Medjoy Review

Medjoy Review

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of companies who have appeared lately that all seem to be selling the same thing.

That thing is CBD oil, and it’s the newest natural remedy in the health industry. While it may be tempting to think it’s a fad, it’s far from it – extensive research is being done all the time into just how beneficial CBD oil can be for many different health conditions.

From insomnia to migraines and chronic pain, CBD oil is considered the new alternative to powerful prescription drugs. A lot of companies have seen the writing on the wall and as a result, are trying to make their millions.

However, this doesn’t mean that each one can be trusted. Let’s review one of these companies.

Medjoy Review

Purity 0.0
Strength 2.0
Service 6.0
Price 5.5
Consumer Reviews 6.0


  • Full-spectrum and isolate available
  • Products for humans and pets


  • New company without a strong reputation
  • No information about extraction methods
  • No lab tests
  • Cannot guarantee safety

Medjoy: The Details

There’s nothing quite like developing a company out of a passion, which is what Medjoy is. This gives it a bit of a personal boost and helps the customer feel like they can relate to the people behind the branding.

Dolores and Gerry are the married couple behind Medjoy, who benefited so much from incorporating natural remedies like CBD into their daily regime that they just had to share it with the rest of the world.

As well as supplying customers with full spectrum and isolate CBD oil products, for both humans and pets, Medjoy also wants to make the most of the other side and be the go-to supplier for retailers as well.

Having been around since the end of 2017, Medjoy is still considered quite a new company. The only thing we aren’t too impressed with here is their lack of full disclosure, an important part of running a business.

From sleep support and mood to pain relief, there are a number of ways that CBD oil has been able to help Dolores and Gerry of Medjoy personally. Based in California, this couple is determined to share the good news with the rest of the nation and the world through their CBD oil company.

Medjoy says that they source their hemp from Colorado, which is where many companies based in America source their hemp and cannabis from. This is a good thing because most of Colorado make sure that they grow their harvest without the use of herbicides and pesticides.

Additionally, Medjoy’s hemp source is non-GMO. While Medjoy says that their products are third-party tested for potency and purity, there’s actually no evidence of this on their website so we cannot tell for sure whether they actually are or not.

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Medjoy has split its product range into three different categories: bulk, pets, and people. Their product range is comprehensive and extensive, ranging from topical balms and isolate powders to even CBD syringes, tinctures and bath bombs.

We did find something that could have been a misprint on one of their products. On the balm, they claim that it is full spectrum, yet the key ingredient is CBD isolate.

While this could be an innocent mistake and a textbook example of mislabeling, it’s worth asking them about this as you could end up receiving the wrong product.

When it comes to their animal range of products, you can get anything from capsules flavored with chicken to syringes that you can inject into their food.

If you’re looking to buy their bulk items for retail purposes, you need letters of intent and proof of funds, which is an excellent security measure to see in place.

Medjoy Alternatives

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NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts

What we didn’t like about Medjoy is that they currently haven’t got any information on their website about their extraction process.

As you may well know already, putting all of your hemp through a robust extraction process is inherent to separating the CBD properly from the rest of the plant. Without this method, there’s no way you can guarantee a pure product.

While Medjoy has the best of intentions, we are a little bit worried by a couple of things. Of course, we need to see a lot more about their extraction method, as well as if they do any third-party testing, which is essential in a business like this.

Furthermore, they are still quite a new company, which means they most likely have a long way to go and a lot more to learn before they begin to build up a long-standing reputation with loyal customers.

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2 Replies to “Medjoy Review

  1. I checked out their website once and wanted to order something but their products are so overpriced. For a new company with no reviews, I don’t think they should be charging so much. The cheapest products are the bath bombs and even those cost $20. That price is ridiculous.

  2. MedJoy CBD is probably some of the best oil we’ve tried. Their price is competitive – if you want cheap prices make sure you’re not buying hemp “seed” oil – MedJoy is the real deal with pure, organic oil they obtain from organic Colorado farms.

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