The Medics Inc. Review

The Medics Inc. Review

You may have seen or heard something about CDB oil recently. Well, you’re not alone. It seems that everyone is talking about it, especially since legislation has made it legal to grow hemp in every state in the U.S.

There is also an increasing pile of scientific research and studies that indicate just how beneficial CBD oil can be to a number of different health conditions. Of course, this has led to many different companies trying their hand at making and selling CBD oil.

While this means that you’ve not got a natural remedy on your hands that can help treat your health condition, it also means that there are some companies out there selling it that shouldn’t.

Let’s take a look at one, give them a review and determine whether you can trust them or not.

The Medics Inc. Review

Purity 0.0
Strength 2.0
Service 6.0
Price 3.0
Consumer Reviews 2.0

The Medics Inc.: The Details

There are many companies out there that are taking the scientific angle with their CBD oil products, and The Medics Inc. is no exception. They claim to have exclusive access to some of the best genetic hemp in the world, which certainly is a bold statement.

Additionally, because they’re trying to emulate a scientific company as best as they can, they also have a myriad of information about hemp as a plant and a medical treatment.

In fact, their website is helpful if you don’t know too much about hemp and want to be more informed. It seems, though, that they’ve spent so much time on this aspect of their business that they’ve forgotten to include up to date Certificates of Analysis that relate to their products, which is essential.

The genetic hemp that The Medics Inc. claim to have access to can be traced back to Colorado in the nineties when hemp was being grown by a lot of people who were already interested in what the plant could do. This particular seed is said to be incredibly high quality, which naturally leads it to create an incredibly high-quality product.

As you can imagine, The Medics Inc. are charging quite a lot for their products, beginning at $30 and going all the way up to $250. Interestingly, they only make salves, capsules, and tinctures.

As we’ve mentioned, it appears that we are receiving mixed messages from this CBD oil company about their products. While they claim to have access to some of the best hemp money can buy, it’s impossible for us to know this for sure because they aren’t giving their customers access to any Certificates of Analysis that verify the purity and potency.

Each batch should undergo rigorous third-party testing to assure the public that its free of foreign matter and safe for consumption. It doesn’t matter how much information they have about hemp on their site – without the lab test reports, we can’t recommend their products.

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The Medics Inc. Alternatives

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts

Through our investigation of this company we also found that they have only got one testimonial on their website, indicating the benefits of their product.

While one testimony is undoubtedly better than nothing, we’re disappointed to learn that the only one they have was written years ago. It doesn’t seem that The Medics Inc. are too concerned about keeping anything up to date, which of course as you know is an essential part of doing business.

Without up to date CoA’s and positive testimonials, there’s no way that we can deem this product safe to use.

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