Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men

Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men

We already know that there are obvious physical differences between men and women. However, as more studies are conducted around our biological differences and aspects that we cannot see, more light is shed on exactly how we differ.

One of the ways that we are different lies in the amount of rest we require. In fact, an English sleep study discovered that women’s brains need more time to recuperate from the day and rest than men’s do. On top of this, women who haven’t gotten enough sleep are also more prone to issues with anger and stress than men are as well.

Reasons Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men

All this leads to the million dollar question: how much sleep do women actually need, then? Well, the answer may surprise you. In fact, as little as twenty more minutes of sleep than men can make a world of difference. Let’s take a look at this a little closer.

Women Have Busier Schedules

While this is a gross generalization, it can be said that on average women are busier than men. This is because there is a large percentage of women out there who not only hold down a full or part-time job, but they also look after children, too.

After doing these two tasks all day, women typically then come home, cook dinner and clean the house. The societal expectations that are put on women even in the 21st century all lead to one thing – a need to rest more.

Women Have Hormonal Changes

From having a monthly period to suffering through puberty, there are a lot of reasons why women experience significant changes to their hormones. Let’s not forget menopause and pregnancy as well. These types of changes in the body are another big reason why rest is so vital for women.

Both physical and emotional strain that women can go through puts an enormous amount of pressure on the body. It’s no wonder that women require more rest than men.

Most Women Aren’t Resting Enough

Because women do typically have a routine that asks a lot of them, they don’t tend to get the rest that they really need to handle it. From watching the children all day to juggling a job and keeping the house clean, there are a lot of reasons why women aren’t able to lie down for a bit and get a bit of the rest that they need.

Weight Gain Can Be Linked to Lack of Sleep

It’s pretty common knowledge that men are able to keep the weight off a lot more easier than women. This is especially true if you compare a woman who is sleep deprived against a man who is getting the rest he needs.

Women who are overweight are much more likely to be not getting the rest they need. Additionally, the more sleep-deprived women are, the more hormones they produce. Some of these hormones can cause an increase in appetite, which can lead to weight gain.

Women Are Wired Differently

When it comes to comparing men and women, the bottom line is that they’re wired differently. Women’s brains are designed for different things, like intuitive and analytical thoughts. This means that they are much better at multi-tasking, which they can struggle to turn off even when bedtime comes around. This can ultimately lead to women struggling to fall asleep when they do finally get to lie down and rest.

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With all the demands of modern life, it’s no wonder that women are sleep-deprived. Women in every type of culture and environment are under a lot of pressure to match up to societal expectations. The daily stress that they face can have a hugely negative impact on their sleep.

When your sleep cycle is disrupted like this, daily life can be interrupted, and your quality of life can be reduced. This means that it’s essential that women get the amount of sleep and rest they need so they can have a much better quality of life.

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