to be the next big thing when it comes to a legitimate alternative to prescription medication that can often come with adverse side effects.

However, CBD oil really seems to be taking off and changing lives when it comes to a myriad of health conditions, from amnesia and anxiety to back pain and depression.

Understandably, there are many companies that have popped up since CBD came onto the scene, in an effort to make the most of its boom. However, this doesn’t mean that you can trust each and every one.

Let’s give Zamnesia a review and see how they do.

Zamnesia Review

Purity 2.0
Strength 4.0
Service 3.5
Price 5.5
Consumer Reviews 3.0


  • Anonymous service
  • Affordable


  • Confusing measurements
  • No lab tests
  • Lack of transparency

Zamnesia: The Details

Zamnesia CBD Oil

Zamnesia is all about expanding your consciousness through their products. They believe that using alternative, natural remedies to help heal the body is the way of the future.

Their product range is much broader than just CBD oil, including other products derived from the cannabis plant as well. Their CBD oil products range in price from as little as $37 to as much as $165.

Zamnesia is a quiet staple of the alternative health therapy industry. They have been around since 2002 and have an extensive product range available: over three thousand different options to choose from.

Not only do they sell a bunch of products related to other benefits that cannabis has to offer, but they also have free shipping internationally.

What sets Zamnesia apart from the rest is their ability to charge you, package your product and deliver it with anonymity.

This means that you can safely receive all of their products wherever you are and regardless of what the current laws state about cannabis consumption.

They even have their very own separate brand name for their CBD oil products, Organic CBD Oil, which focuses on pills, tinctures and other CBD concentrates.

Perhaps the most confusing part of this company is how they’ve chosen to go about measuring out their concentrates and selling their CBD oil.

This is because they have chosen to sell it in millilitres, while at the same time providing information on how much CBD each product contains.

Because they have chosen this method, it can be difficult to determine the exact amount of CBD oil you’re getting in the varying levels of concentration.

Where is Zamnesia Located?

Zamnesia is mostly based online, although their online business doesn’t currently operate out of a brick and mortar shop; they distribute their products out of a warehouse that is based in the Netherlands.

Their Website

Zamnesia website

Zamnesia has made the most of the trend of everything moving to being online, and considering the majority of the CBD industry is now online, it comes as no surprise.

They say that they are able to serve all of Europe, and not just the Netherlands, and their website is available in six languages. They protect their website with HTTPS, but we aren’t sure about the rest of their security.

They also have a cookie policy page, and a privacy policy page, but again, there is a risk that this information is too vague, and not going to give you the answers that you truly need to be able to safely purchase your CBD products from them.

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We think that when it comes to their online store, it is helpful, but it is almost too big. It comes with almost too much information, to a point where you might end up being overwhelmed, and not know even where to start.

As well as offering CBD products to their clients, they also offer information on how to grow your CBD seeds which they sell as well.

It seems to us that these guys are biting off more than they can chew and potentially shooting themselves in the foot in the process.

Their Product Catalogue

Zamnesia, as we mentioned, has a huge range of products that they breakdown into a variety of different categories, so that you can get a better grasp on what it is that they’re offering.

Of course, they offer CBD products through their CBD shop, but they also say that they have a seed shop, a head shop, a vapor shop, and a smart shop.

You have the option of selecting one of these when you visit their website for the first time, and you’ll be sent to this area.

They also have subcategories beyond these categories, so let’s take a little bit of a look at their CBD shop so that you can be better informed.

CBD Shop

Zamnesia CBDSHOP

Their CBD Shop obviously is going to show you an array of different CBD products. They say that they offer their clients high-quality CBD oil that is made from European standard hemp, and they also promise that all of their CBD products contain less than 0.2% THC.

They claim that they use the CO2 extraction method to separate the CBD product from other things that you don’t really want in there.

Then, they mix their CBD oil with a carrier, which is typically olive oil, and they also say that their batches go through third-party testing.

Obviously, this is all standard stuff, and what you can expect from any company that you are planning on purchasing CBD oil from.

As we mentioned, under their main categories they have subcategories, so when it comes to their CBD products, they have CBD capsules, which they claim to be easy to use.

They also offer their clients a range of skincare cosmetics, which includes anti-aging cream, hand cream, and argan salve.

Next, they offer their clients CBD edibles, which come in the form of tablets, gummies, and chewing gum. Their CBD oil can either be taken in isolation, or you can add them to a drink or food.

Lastly, they promise that these products have a high percentage of pure CBD, and while they might have had this kind of quality in the beginning, we think that it has gone downhill since they first started selling their clients products.

Customer Support

Zamnesia Customer Support

Zamnesia claims to offer their clients good customer support, and again while this is pretty vague, we imagine that they are able to connect you with the customer support person through either a phone number, or an email address.

There isn’t really anything on their website about a live chat option, so we imagine that you are probably going to be waiting a little while if you do have an issue.

You won’t want to try and get in touch with them if you have an urgent request, because you’ll probably end up waiting for your answer for quite a while.

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Naturally, with a company like this, you need to make sure that you are able to connect with your clients quickly, because there will be problems that come up, and you need to be able to address them fast to sort out the problems and make sure they are satisfied.


Zamnesia Shipping

Zamnesia claim to offer plain and discreet packaging, so that you don’t have to worry about people knowing that you are buying CBD oil products.

They also claim that the courier that they use to send their packages out is reputable, but what is quite a big red flag for us is that their delivery times vary.

They don’t just vary based on whether you are located in the Netherlands or elsewhere, they vary based on where you are located in Europe.

This means that they have multiple delivery times for multiple countries. Usually, it is divided either into whether you are overseas, or in the same country that they are shipping from.

As you probably have been able to gather at this point, we are alluding to the fact that you can probably expect quite a long delivery time from a company like this.

They’ve Had Their Trustpilot Removed

Trustpilot Removed

Zamnesia might come across as one of those companies that you want to jump on for your CBD products, but at the end of the day, we think that they are a little bit too enthusiastic about what they’re offering.

We think that they thought they had a great concept when it came to their products in the beginning and were so quick to try and get them off the shelf that they neglected other areas of their company.

As a result, they have actually had their Trustpilot removed, and we think it’s going to be awhile before they are able to build up a good reputation again amongst past, present, and future clients.

Top Zamnesia Alternatives

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Hemp Bombs

Review Conclusion

As with many companies that are out there on the market trying to make a name for themselves, Zamnesia has jumped the gun a little bit.

While their products sound appealing, unfortunately, they’ve left out vital information. This includes information like lab testing, which means that we have no way of judging whether their products are safe to use or not.

Because Zamnesia uses milliliters instead of milligrams, it’s difficult for you as a customer to determine just how much CBD concentrate you’re getting with each measurement.

What it all boils down to through this type of measuring is that you’re only getting a small amount of CBD in each product, which means you’re actually paying much more for your CBD oil than you should be.

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3 Replies to “Zamnesia Review – Is Zamnesia Safe for Consumption?

  1. I’ve ordered over a hundred euros worth of products but never received anything. Their customer service is only good for making excuses and empty promises. And to think that I went with this company because they’ve been around for over a decade and seemed well established. I guess you can’t really trust a business based on that.

    1. I’ve purchased many products from zamnesia and they were always of good quality. Only problem I had was with Peyote seeds but that might be because the conditions I grew them in weren’t right. LSA seeds didn’t work either but they don’t work for a lot of people (they did grow when I planted them). Shipping is fast and discrete. Never bought CBD oil though.

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