Hemp Forte Review

Hemp Forte Review

A new remedy has bombarded the natural health market – and it’s not a fleeting fad. In fact, it’s the kind of thing that could end up sticking around for a long time, especially if laws continue to loosen around its use.

CBD oil has been around for centuries in Eastern medicine as a natural remedy to a whole host of health conditions. Only now is Western medicine starting to see the light and consider it a worthy alternative to prescription medication.

Naturally, there’s also been an increase of hopeful start-ups, enthusiastic about selling their own CBD oil. While this means that it’s easy for you to find your CBD oil products these days, this also means that they’ll be some companies you don’t want to do business with.

Let’s review one of the companies and find out if they’re worth your business or not.

Hemp Forte Review

Purity 3.0
Strength 6.0
Service 5.5
Price 7.0
Consumer Reviews 5.0


  • Affordable


  • No lab tests
  • Cannot guarantee safety
  • Lack of general information

Hemp Forte: The Details

When you’re shopping around for the right CBD oil products, it’s important to find a company that ticks off all the boxes. While having a top quality product is definitely apart of it, it’s going to be difficult for that company to do well if they haven’t provided the necessary information behind that product.

Hemp Forte seems to be this type of company. Their main focus is on CBD oil capsules, which range in price from $60 all the way up to $160. The reason why they have focused on gel capsules is that this is a great way to take your CBD.

This is because capsules are able to bypass the stomach acid and instead release themselves in the intestines, where the CBD oil can be absorbed properly. It’s no wonder that Hemp Forte is joining the ranks of businesses trying to make a tidy profit from CBD oil capsules.

We’re pleased to see that Hemp Forte has invested in a CO2 extraction method, which is by far the safest and best way to extract CBD from the plant.

What we aren’t too impressed with is that Hemp Forte claim that their products are the best value for money currently on the market. While their price range is reasonable, it’s certainly not the best value out there, and it doesn’t take too much research to figure this out.

Hemp Forte Alternatives

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, we believe that Hemp Forte has come up with an excellent product that’s also affordable. However, they lack the other side of things, which is the inclusion of background product information and company details. Without this, it’s difficult for us to get to know the company before we buy anything.

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What’s more, Hemp Forte has completely disregarded the need to provide its customers with any lab test results. Because we have no way of knowing whether Hemp Forte tests their products accurately or not, we also have no way of knowing whether their products are safe to consume.

It’s important that you don’t choose a company like this who can’t provide evidence of lab testing.

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