Hi, I'm Anne.

There’s a lot of information out there on the internet these days. Unfortunately, some of it is terrible - yet also, some of it is brilliant. I know first hand it can be difficult to sort between the two.

I have learned a lot from my own experiences with both yoga and chronic pain, and so, for me, it makes sense to share the things that have helped.

Thank you for your interest in my website. My goal here is to build a community where we can share knowledge and support each other.

Best CBD Oil for Cats and Dogs with Glaucoma

7 Best CBD Oil for Cats and Dogs with Glaucoma

Just like with humans, pets like cats and dogs can experience different health conditions related to the eyes, like glaucoma. This type of medical condition can leave your pet feeling weak and lonely. Let’s check out glaucoma and how CBD could be an effective, natural alternative to conventional treatments.