Plus CBD Oil Brand Review

Plus CBD Oil Brand Review

You may have noticed the CBD movement that’s happened over the last couple of years. It wasn’t that long ago that when you thought of cannabis or hemp, it immediately made you think of THC.

However, THC is no longer the most popular cannabinoid available, and more and more research is coming out to suggest that CBD is one of the best cannabinoids for you.

In fact, there’s proof online from many different researchers and studies that prove it to be an effective natural remedy against many different health conditions.

Of course, there are now hundreds of companies trying to make a profit from such a popular product – but we can’t recommend them all.

Let’s take a look at one and decide whether you should buy from them or not.

Plus CBD Oil Brand Review

Purity 6.0
Strength 7.0
Service 4.0
Price 6.5
Consumer Reviews 4.0

A Review of Plus CBD Oil Brand

Plus CBD Oil is the type of company that is passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle. Of course, modern life is demanding on us which is why finding companies who encourage a healthy lifestyle is more important now than ever.

Plus CBD Oil is a brand that’s owned by CV Sciences, a development and research company that also has a foot in the pharmaceutical game. As you can imagine, the company has access to some powerful resources in the industry, including a scientific and medical board as well as advanced testing equipment that makes them stand out.

As you may expect, this is apparently one of the biggest CBD companies currently in America, and like many CBD companies out there, they aim to become a leading company worldwide.

All of the members of Plus CBD Oil seem to be experts in their field, and these fields include health, wellness, and natural products. Something that they do which we don’t see often is companies providing information about their product from the moment it’s grown, to the finished product that sits on a shelf. This is an impressive level of transparency and what all great CBD companies should strive for.

We’re surprised to see that Plus CBD Oil company publishes all current lab reports on their website, and test for things including concentration and foreign matter. Additionally, they test both internally and externally, which we find slightly unnecessary – but it’s difficult to argue at this point.

So, what products are on offer with Plus CBD Oil? You can get gummies, oil drops, oil spray, balm, oral concentrates, and softgels as well as capsules. They don’t even contain any artificial colors or flavors in their gummies, which is incredibly surprising and something that’s difficult to come by in this day and age.

Where we were a little bit disappointed is when we found out that Plus CBD Oil doesn’t do anything charitable to give back to the community. With companies like this that have a particular focus on the health and wellbeing of the population, we do expect to see them giving back in some way, so this doesn’t paint the prettiest picture of their business model and its intentions.

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Plus CBD Oil Brand Alternatives

Verma Farms
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Absolute Nature
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Hemp Bombs

Scam or Legit; Final Thoughts

All in all, we love the fact that Plus CBD Oil is putting health and wellbeing before anything else.

We also love that they have tested all of their products – although we don’t think it’s necessary that they test them internally first. We also like that their additional ingredients are completely natural.

What we don’t like about this company is that they haven’t made any effort to give back to the community yet. While you may have seen a lot of companies like this around, CBD is still not accessible to everyone, which is why we think it’s important that companies give back in a way that makes it a bit more accessible.

It’s for this reason that we can’t condone their products and don’t think you should use them.

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